Important Polyurethane Floor Cleaning Tips

Got polyurethane hardwood floors at home or the office? Be sure you take great care of them if you want your flooring to look brand new for years to come. Start by learning the best practices for cleaning hardwood flooring. Continue below to learn one of the most predominately-used methods to clean and care for polyurethane hardwood floors, and who to call for professional floor replacement and repair services you can trust.

Indianapolis Wood Floor Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Wood Floor Contractors 317-454-3612

Floor Cleaning Supplies You Will Need for Polyurethane Wood

To get started, you will need a few supplies and items to clean polyurethane hardwood floors. First, be sure to have a clean and dry microfiber cloth on hand. Also, procure a dry mop or vacuum mop. This will come in handy for various other cleaning purposes for the home or office as well. Aside from a dry cloth and mop, be sure to have access to a clean water supply, a bucket, store-bought wood floor cleaner (optional) and some mild dish soap.

DO NOT use water to clean lacquered or shellacked hardwood floors!

Cleaning Instructions for Polyurethane Hardwood Flooring:

Fill the bucket up with clean, fresh water. Add two to three drops of dishwashing soap. Use more drops for extra-large surface areas. Set out all your needed supplies so they are ready to be used when you need them.

Use the dry mop or vacuum to sweep up all the tangible dirt, debris, and additional solid particles on the surface of the hardwood. You need a clean and clear surface to properly wash hardwood floors.

Dip your mop into your water and soap solution to mildly dampen it. Be sure to ring out any excess water. Proceed to mop along the grain using smooth and even strokes.

Once the mopping is done, buff the floors using a dry cloth to absorb any leftover soapy residues. You will need to use your hands for this step, and wipe in a circular motion until the floor is dry. 

To further polish your hardwood floors, apply a store-bought wood floor cleaner in the same manner, using circular motions until all streaks are gone. If you do not wish to use a wood floor cleaner, simply use another clean cloth to wipe down the floors in a circular motion until they shine!

One of the best products to invest in for any home or office with hardwood floors is furniture pads. Not only do they provide an easy and effortless way of moving or clearing furniture out of the way for cleaning purposes, but they also prevent unsightly and difficult-to-repair floor scuffs and scratches.

Do You Need Hardwood Floor Replacement?

Sometimes, hardwood floors are past the point of no return. In these cases, it is wise for property owners to hire a professional general contractor for specialty hardwood floor repair and replacement services. They retain the proper training, resources, tools, and certifications to professionally assess, demolition, and replace all flooring types for residential and commercial properties.

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Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 to speak with our licensed flooring contractors about your need for professional and affordable wood floor service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial flooring services, including floor replacement, installation, repair, procurement, and much more. Contact us today at 317-454-3612 to request an estimate.

Indianapolis Indiana General Contractors
Indianapolis Indiana General Contractors 317-454-3612

Basic Guide to Residential Baseboard Removal

Baseboard removal doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right materials and knowledge, you can remove baseboards without damaging them or the walls. This way, you can restore the look of your existing baseboards and then re-install them for a cost-effective interior upgrade, or you can reuse them for another woodworking or crafts project. If you are installing new floors, you will also be required to remove your baseboards, so preventing damage during the process will allow you to reuse them and save money.

Continue reading to learn how you can remove baseboards without causing them damage, as well as tips for expert results.

Indianapolis Flooring Contractors
Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612

Baseboard Removal Advice to Start With

One of the most important tools to acquire for a baseboard removal job is a trim puller. This ergonomic tool is what makes baseboard removal much easier than it was years ago. Before trim pullers, you would have to insert a putty knife in between the trim and the wall and twist back and forth in order to loosen the boards. With a trim puller, the 15 degree center wedge allows for simple and quick extraction, and prevents wall and baseboard damage. This saves a load of time and money, not to mention stress.

If your baseboard seams are caulked, then you will need to get caulk remover product. But if they are sealed with standard latex paint, you will only need your utility knife. Gloves are optional but help to prevent splinters, blisters, and sores. Side-cut pliers are optional as well, but very helpful for removing leftover pins and nails in walls after the baseboards are removed. If you have a hammer, the backside will work just as well.

What You Need for the Job:

► 6” Utility Knife
► Caulk Remover (depending)
► Side-Cutting Pliers (depending)
► Trim Puller Tool
► Mallet or Hammer
► Utility Gloves

How to Remove Baseboards in 5 Easy Steps

If your walls and baseboards are sealed with latex paint, start by using your utility knife to cut along the seam where the baseboards meet the wall to release them from their seal. Be sure to stay along the seam to prevent pulling off any wall color.

Note: If your baseboard and wall seams are sealed with caulk, you will need to apply a line of caulk remover instead. Follow the instructions on the label. Then move onto the next step.

Starting at one end of a strip of baseboard, place the trim puller front-faced against the wall, with the sharp edge along the baseboard seam.

Hold the trim puller with one hand, and with the other hand, strike the top of it with your hammer or mallet. This should drive the sharpened edge in between the trim and wall. You will notice that the center wedge of the trim puller (the part that sticks out in the middle) automatically separates the baseboard from the wall.

Gently pull the trim away from the wall with your puller tool. Then, continue step 3, moving along the baseboard in 1 foot increments until you reach the end of the strip.

Remove any leftover pins or nails with your side-cutting pliers or the back part of your hammer.

When the Job is Too Tough or Complicated to Manage Alone…

Call Our Licensed Indianapolis Flooring Contractors for Help with Baseboard Removal and Replacement!

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 to speak with our esteemed team of flooring contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner, Lee Elliot, and his team of fellow general contractors, are licensed and qualified to replace, repair, and install all flooring materials, including wood, laminate, and tile floors, for both commercial and residential properties. Request an estimate, today.

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