The Easy Way to Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

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Wallpaper removal doesn’t have to be a frustrating and tedious experience. The right tools coupled with the right knowledge can make wallpaper stripping easy and fast! Preparation is key, and understanding how to manage potential obstacles can save you a lot of time and trouble. Continue reading to learn the most efficient and easy way to remove wallpaper, and avoid the hassle that so many face with this type of project.

Wallpaper Stripping Tools and Supplies

First, you will need supplies. Having the right tools and supplies on hand makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and time. You never want to get caught-up halfway through a project and run out of supplies. For easy wallpaper removal, you will need the following tools and supplies:

• Rubber Gloves
• Protective Eye Goggles
• Ladder/Step Stool
• Bucket
• 2 Gallons Warm Water
• Utility Knife
• 3”- 6” Broad Knife
• Wallpaper Stripper Solution (Or Fabric Softener!)
• Wallpaper Removing Cloth
• Serrated Paper Scoring Tool
• Drop Cloths/Plastic Tarps

Next, prepare the wallpaper solution in the bucket by mixing the warm water with either the stripping solution or fabric softener, whichever you choose. Once this solution is ready, you will need to test a small area of the wallpaper to see what you’re dealing with, since you might not know just how many layers of paper there are underneath the top layer.

Wallpaper Stripping

Wallpaper Stripping

Do this by taking the utility knife and cutting a vertical seam. Keeping your hand firm alongside the seam, attempt to pull the wallpaper downwards to see if it simply comes off into strips. It if does, it is strippable wallpaper and your job just got easier. If not, check to see if there are multiple layers, which only indicate your job will take a bit longer, and test a small section with the mixed solution to see if it’s damaging to the wall. If it seems to work, go ahead and continue with the next steps!

Cover the floors with drop cloths in the areas you intend to work before getting started. Soak the wallpaper removing cloth in the solution and apply it in large sections. Then allow the solution to penetrate for at least 20 minutes. Once this time has passed, use your serrated tool to score the wallpaper in circular motions, followed by scraping with the broad knife and peeling with your hands. Repeat this process until all sections of wallpaper are removed, using more solution as needed.

For large-scale projects, or home remodels, it is more cost effective and efficient to hire a general contractor for help. They retain the proper teams, tools, and training to effectively remove wallpaper without damaging the walls.

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