How to Open a Frozen Window in Your Home

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There are so many variables that can come together and cause windows in your home to freeze shut. Dripping water, outdoor temperatures, indoor temperatures, humidity, excessive snow, leaks in the roof, deteriorated caulking or window stripping, and much more are just a few examples of potential influences that cause windows to freeze shut. Frozen windows are not only frustrating, they are a hazard to have in your home. And attempting to open a window that has frozen shut can potentially cause personal injuries,
as well as, structural damages to your home.

For these reasons and more, it is important to fix frozen windows using safe and proper techniques. Quickly address any window-sticking issues you have in your home before they can become larger problems down the line. Continue reading to learn how to open frozen house windows this winter.

What You’ll Need

When it comes to opening a window that has been frozen shut, it will not be your manual strength that makes it all happen. A frozen window can be near impossible to open with mere strength, no matter how much weight lifting a person has accomplished in a lifetime! In fact, attempting to do so can potentially cause serious bodily harm, like muscle strains and back injuries. Also, attempting to open a frozen window using the incorrect techniques and tools can cause costly structural damage to windows, drywall, framing, and more. So avoid these issues by following the recommended steps for fixing a frozen-shut window. Start by gathering the necessary supplies:

• Hair Dryer
• Clean Towels
• Small Broom or Handheld Cleaning Brush

How to Get Started

First, if your indoor temperature is set below 65 degrees, start by turning up the heat in your home. Allow the heat to set in for an hour or so, and then you can move forward with the next step. This will dry the air inside your home, as well as, decrease the condensation within the window.

Next, get bundled up because you have to go outside! If the frozen window is a second or third story window, skip this step. For 1st floor windows, go outside and brush off standing snow and ice from the outer areas of the window, frame, and seal. Use your handheld cleaning brush or a small broom. Also, check for dripping water or snow that is contacting the outside of the window and find a way to block it for the time being.

When finished, go back inside your house, and using your blow dryer on the hot setting, warm the inner perimeter of the window. This includes the entire frame, crevices, and seal. Simultaneously, use the clean towels on-hand to soak up any melting water. Continue this step for as long as it takes for the window to warm up and thaw (10-20 minutes).

Next, using the cushy part of your hand, push on the corners of the window frame (not the glass), gently applying pressure to all corners and edges in order to break loose any ice that may have formed inside the cracks. Now you are ready to try and open the window.

If it still won’t budge, repeat the blow drying and nudging process until it opens again.

Top Floor Windows

For windows on top story floors that have frozen shut, you can use the same process, minus going outside and brushing the snow away. If the blow dryer method will not work for top floor windows, call a professional window repair service for safe and prompt assistance.

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