How to Tell if Your House Has Good Resale Value

Are you taking good care of your home? Has the local community changed at all? These factors and more can influence your property’s resale value overtime. There are several ways to determine the scope of your home’s resale value, and several more ways to improve it if necessary. Making certain home improvements can certainly increase your home’s resale value, which becomes a vital aspect once it hits the market.

Continue reading to learn how to tell if your house has good resale value, and your options for improving it before you list.

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There are several methods to assess the current resale value of your home. Although it requires some market research and statistical data knowledge to put an actual dollar amount on your house, you can simply look for some common signs that can suggest it’s current sale potential. Among the infinite signs and conditions, the most portending and foretelling ones can be narrowed down to just 13.

The Signs of Good Resale Value

Your home might have good resale value if you can check “TRUE” to at least half of the following:

Curb Appeal – Your house has good curb appeal, and is well-maintained lot.

School District – Your home is located within a school district with a high rating.

Local Amenities – Your home is near amenities like shopping and restaurants.

Safe Community – Your home is in a secure community with a low crime rate.

Quiet Area – Your home is in a quiet neighborhood with minimal nuisance noise.

Beds and Baths – Your home has at least 3 bedrooms and more than 1 full bathroom.

Space – Your home is on a large lot and has a high amount of interior square footage.

Structural Integrity – Your home is in good condition and has been well-maintained.

Upgrades – Your home has been upgraded, structurally, technologically, or both.

Storage – Your home has plenty of storage space, like cabinetry, closets, and sheds.

Right Price – Your home is not the most expensive in your division or on your block.

Small Market – There are few homes for sale locally, which means less competition.

Private – Your home is located in a gated community or restricted neighborhood.

How to Improve Your Resale Value

One of the most impactful and proven ways to increase your home’s resale value is through home improvement projects and upgrades. This includes bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodels, as well as, appliance upgrades, new roofing, copper plumbing, space conversions, exterior hardscape, pergolas, underground swimming pools, and much more. Talk to a local and trusted Indianapolis general contractor for advice on how to improve your property’s value with affordable home remodeling services.

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