3 Ways to Safely Remove a Broken Light Bulb

Incandescent light bulbs are surely an unparalleled commodity within any residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, they have a steadfast tendency to shatter within the fixtures. As a result, many fingers and hands get sliced open upon repeated, anxious attempts to untwist a broken light bulb’s threaded base from its socket. Fortunately, there are ways to safely remove a broken incandescent light bulb from its fixture. You can use needle nose pliers, a commercial bulb extractor, or even a raw potato.

Continue reading to learn all three methods, including who you can call for professional handyman services when your property’s lighting systems need an upgrade or repair.

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Indianapolis Handyman and Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Broken Light Bulb Removal Hacks

Regardless of which method you choose to remove a broken light bulb from its fixture, be sure to always begin by turning off the electricity to the outlet you’re working with. Many victims have been electrocuted during such attempts. So, be sure to protect yourself from this very possible danger by simply cutting the electricity before getting started. If you’re working with a lamp, simply unplug it from the outlet. If you’re working directly from an outlet, you’ll need to switch the fuse to cut the electricity temporarily.

❶ The Needle-Nose Pliers Method

Got a set of needle nose pliers on hand? If so, try these first when you have a broken light bulb to detach. Simply grab the metal rim of the light bulb’s threaded base with the needle-nose pliers, and then gently twist in the left direction. If you can’t seem to get a good enough grip with the pliers, try bending the rim in words just slightly. Otherwise, move on to another method.

❷ The Raw Potato Method

If you have some raw potatoes in the pantry, you can use one to safely unscrew a shattered light bulb from its fixture. Simply slice your potato in half longways, then patted dry with paper towel. Then, just push the cut side of the potato down on top of the broken light bulb, and after you have good insertion, twist to the left to unscrew the bulb from its base. This is a great method, just be sure to throw the potato in the trash so that no one eats it when you’re done.

❸ The Commercial Bulb Extractor Method

If these two methods don’t work, opt for a set of commercial bulb extractors. They’re basically a specialized set of pliers that are specifically used to extract shattered light bulbs, or just hard-to-remove light bulbs, from lighting systems. You can purchase a commercial broken bulb extractor online or at your local home improvement store. They are utilized in the same way as needle-nose pliers, but they come with the rubber tips that provide better grip.

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