Vital Forklift Safety Tips

Whether in a big box store or a construction zone, forklifts are common machines used to lift heavy items, palettes, materials, and more. But without proper training, knowledge, and discipline, operating a forklift can be very dangerous, to both the operator and surrounding peers.

Since there are various vocations and job positions that require forklift knowledge and operation, it is a standard certification sought out within the workforce. If you work with forklifts regularly, or have a staff under your supervision who does, it is vital to ensure that the proper, industry-standard forklift operation safety practices are upheld at all times to prevent serious accidents and injuries.

Continue reading to review the top safety tips you should know and practice when operating a forklift; then share this knowledge with your fellow teams.

Indianapolis Building Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Building Contractors 317-454-3612

✨ Forklift Safety Training

The most fundamental safety tip for operating a forklift is to have the proper training and certification. Anyone who has not undergone official forklift safety training should not be permitted to operate a forklift under any circumstances. Whether gas, electric, 3-wheeled, or rough-terrain, forklifts are serious machinery and they require acute knowledge on operation and safety. We recommend to visit for details on earning your forklift certification in Indiana.

✨ Forklift Inspections

Forklifts, like all pieces of powered machinery, require regular inspections and routine maintenance in order to ensure they are in good condition. Aside from regular inspections, forklift operators should make it a habit to always perform a brief assessment of the machine before each use. Check the brakes, steering, lights, signals, tires, and more, to determine if the forklift is ready or not.

✨ Forklift Operation

When operating a forklift, there are several safety rules to adhere to. Some of the most important are the ones that are often overlooked. For instance, always be sure to maintain a safe speed when driving a forklift. Although they seem slow, it is easy to lose control in a small space. Additionally, it is important to wear the proper gear and clothing when operating a forklift, including eye goggles, work boots, hard hats, reflective vests, and more.

✨ Forklift Load

If a load is not fully-secured or stable, it can cause a wide range of serious accidents and injuries. Can you imagine if a palate of timber fell on top of someone? So it is vital to ensure that all cargo is secured and balanced on the forklift before operating it further. Check on the weight distribution and levelness to avoid topping, falls, spills, and more.

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