4 Troubleshooting Tips for Electric Gates

Electric gates are quite the luxury, whether they are at the end of your driveway, in your backyard, for the garage, or serving as a secondary barrier to your front door. However, they are prone to damage, just like anything else that runs on power. To make matters worse, electric gate repairs can be costly and tedious, making it a priority to take good care of your own.

If you are having some mechanical or operational issues with your electric gate, continue reading for some top-recommended troubleshooting tips.

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❶ Check on the Power

Have you ever tried to use an electrical device that just wouldn’t work, and then you realize it’s not plugged in? Well, the same principle applies to electric gates. If your gate is not receiving power, it won’t work. So your first step to troubleshooting an electric gate malfunction is to see whether or not the power source is intact. Start with any peripheral equipment on your gate, then finish by inspecting the electric mains. If they are off, turn them back on; if they are on, inspect the wiring for visual damage or disconnections. Sometimes, changing the wires solves the problem.

❷ Check on the Transmitter

If the electrical mains and wiring don’t seem to jump out at you as the problem, move onto the transmitter. If the light is on, the transmitter has power, but the batteries may be low. If the light is not on, the transmitter has no power, and again, the batteries probably need to be replaced. Next, test your keypads and access codes to see if they are working properly. Be sure to test all access controls if you have more than two. If the gates do not open when you enter in your code, you likely need repair or replacement. Be sure to test all peripheral equipment to narrow down the culprits.

❸ Take a Look at the Pathway

If everything seems to be fine so far, it could be something as simple as an unnoticed obstruction. So, be sure to check the gate’s path of movement to ensure there is nothing in its way when it opens. If your problem is that the gates won’t close, waive something in its path to see if you hear a clicking noise. If so, the photocells could be damaged. This is mostly for rolling gates. Sliding gates might not contain photocells, in which case, you would not hear a clicking noise. If your gate doe s contain photocells, and you do not hear a clicking sound, your safety beam might be damaged. In this case, check to see if any broken fragments, wedged insects, or solid debris are blocking the photocells.

❹ Check on the Motors

Last, you need to ensure that the motors are not the problem. Most often, you need the help of a professional to inspect and diagnose electric gate motor issues, for both rolling and sliding gates. Consult with a licensed Indianapolis general contractor for help solving your electric gate issues.

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