Frequently Asked Questions about Window Replacement and Window Repair

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It is in your budget’s best interest to assess your window repair and replacement needs before making any impulsive purchasing decisions. This is because many property owners make the mistake of assuming their windows need replaced, when in fact, a simple repair could be the best solution. Often times, companies will force the idea of new windows on property owners, with the promise of boosted energy efficiency. Although it is true that new windows are more energy-efficient, it is also true that it takes several years to make back on this type of investment; which can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars or more.

When it comes time to replace windows, it is encouraged to have a professional handyman or window contractor provide inspections and determine which windows need replaced, and which can simply be repaired at a lower cost. Continue reading to learn more about window repair and window replacement, and perhaps find the answers you are looking for today.

Is Window Rot Reversible?

You or a professional can inspect each window for decay, mold, or deterioration. But only a professional, will be able to repair window rot, jammed sashes, and broken window parts. Not all rot can be fixed or removed, especially if it has been there for a long time. In this case, a new window will need to be installed. It is important to find moisture accumulation and water leaks under window frames early on, to prevent extensive window rot and mold growth.

How Can I Fix Jammed Window Sashes?

If you have a problematic window that seems to jam when you try to open or close it, try rubbing a white candle on the bottom and the sides of the window. This will allow the frame to slide effortlessly through the window channels. If window sashes are painted shut, simply use a sash saw to cut through the paint. One pass-through should do the trick.

Can Old Windows Still Be Energy Efficient?

Instead of buying new windows to improve your home’s energy efficiency, have your windows serviced by a handyman or window contractor. They can apply caulk and weather seal your windows to prevent air from escaping or moisture getting inside. Most often, the old caulk is removed and replaced with fresh caulk. Professionals usually insist on completing this kind of project when the humidity levels are low and the outdoor temperature is above 45 degrees. Also, installing screen and storm windows can increase a property’s insulation and is much cheaper than replacing windows entirely. Consult a professional Indianapolis window repair and replacement contractor for expert advice and suggestions regarding window replacement and window repair.

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