Tips for Choosing an Interior Paint Color

If you’ve been there before, you know that choosing an interior paint color can take an obscene amount of time. But it really doesn’t have to anymore! By learning a few short-cut strategies for choosing the perfect paint color, you can cut your selection process time in half. And with these helpful tips, you can also say good-bye to paint color “trial and error” from now on!

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Short-Cuts to Picking a Paint Color

Whether for your home, office, bedroom, foyer, or kitchen, you want to come back from your local home improvement store with the perfect paint color; a color that will deliver the look and feel you’ve envisioned for your space. But in order to do this efficiently, you will need to learn some useful shortcuts for selecting a paint color. Below are some tips for achieving this.

Consider the “Mood” of the Room

Start by considering the type of mood you envision for your room. If you are looking for a restful, serene ambience for your living room, consider choosing softer tones like blues, grays, and taupes. But if you want a more vibrant feel for your kitchen or playroom, you might do well to consider bright tones like yellows and reds. By defining the mood first, you instantly narrow down the selection of paint colors for your room. But be sure to also consider lighting when making your selection.

Find Details in Décor

Use the details you find in the surrounding décor to help you match a proper paint color. Perhaps you have a favorite painting or eye-catching bookcase, or maybe an area rug or vase collection? Use these favored items or focal points to help you decide on a palette for the room.

Match Your Furniture

If your interior space is already furnished, use the color schemes and textures of your furniture to help you find the right paint color for the walls and trim. However, if your space is not yet furnished, the best tips for choosing a paint color is to hold off! Wait until you have chosen your furnishing so that you can use them to narrow down your pain selections.

Test Your Color

Always test your paint color once you have chosen it. Take a small test sample home first, and then test it on a small corner or area of your space. Allow it to dry completely to achieve its true color, and then see how it looks with the surroundings. Generally, home improvement stores sell samples for a few dollars, while others might offer it for free.

Trust a Pro

For professional results, choose a licensed painting contractor to paint your home or office. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to provide professional-level results in a convenient time-frame. This is the best route for busy homeowners who want reliable results!

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