How to Protect Tile Floor Grout Lines

We can’t live without grout lines, but they sure do cause quite a bit of frustration overtime. Doesn’t it seem like fresh, clean grout lines only last for a few months? Before you know it, your tile floors are back to looking like a checkered board, with dark, grimy grout creating a dirty grid in your house. Fortunately, with some simple precautionary solutions, you can prevent this from happening the next time you clean your grout.

Continue reading to learn how to protect your tile floor grout lines from becoming dark and dingy prematurely.

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Treating Dark and Dirty Grout Lines

Although dirty and darkened grout lines is inevitable, they shouldn’t appear too soon. By implementing the proper tile floor and grout cleaning practices, you can get a fresher, lighter looking grout finish that stands the test of time. It all starts with proper tile floor cleaning. Then you must incorporate some protective measures.

Here’s how to clean your tile floors and grout:

Use oxygen bleach, or a 1:4 chlorine bleach solution to clean your tile floors. Mix 1 part bleach with 3 to 4 parts water, depending on how dirty your grout lines are.

Let the solution sit on your tile floor for 20 minutes, then scrub each grout line with a small scrub brush. Then rinse clean with water and allow your floors to dry completely.

Protecting Grout Lines From Dirt and Damage

Sealing is the perfect method of protecting tile grout from both dirt and damage. To detect whether or not your grout needs resealed, watch how water soaks into them. If water absorbs quickly in grout, it is time for a resealing job.

You can purchase a commercial grout sealing product on the market, but it is strongly encouraged to hire a handyman or flooring professional for the job. Minor mistakes can lead to tile replacement needs or even dirtier looking grout.

Aside from cleaning and sealing, incorporating a shoes-free interior also helps, as does routine sweeping and mopping using quality products.

Damaged grout should not be treated, cleaning nor sealing. Instead, damaged grout and tile should be replaced for best results that last. Hire an Indianapolis general contractor for professional advice and cost estimates for tile floors.

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