General Maintenance Tips for Laminate Floors

Laminate Floor Repair and Installation 317-454-3612

Laminate Floor Repair and Installation 317-454-3612

Laminate flooring is becoming a very popular choice for home and property owners all across the nation. They come in various designs, colors, shapes, and motifs. This alone can explain why laminate floors are so trendy these days; but there are several more benefits to laminate flooring. Laminate floors are easy to clean, require little maintenance, and can last a very long time.

Furthermore, they are sealed and layered with a protective coating made from innovative polymers. This polymer coating makes laminate floors resistant to stains and other common damages; so property owners need only implement a light amount of maintenance and care to keep their laminate floors unblemished and brilliantly gleaming, year after year.

Although laminate floor care is simple and easy, the required cleaning and maintenance process differ from standard flooring maintenance. The standard mop and bucket approach is not to go to strategy for laminate floors. Continue reading to review a few professional tips for laminate floor cleaning and general maintenance.

Daily Care

Routine cleaning for laminate floors is important in order to maintain their brilliance and shine. Because they are very dense and do not have pores on the surface of their floorboards, laminate flooring doesn’t accumulate large amounts of dust and debris. However, they do require regular dry mopping or sweeping in order to remove any leftover or accumulated dust particles. Gentle vacuuming is also an acceptable means of cleaning laminate floors. These tasks shines the floors and eliminates any potential long-term damage.

Routine Care

Laminate Floor Repair and Installation 317-454-3612

Laminate Floor Repair and Installation 317-454-3612

Laminate floors also require additional maintenance and care every so often. For properties with heavy traffic, or during seasons with wet or messy weather conditions, laminate flooring needs a more comprehensive approach to cleaning and care. Using a semi-wet mop or manually wiping with a warm damp cloth can eliminate packed-on dirt, dust, and grime with ease. Eliminate pet dander, shoot friends, watermarks, and more.

Spills and Accidents

No matter how much you try to protect your laminate flooring, accidents are bound to happen. Properties that house or have children, care for animals, or serves food will definitely have more spills and accidents than standard properties. However, even standard properties will have the occasional spill or mishap every once in a while. There’s never a need to worry when this happens, because laminate floors are durable and resilient to stains. When a spill happens, quickly grab paper napkins and soak up all of the liquid entirely. Next, use a warm damp towel to gently scrub or wipe away the area. For accidents, standard laminate floor cleaners are safe and effective.

Preventative Maintenance

Along with regular care and cleaning, laminate flooring needs to be protected from any potential or future damages. There are plenty of preventative measures a professional or property owner can take in order to stop damages from happening. There are also mistakes to avoid when it comes to laminate floor.


Never use wet mops or water.
Do not wax or stain them.
Always use floor mats and area rugs in high traffic areas.
Maintain proper indoor air climate and humidity levels.
Do not use chemicals, detergent, soap, bleach, or harsh cleaning solutions.
Install rollers on furniture legs and bases.
Call a professional for laminate floor repair and installation.

Laminate Floor Repair and Installation

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