The Easiest Way to Clean Window Blinds

You might be putting off cleaning your window blinds because it can feel like a big waste of time. After all, no matter how careful you are, dust seems to fly everywhere and settle right back in the very same spot. So it is understandable for you to ask yourself, “What’s the point?”

Well, blind cleaning is important for maintaining health levels of indoor air quality and comfort, as well as, extending the life of your windows and insulation. The problem you are having likely has to do with ineffective technique. Learning some easier and more efficient methods of cleaning might just motivate you to clean your blinds more often!

Keep reading to learn how to clean blinds without a fuss.

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Cleaning Window Blinds

Aside from technique, tools and products play a major role in the ease of window blind cleaning. Using a higher quality product or tool can mean all the difference when it comes to dusting blinds. For instance, a standard sheet of paper towel will not pick up dust and dirt; it will only spread it around some more. But if you trade out a sheet of paper towel for a microfiber cloth, dry sponge, or lamb’s wool duster, you will get more gratifying results.

Materials like microfiber rags and lamb’s wool dusters effectively pick up and hold on to dust particles. In addition to these materials, the process is made easiest when you follow up with a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment. Just be sure your vacuum basin and filters are clear before you begin. Quality products are another huge influential factor. A blind cleaner or shine product will provide a persistent luster, making your blinds appear cleaner for longer.

How to Get Started:

First use the vacuum brush attachment and suction across the blind slats from side to side. This will suction up all the loose dust and debris, making it easier to get a more thorough clean in the following steps.

Next, use your lamb’s wool duster, dry sponge, or microfiber cloth to firmly wipe off the slats, using the same side to side motion. If blinds are vertical, wipe from top to bottom in an up and down motion to prevent entanglement and breakage.

Now it is time to use your product. This can be an all-purpose cleaner or a product specially formulated and designed for cleaning blinds. Be sure the product is safe to use on the material of your blinds. Wood blinds will require a separate formula than vinyl or plastic blinds.

Apply the cleaning solution spray to a clean cloth and wipe each slat individually for a thorough comb-through. Just do not spray the cleaner onto your blinds, directly.

For Fabric Blinds:

If you have fabric blinds, you should take them to a dry cleaner. Wooden blinds should not be soaked in water or any other type of heavy solution. Take caution when cleaning wood blinds with a cleaner and do not let the wood get too wet.

For Metal Blinds:

Metal blinds need to be removed, taken outside, placed on a large blanket or rug, and power sprayed with a hose. Before spraying with a hose, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and scrub the planks with a cleaning brush. Then rinse thoroughly with a hose supplied with clean water. Allow them to dry for 12 hours and then replace them back to their original spot.

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