Trendy Interior Doors to Consider for Your Home Remodel

Planning a home renovation or remodel? Set yourself apart from other properties by adding in some fresh, unique, and space-saving door designs inside the home! Continue reading to learn some popular interior doors styles that are topping the residential market trends this year, as well as, who to call for expert home remodeling and general contracting services near you.

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i.e. French Accordion Doors

Although you can opt for the traditional, 4 to 6 panel door design in your home, there are several other options that may be better choices, not to mention more stylish! These new interior door options can eliminate the standard monotony found in last season property styles.

Here are 5 top-recommended door designs to consider for your upcoming home renovation:

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are doors that hide inside the wall of the door frame, and then slide open and closed. They stem from the vintage design, which was often seen in older homes due to their much smaller quarters back then. That is because pocket doors happen to be excellent space-savers, especially for small areas and rooms. And with newer, more innovative designs, they are now stylish too! From tiny bathrooms and tight hallways, to regular room-to-room entry ways, pocket doors are the perfect solution for style and space.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are fun, stylish, and best of all, useful. They appear as a standard full-sized door, but really, they are cut in half and designed to open at the top. You can choose to open just the top portion of the door, or you can open the door as a whole. These are highly recommended for interior-exterior entry ways, mud rooms, laundry rooms, and children’s rooms.

Barn Doors

Barn doors, also known as “farm” doors, are seen more and more these days, and for good reasons. Not only are they very chic and trendy, they are quite functional. They save space, much like pocket doors, but because they rest on the outside of the wall, they can also jazz up the interior of any room, even becoming a focal point! Furthermore, barn doors are easy to install, and most door way systems can fit them.

Sliding Doors

When you combine a pocket door with a barn door, you get a sliding door system. Think of your patio sliding doors; sliding doors can now be stylishly incorporated inside the home. A popular place to consider adding sliding doors is the master bathroom. You can add a trendy focal point with mahogany or glass sliding doors that separate the master bedroom from the on-suite bathroom. Sliding doors are also great for finished basements, home gyms, and sun rooms.

Bifold/Accordion Doors

Glass bifold doors and French accordion doors are similar door systems, and both very trendy options for home remodels. Glass bifold doors are designed as two vertical panels that fold into one another when you close them shut. In today’s market, these old-fashioned door systems have been updated to look stylish and serve as space savers for small areas and rooms. French accordion doors are very similar to bifold systems, but they have more panels and attach to both sides of a door frame. They are great options for master bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as, great room dividers.

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