How to Get Paint Off Clothes

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Whether a night out cocktailing and canvasing with the girls, or changing the color of your bedroom walls, paint seems to always get on clothing no matter how hard you try to prevent it from happening. Fortunately, there are some handy tricks to removing paint from clothes; and the best part is, they won’t jeopardize the integrity of your fabrics. So before tossing that favorite blouse of yours in the trash because you accidentally brushed up against a freshly-painted wall, continue reading and learn how to get paint off clothes instead!

Paint Removal Supplies

🎨 Paint Thinner (or turpentine)
🎨 Nail Polish Remover
🎨 Rubbing Alcohol
🎨 Liquid Detergent
🎨 Liquid Dish Soap
🎨 Disposable Plastic Container
🎨 Toothbrush
🎨 Clean Sponge
🎨 Clean Rags
🎨 Spoon
🎨 Butter Knife
🎨 Cotton Balls
🎨 Paper Towels
🎨 Duct Tape

After reading the tools and supplies list, you might be wondering how these materials relate to one another and how they remove paint from clothes. But the supplies you use will depend on the type of paint you have on your article of clothing. You’ll require different materials for latex, oil, and acrylic paints. So that means that the first step to removing paint from your clothes is to find out which type of paint it is. Once you know that, you can move onto the next steps.

Latex Paint Removal:

Step ➀ Place paper towels and clean rags down to use as a foundation for your article of clothing, even if it’s completely dry. This prevents paint from transferring through the fibers and onto whatever is beneath it.

Step ➁ If there is still wet paint on your clothing, use your butter knife and spoon to scrap it off.

Step ➂ Run your article of clothing under warm water and then blot it dry using a paper towel or dry rag. If you are wearing your article of clothing and it is too saturated with paint, continue rinsing the best you can until you can take it off.

Step ➃ Turn the article of clothing inside out and rinse it thoroughly under warm water.

Step ➄ If your garment is color-safe, use liquid dish soap for this step. If it is not, use liquid laundry detergent instead. Apply the soap directly to the affected area, and use a clean sponge or white cloth to work up a generous lather. Be sure to continue rotating rag or sponge to avoid cleaning with a soiled section.

Step ➅ Repeat step 6 as often as you need until you feel like you’ve cleansed away most of the paint. Then launder as usual and allow to air dry.

Step ➆ Once the garment is entirely dry, check the level of paint residue. If there is still paint evident, use your butter knife to scrape off the remaining paint, or apply duct tape firmly over it and peel away. Repeat this a few times, and then repeat all steps all over again.

Note: At this point, you can also use an old toothbrush and a small amount of nail polish remover to get paint off your clothing, but be careful as it might discolor non-color safe fabrics.

Oil and Acrylic Paint Removal:

Step ➀ Place paper towel down to use as a foundation for your garment.

Step ➁ Whether the paint is wet or dry, scoop the excess off with a butter knife. Then turn your garment inside out and repeat.

Step ➂ Pour a cup or two of paint thinner into a disposable plastic container, like an empty ice cream tub. Then soak some cotton balls in it.

Step ➃ With the garment inside out, use the soaked cotton balls to gently dab the soiled area. As you pick up paint, continue to switch cotton balls. If the stain is proving to be difficult to remove, try pouring paint thinner directly over it and use a toothbrush to scrub. Just be sure you have a clean, dry foundation underneath.

Step ➄ Blot the freshly treated area dry with clean paper towels to remove excess paint thinner. Then blot the area with some liquid laundry detergent.

Step ➅ Wash the garment in the laundry as usual.

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