Various Types of Ladders and Their Functions

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Ladders are specially-designed for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Ladders can be found for docks, swimming pools, orchards, libraries, warehouses, fire escapes, roofs, attics, lofts, tree houses, scaffolding, and much more. But before visiting your local home improvement store at purchasing a ladder of your own, it is important to decipher the differences among them all in order to choose the right apparatus for the particular project on your to-do list.

Continue reading to learn about the various types of ladders and their functions, and which one you’ll need to accomplish your task at hand, safely and conveniently.

Step Stools

Step stools are common household ladder used to reach things like, high shelves, and other “just out of reach” places around the house. They are small and low to the ground, usually consisting of only three or four steps on one side and support legs on the other. And they are generally retractable or foldable, making it easy to store away home. Step stools are reasonably-priced and to any local home improvement or home goods store.

Step Ladders

As the most commonly used ladders in the industry, you probably already own or have used a step ladder. Step ladders are popular because they are self-supporting, and do not need to be placed against a stable structure to stay upright. They are also moderately-sized city are easy to store and move around. There are two primary types of stepladders on the market, single-sided and double-sided stepladders. Single-sided stepladders have steps on one side and support legs on the other side. Double-sided stepladders have steps on both sides, allowing you to climb up either way.

Extension Ladders

In contrast to stepladders, extension ladders (or straight ladders) need to be placed against a stable structure for support. Also very common, extension ladders are popular because they extend and can be used at great heights. An extension ladders made up of two parts, the base, which should always be firmly planted on the ground, and the fly, which is the extendable part.

Platform Ladders

Platform ladders are front-climbing extendable ladders that have a flat platform as the very top step. These ladders are commonly used for home improvement or construction work where tools and supplies are needed at great heights, such as painting and drywall. These letters are popular in applications such as this because they provide more stability and comfort, and allows you to work with both hands at great heights.

Telescope Ladders

Telescope ladders are similar to extension ladders because they are designed to slide in and out to adjust to various sizes. Overlapping sections of the ladder allow you to adjust it in size with an easy sliding motion. They can extend great heights and compact small sizes, making it easy to transport and store. There variety of telescope ladders available on the market, ranging in brand, price, quality, and design.

Multi-Purpose Ladders

If a ladder retains two or more functions of the above-mentioned ladders, it is considered an multipurpose ladder. The most common type of multipurpose ladder is the type that opens up and supports itself on the ground, with stairs on both sides, and a platform as the top step. This combines the functions of an extension ladder, step ladder, platform ladder, and a step stool.

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