How to Install an Interior Sliding Barn Door

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Sliding barn doors are one of the most currents trends for indoor home décor. They come pre-manufactured in several different styles, colors, and finishes, but you can also re-purpose an old door with a little sanding, priming, and painting! If you are considering a sliding barn door for an area in your home, you are on the right track toward that modern farmhouse country look you have in mind!

Continue reading to learn just how easy it is to install a sliding barn door system all on your own.

What You’ll Need:

🛠 Sliding Barn Door System w/Hardware
🛠 Socket Wrench
🛠 Drill
🛠 Drill Bit
🛠 Router w/Half Bit
🛠 Metal Cutter
🛠 Level
🛠 Awl
🛠 Utility Gloves
🛠 Safety Goggles
🛠 Tape Measure
🛠 Drywall Anchors
🛠 Mounting Board
🛠 Cutting Oil

The sliding barn door system that you choose should come with the proper hardware needed to install it, including 2″ flat steel track, track joint brackets, spacers, screws, lag bolts, carriage bolts, hanger rollers, a bottom roller guide, and bottom rollers. The rest of the tools and supplies you’ll need can be purchased at your local home improvement store of choice. They range in price depending on brand, retailer, quality, and more.

Are You are Ready to Get Started?

In the first step, you will need to attach the mounting board. This will provide the necessary support for the actual barn door. Start by custom cutting the mounting board to fit the tracks. Cut the mounting board to match the length of the track, but make the width just a little wider than the track. To secure the mounting board, you will need your drywall anchors, lag bolts, and spacers.

The next step involves putting together the track. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the steel track using your joint brackets. You will need to cut the track to the length you need. It should be twice the width of the door. This will allow the door to open all the way to reveal the entire entry space.

Next, you will need to measure where the holes will go to attach the track to the mounting board and wall. Then use your metal cutting drill bit to drill the holes you marked. To prevent the drill bit from slipping on the metal, use your awl to make a seat for it while you work. Use your cutting oil in the drill holes to regulate heat.

Now you are ready to install the track and spacers. Measure the track system and use your lag bolts to attach it to the mounting board and wall. Be sure it is level!

Last, you will need to install the hanger rollers and the actual barn door. It is wise to have a partner for this step since the door is usually pretty heavy. Use the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the hanger rollers to the door. You will need the provided carriage bolts, nuts, and washers for this step. Use your socket wrench to tighten it all up, and then attach the bottom rollers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now just hang the door on the track!

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