A Comparison of Various Flooring Options on the Market

If you are on the market for flooring replacement options, you will find that there are many materials to choose from, all ranging in quality, dimensions, color, styles, textures, and more. For those looking for a cost-effective flooring option, decorative concrete is a popular choice among residential and commercial property owners looking for a cost-effective and modern upgrade.

Although you have several other options to choose from, there are many reasons to choose the concrete for your new floors.

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Choosing Decorative Concrete Flooring

Not only is decorative concrete flooring inexpensive and easy to install, it can be customized to mimic any style, texture, color, or look. Decorative concrete flooring can be stamped, stained, colored, died, treated, scored, polished, and so much more. This means that it can be designed to mimic higher in materials like tile, marble, cobblestone, brick, and slate, but cost less. The options are virtually endless, and only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

More Quality Flooring Comparisons


Tile is expensive, and the options of styles and colors are limited. Also, tile requires a stricter care regiment in order to protect the grout lines and prevent cracking. If you are looking for high maintenance and high prices, tile flooring is right for you.


Sure, brick is beautiful. In fact, it’s quite stunning; however, brick is incredibly high maintenance and prone to a long list of damages. This makes it a poor fit for an interior flooring option.

Natural Stone:

Cobblestone and other types of natural stone materials commonly used for flooring are high maintenance and high-priced. They are more prone to cracking and crumbling, and require strict care regimen in order to maintain clean grout lines.


Linoleum and vinyl flooring are common options for both residential and commercial properties because they are inexpensive and low maintenance. On the other hand, linoleum and vinyl are often viewed as outdated, so many potential buyers are turned off by such flooring. This isn’t good for anyone who wishes to sell their property in the future.

Carpet :

Carpeting is highly susceptible to several types of damages, especially staining and foot traffic. It is also more of a challenge to clean and keep clean.  Carpets also retain dander and dust and other types of allergens, which can be irritating to those who suffer from upper respiratory illnesses and implications.

Wood :

Not only is wood expensive in its natural state, it is a challenge to maintain. Wood is a natural element, therefore it susceptible to scratches, scrapes, and discoloration, so often times, it needs restoration after a few years.

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