The Secret to Maintaining Beautiful Carpet

When a person thinks about carpet, they think about something soft, clean, comforting, and soothing.  This degree of cleanliness and comfort can be achieved in real life if proper care and attention are given to carpets in your homes and office buildings. In order to achieve clean, fresh, and new-looking carpets, certain commitments need to be made to care and upkeep.

Continue reading to learn some basic methods to keeping carpets clean and appealing, overtime.

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Stain Solutions

One important strategy to proper carpet care is to remove stains, spills, and smudges as soon as they happen. If you allow a stain or spill to set in, it will be harder to remove entirely. Leftover stains make carpets look dull, dingy, and dirty.  Just soak up the stain entirely by starting on the outside and working your way to the inside so you do not spread the stain and make it larger. Removing stains right away gives you better chances of removing the stain entirely.

Routine Maintenance

Another key method to increasing the life of your carpets is routine maintenance. This includes duties such as regular vacuuming and shampooing, and scotch-guarding. Always make sure your carpets are being cleaned regularly and protected from outside dirt and germs.


The main secret to having great-looking carpet is consistency. Stay committed to keeping your carpet clean by adopting healthier habits, such as a no shoes rule and bathing pets more often. People and pets both carry in dirt, debris, hair, and other unsanitary particles that get stuck in carpet. Routine maintenance on a daily basis can help abate these unhygienic situations. By simply protecting your carpets consistently, you can increase its longevity by years.

Carpet Removal and Replacement

If your carpets are too damaged, it is more lucrative to invest in new flooring. You can choose to have your carpets removed and replaced with fresh carpet, or you can opt for a longer-lasting flooring material, such as wood, vinyl, or laminate. Talk to a local and trusted Indianapolis flooring contractor about your carpet and floor restoration needs. They will give you advice that will help you make the wisest choice for your home or office.

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Common Types of Flooring and How to Clean Them

There are so many types of delightful flooring on the market, many of which are used in both residential and commercial settings. From conventional flooring like hardwood and laminate, to higher-end and exotic flooring like bamboo and porcelain, proper maintenance on a routine schedule is an imperative factor to sustaining beauty in all flooring types.

Continue reading to learn how to clean 3 common types of floors, including hardwood, bamboo, laminate, and more.

Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612

Hardwood Floors

When it comes to real hardwood floors, maintenance and upkeep are vital. The natural beauty that hardwood floors offer resonates with the time and care it took to manufacture them and install them in your building. The same care and attention is deserved with routine cleaning for hardwood. If necessary precautions aren’t taken, scratches, squeaking, and buckling in the floor are all common consequences. Before cleaning hardwood, you must first determine if there is a wax coat or sealant on the flooring.

Refer to the manufacturer for this information. Some cleaning methods can eat away at the sealants, resulting in major damages. Sweep the floor daily with a soft broom to avoid scratches. Try ways to reduce the amount of traffic if at all possible. This will also sustain its life and luster. For wet cleaning, simply use a water and vinegar solution, using warm water, and gently apply, dry, and repeat until you reach the desired cleanse.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are vulnerable to excess moisture, so it is crucial to use a limited amount of water when cleaning this type of flooring.  Microfiber towels and dust mops are a great alternative to wet mopping and cleaning.  Use these tools for optimal cleaning and care for bamboo floors.  If spills occur, be sure to wipe them up immediately, and without using too much liquid.

Decorative Concrete Floors

In order to maintain quality and performance in decorative concrete flooring, you simply need to make the time. Start with daily dirt removal. Use a leaf blower, broom, or vacuum to remove dirt, debris, and other solid particles from your floors. You should also rinse with clean water on a weekly basis to reduce grime and residue accumulation. Also be sure to stay on top of stain removal.

If your flooring or foundation has scuff marks, stains, or oil spots, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. Never allow stains, dirt, or debris to sit for long periods of time on decorative concrete. It is important to have decorative concrete seal coated to provide an extra layer of protection against dirt and damage. Routine seal coating also protects against freeze-thaw cycles, expansion, buckling, moisture, and de-icing chemicals.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring doesn’t require a lot of water, similar to bamboo floors.  A dry mop, daily, takes care of any accumulated dust and debris.  If there is a large volume of traffic in the area of the laminate flooring, occasional semi-wet mopping could do the trick.  Be sure to dry the area completely when finished for superior luster and shine.

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A Comparison of Various Flooring Options on the Market

If you are on the market for flooring replacement options, you will find that there are many materials to choose from, all ranging in quality, dimensions, color, styles, textures, and more. For those looking for a cost-effective flooring option, decorative concrete is a popular choice among residential and commercial property owners looking for a cost-effective and modern upgrade.

Although you have several other options to choose from, there are many reasons to choose the concrete for your new floors.

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Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612

Choosing Decorative Concrete Flooring

Not only is decorative concrete flooring inexpensive and easy to install, it can be customized to mimic any style, texture, color, or look. Decorative concrete flooring can be stamped, stained, colored, died, treated, scored, polished, and so much more. This means that it can be designed to mimic higher in materials like tile, marble, cobblestone, brick, and slate, but cost less. The options are virtually endless, and only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

More Quality Flooring Comparisons


Tile is expensive, and the options of styles and colors are limited. Also, tile requires a stricter care regiment in order to protect the grout lines and prevent cracking. If you are looking for high maintenance and high prices, tile flooring is right for you.


