Three Reasons Why SPF Roofing is a Disappointment

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Many thermal roofing enthusiasts, manufacturers, and resellers will argue that sprayed polyurethane foam roofs are a misunderstood and beneficial commodity. They will insist that SPF roofing materials are safe, long-lasting, and require very little maintenance. In some cases, this could absolutely be true, so long as all the variables and external conditions are just right; but when does that ever really happen? In real life, properties need real solutions for roof installation, protection, and repair. Although SPF roofing is widely recognized and esteemed for its low-cost and quick installation qualities, keep in mind that cheaper and faster does not always mean better, especially in the long-run.

Continue reading to learn the truth about sprayed polyurethane foam roofing and suggestions for trusted roofing alternatives that work for everyone.

SPF Roofing Disadvantages

There are three principle parts involved in SPF roof application: the roof deck or substrate, the layer of sprayed polyurethane foam, and the top coat. When it comes to low-slope roofs, many experts do not recommend SPF roofing for the following reasons, and more:

Poor Drainage and Insulation

SPF roofing is applied by hand, so it is not easy to do. It takes years of practice to learn how to apply it uniformly. For this reason, many SPF applications are not evenly administered, leading to insufficient insulation, uneven layers, and water-collecting trenches. Poor insulation is a catalyst for several other home and property issues, mainly involving excessive energy consumption and increased utility bills. And a low-slope roof that cannot drain properly is a big problem to have as well. Water accumulation on roofs causes several structural damages and long-term wear and tear.

Safety Concern

The application and installation process of sprayed polyurethane foam roofing releases several fumes into the atmosphere, including its main ingredient, isocyanate. These chemicals implicate the well-being of humans, pets, wildlife, and the surrounding Eco-system. Because of this potential threat, strict OHSHA guidelines must be followed during the application process.

Time Restriction

Although SPF roofing is known for its quick installation times, there is only a limited time-frame in which the application process can proceed. Weather conditions have to be just right for the project to take place, like on a day that’s dry, warm, and no wind. This is because of the strict and stringent installation specifications that must be followed by all contractors and roofers. This type of roofing material can only be sprayed when the humidity and climate permits. Not only can moisture cause the foam to not adhere properly, high levels of heat or humidity can cause a blistering-effect in the surface if the roof.

A fantastic alternative to SPF roofing is rubber roofing. There are several benefits of rubber roofs for both commercial and residential properties. Ask your local roofer for advice about rubber roofing services and products.

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