How to Solve a Door Slamming Problem

Aside from teens experiencing the occasional mood swing, doors that are prone to slamming may be caused by something easily fixable. Whether it’s a hinge defect or interior shifts of air, door slamming problems can quickly become a thing of the past for your home with a few simple tips.

Continue reading to learn how to solve a door slamming problem once and for all!

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Door and Window Contractors 317-454-3612

What’s Causing the Force?

Have you ever seen a door slam shut for no apparent reason? Well, it’s nothing to fear; there are several reasons why doors are prone to slamming when left open. The most common reason has to do with pressure changes in areas near the door. Pressure changes occur when air moves from an area with high pressure, to an area with low pressure. For instance, a window left open in the next room can cause an open door to slam shut. Other reasons for slamming doors include faulty hinges and structural unevenness, both of which are repairable.

Hinges and Framing

Start off by checking the door itself. When door hinges are worn down or not installed properly, they can cause a door to be more prone to swinging and slamming. See if the hinges are even, flat against the frame, and screwed in tightly. If the hinge is loose, simply tighten the screws back up with a screw driver.

If the hinges are not the problem, take a look at the actual door. Doors that are not perfectly vertical are not evenly balanced in weight. This can cause it to slam shut at the slightest touch or draft. The best way to fix an unbalanced door is to replace it with a new one. Check with your local home improvement store to see what your purchasing options are near you.

Air Pressure and Cross Breezes

If the hinges and door are not the culprit to the frequent slamming, it is likely just the way the air flows and changes pressure through your home. In this case, you can try to implement some strategies to reduce the force of the shutting, or eliminate it all together. Here are some effective and affordable ideas:

Use Door Stoppers – A simple floor wedge will do the trick. When you have a window or screen door open in the house, just slide one underneath to prevent sudden slamming.

Use Felt Pads – Self-stick felt pads provide cushioning and reduce the force of door slamming. Place a pad at the bottom, top, and both sides of the frame for best results.

Install Weather Stripping – Just like felt pads, weather stripping will add cushioning, thus reducing the force and sound of the slamming action. This is recommended for heavier doors.

Install a Pneumatic Closer – If nothing seems to work, you can install a pneumatic closer. These are small air-powered devices that slow down the swing of a closing door.

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