Sure, brick is beautiful. In fact, it’s quite stunning; however, brick is incredibly high maintenance and prone to a long list of damages. This makes it a poor fit for an interior flooring option.

Natural Stone:

Cobblestone and other types of natural stone materials commonly used for flooring are high maintenance and high-priced. They are more prone to cracking and crumbling, and require strict care regimen in order to maintain clean grout lines.


Linoleum and vinyl flooring are common options for both residential and commercial properties because they are inexpensive and low maintenance. On the other hand, linoleum and vinyl are often viewed as outdated, so many potential buyers are turned off by such flooring. This isn’t good for anyone who wishes to sell their property in the future.

Carpet :

Carpeting is highly susceptible to several types of damages, especially staining and foot traffic. It is also more of a challenge to clean and keep clean.  Carpets also retain dander and dust and other types of allergens, which can be irritating to those who suffer from upper respiratory illnesses and implications.

Wood :

Not only is wood expensive in its natural state, it is a challenge to maintain. Wood is a natural element, therefore it susceptible to scratches, scrapes, and discoloration, so often times, it needs restoration after a few years.

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The Importance of Floor Waxing for Commercial Properties

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Commercial Floor Repair 317-454-3612

All commercial business and properties want to uphold a certain level of sophistication and professionalism. One way to achieve this kind of commercial aesthetic appeal is to have your floors waxed routinely. Although freshly waxed commercial flooring is brilliantly shiny and impressive, they have more to offer than just simple visual appeal. Floor waxing accomplishes much more than just making a company loo attractive, there are protective qualities if offers as well.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of commercial floor waxing and care.

Commercial Floor Waxing

Whether a commercial property serves guests, customers, visitors, or employees, it will require regular floor care to combat its foot traffic. High heel shoes, dress loafers, desk chairs, file carts, and much more will contribute to wear and tear. Without routine floor care, which includes waxing of course, floors will quickly deteriorate and property owners will lose on their investment.

Here’s the three main reasons why routine floor waxing is so vital for commercial properties and complexes:


Since the first thing that comes to mind when you gaze upon freshly waxes or properly cared-for flooring is its visual attractiveness, it is only obvious that one of the most important reasons has to do with how a company looks to its viewers. Floor waxing services can speak to the professionalism of a company. It shows that a company cares and takes proper strides to maintain their premises. In turn, they must put the same degree of customer service or respect into their industry as well; right?

Safety and Security

Floor care is critical in order to maintain a safe walking platform for everyone. Deteriorated floors can warp, bump, or peel, creating treacherous terrain for customers, clients, and employees. Caring for your commercial floors on a routine basis can prevent such wear and tear, which can ultimately prevent any liabilities from taking place.

Investment Protection

Because floor waxing prevents wear and tear, commercial property owners can prevent premature floor damage and costly repairs or replacements. This saves money and extends the lifespan of your commercial flooring. Floor replacement and repair is much more expensive compared to routine cleaning!

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3 Tips for Soundproofing Floors

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Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612

It doesn’t take much thought to understand why homeowners, and even commercial business owners, to want soundproof floors. For full family homes, the cumulative sounds of creaking floorboards, pattering feet, washing machines, T.V. sets, and barking pups can be heard from all levels; so soundproof flooring would certainly provide a new “level” of peace and quiet. As for apartment complexes, corporate offices, recording studios, and schools, having commercial soundproof flooring is also an asset.

If a floor restoration or remodeling project is on your mind, you might want to consider installing soundproof flooring for a valuable and lucrative property upgrade. There are several options and methods for soundproofing floors, so it is best to discuss your property’s needs with a licensed flooring contractor. They can provide recommendations and estimates specific to your property’s layout. In the meantime, continue reading to learn 3 important tips that can help you decide on the right flooring approach.

Replace Your Floors

If your floors are hardwood, laminate, tile, or some other type of hard surface material, sound is embellished. Carpeting is much quitter, and a sensible technique for soundproofing floors. Carpet is convenient because it is easy to install, usually taking anywhere between 3 and 8 hours depending on square-footage and existing flooring conditions. Carpet is also cheaper, so it’s a cost-effective alternative to other soundproofing methods. If you wish to replace your flooring with hard-surface material, talk to your contractor about the sound ratings among different species of wood and types of manufactured wood materials.

Cancel Out Noise

In addition to replacing your floors, you can heighten the level of noise cancellation by installing supplementary components in between the flooring and the sub-flooring to absorb sound. This includes using materials like cork or acoustic tiles. Cork is very dense, so just a thin layer is needed to absorb extra noise. Acoustic tiles are used in recording studios and large-space commercial properties because they are highly-effective noise-cancellation mechanisms. They are designed to dull echoes and reverberations, and work well for floors too.

If You Can’t Remodel Your Floors

Sometimes replacing or remodeling your floors is not an option. If you rent, for example, you cannot make these kinds of structural changes. But there are still soundproofing options you can try. Purchase area rugs and carpets for high-traffic areas in the main and upper levels of your home to soften noises from above. You can also try invoking a “no shoes” policy to quieten the sounds of foot traffic throughout the home.

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Home Repair Service

Call Restoration By L&B, LLC at 317-454-3612 if you are looking for licensed Indianapolis flooring contractors you can trust. Owner, Lee Elliot, provides a wide range of home remodeling and renovation services at the most competitive prices in town. In fact, we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price! Call 317-454-3612 to schedule a time to receive an in-person estimate for floor restoration and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana.