How to Replace a Broken Window Screen

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Routine window maintenance is important to achieve quality indoor climate control, as well as, whole-house energy efficiency and value. One of the most common, and frustrating, window casualties is a ripped or torn screen. When this happens, it is wise to replace the screen as soon as possible. Window screens serve many important purposes so it is important to keep them in tact all year long.

The idea of replacing a torn window screen may seem tedious, but it is in fact quite simple. With the right tools and a little instruction, anyone can install a new window screen on their own! Continue reading to how to replace a broken window screen in your home or office.

Getting Started…

First gather all the necessary tools and supplies for the job. Fortunately, everything you will need is easily attainable (any local hardware store) and inexpensive. This includes a new window screen of course. Here is a list of materials you will need to replace a window screen:

• New Window Screening
• New Spline (Rubber String)
• Two-Sided Rolling Spline Tool (Should Come with Spline)
• Utility Knife
• Flathead Screwdriver
• Clean Cloth or Rag
• Duct Tape
• Scissors

Once you have accumulated all the necessary tools and materials, you can get started by removing the window screen with frame from the window. Find a hard flat surface to work on and place the screen and frame there. Continue with the following steps:

1. Remove the existing spline from the window frame.

2. Once the spline is removed, the screen detaches easily. Use the head of the screwdriver to pry the screen from the frame if you have trouble disconnecting it.

3. Take your clean cloth and wipe down the bare frame, removing all the dirt in the grooves. To do this, place the cloth over the tip of the screwdriver and drag the flathead along the inside of the grooves.

4. Use the duct tape to secure the frame in place on all sides so that it cannot move.

5. Now you are ready to measure out a piece of new screen. Cut it larger than the surrounding width and height of the window frame.

6. Position the new screening over the window frame so that the entire frame is covered and then some. Hold in place with duct tape on the top side for added stability for the next step.

7. Use the convex side of the rolling spline tool to guide the new spline along the spline grooves in the window frame. Do this for the entire perimeter of the frame. For corners, use the flathead screwdriver to push the spline into place.

8. Once you reach the end, cut the spline with scissors.

9. Now go back over the perimeter of the spline again but with the concaved side of the roller tool.

10. Trim the excess screen off with your utility knife right above the top of the spline while holding down the screen as you cut. Hold the knife at a 45 degree angle and cut in a steady firm motion.

11. Slip the frame back into the window by pushing up and in, securing the metal window clips.

Professional Window Repair and Replacement

If you have a large-scale window repair and replacement project on your hands, call a licensed general contractor for professional and prompt service. They retain the proper tools, training, labor, and resources to undertake a window replacement and repair job in a time frame that’s convenient for you.

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