Suggested Home Remodeling Ideas for New Puppies

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Whether it is something you’ve wanted for a long time but you never had the right space, or you’ve finally given in to your kids’ incessant requests for a pet, adding a puppy to your household calls for some serious preparation. Not only do you need to set up and delegate a care plan among your family, you need to think about puppy-proofing the home. This is necessary for both the puppy and the structural integrity of your home. Continue reading to learn some remodeling ideas to consider when bringing home a new puppy.

Install a Doggy Door

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to install a doggy door in your home. You can teach a dog to tap at doors when they need out, but this tapping often leads to scratching, which leaves behind scrapes, marks, and other structural damages to the wall or door. Not only does a doggy door deter this action, it allows a puppy to freely let themselves out when they need to go, all without disrupting you or waking you up in the middle of the night for a potty break. It is simple to train a dog to use a doggy door, especially when they are still young. It requires professional installation, so be sure to use a trusted handyman for the job.

Replace Carpets with Laminate Flooring

Carpets retain stains, odors, dander, and more. With a new puppy around, it is wiser to replace carpets with something that is easier to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to higher-end materials like hardwood, and it is low maintenance. It comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, textures, and styles, so finding a match for your home would be simple. To avoid pet messes, unraveled carpet fibers, lingering stains, and more, replace carpets with laminate before you bring home your new pup.

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