3 Ways to Safely Remove a Broken Light Bulb

Incandescent light bulbs are surely an unparalleled commodity within any residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, they have a steadfast tendency to shatter within the fixtures. As a result, many fingers and hands get sliced open upon repeated, anxious attempts to untwist a broken light bulb’s threaded base from its socket. Fortunately, there are ways to safely remove a broken incandescent light bulb from its fixture. You can use needle nose pliers, a commercial bulb extractor, or even a raw potato.

Continue reading to learn all three methods, including who you can call for professional handyman services when your property’s lighting systems need an upgrade or repair.

Indianapolis Handyman and Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Handyman and Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Broken Light Bulb Removal Hacks

Regardless of which method you choose to remove a broken light bulb from its fixture, be sure to always begin by turning off the electricity to the outlet you’re working with. Many victims have been electrocuted during such attempts. So, be sure to protect yourself from this very possible danger by simply cutting the electricity before getting started. If you’re working with a lamp, simply unplug it from the outlet. If you’re working directly from an outlet, you’ll need to switch the fuse to cut the electricity temporarily.

❶ The Needle-Nose Pliers Method

Got a set of needle nose pliers on hand? If so, try these first when you have a broken light bulb to detach. Simply grab the metal rim of the light bulb’s threaded base with the needle-nose pliers, and then gently twist in the left direction. If you can’t seem to get a good enough grip with the pliers, try bending the rim in words just slightly. Otherwise, move on to another method.

❷ The Raw Potato Method

If you have some raw potatoes in the pantry, you can use one to safely unscrew a shattered light bulb from its fixture. Simply slice your potato in half longways, then patted dry with paper towel. Then, just push the cut side of the potato down on top of the broken light bulb, and after you have good insertion, twist to the left to unscrew the bulb from its base. This is a great method, just be sure to throw the potato in the trash so that no one eats it when you’re done.

❸ The Commercial Bulb Extractor Method

If these two methods don’t work, opt for a set of commercial bulb extractors. They’re basically a specialized set of pliers that are specifically used to extract shattered light bulbs, or just hard-to-remove light bulbs, from lighting systems. You can purchase a commercial broken bulb extractor online or at your local home improvement store. They are utilized in the same way as needle-nose pliers, but they come with the rubber tips that provide better grip.

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How to Properly Maintain a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The bathroom exhaust vent fan requires annual maintenance to increase its performance value and lifespan. It is used for removing excess moisture in the air after a hot shower or bath. If never removed, this moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth, which is simultaneously dangerous to our health and destructive for our homes. Continue reading to learn how to properly clean and maintain bathroom exhaust vent fans.

Indianapolis Handyman Service 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Handyman Service 317-454-3612

How They Operate

Bathroom exhaust fans are powerful enough to exhaust nearly two million cubic feet of air per year if turned on for one hour each day! They draw air from the bathroom and vent it outside. As the vent draws air in, other airborne particles come with it, like dust, dander, and debris. These particles accumulate on the outer grid cover and fan motor, reducing performance value and efficiency. Both of these areas must be cleaned in order to maintain an operational bathroom exhaust vent. Dust and debris should be wiped clear every six months to a year, depending on the size of a bathroom and the number of occupants in a home.

How to Clean the Bathroom Exhaust Vent:

▥ To get started, you will need a vacuum with a brush attachment, a step stool, and a towel. The first step begins at the circuit breaker box. Be sure to flip the fuse to the bathroom fan so it has no power. This will eliminate electrocution accidents and injuries.

▥ Next, use your step stool to get in arms reach of the vent. Most are located on the ceiling, but some may be on the side of a wall, right beneath the ceiling.

▥ Slowly pull the grid cover to the vent down until it is a few inches from the ceiling. At this point, you will be able to see metal spring clips on each side of the grid cover. Press them together simultaneously and release them from their slots in the fan housing, then remove the cover from the ceiling entirely.

▥ Place the vent cover on the towel and vacuum it clean with your brush attachment. You may also use paper towel and mild cleaning solution to wipe it clean after vacuuming. Do this for both sides.

▥ Next, using your brush attachment, gently vacuum the fan housing and blower motor. You can choose to use the crevice tool vacuum attachment to reach deeper, harder-to-reach spots.

▥ Now you are ready to attach the cover back to the ceiling and exposed fan housing. To do this, hold the vent cover while pressing together both metal spring clips. Slip the clips back into their slots inside the fan housing. Gently push the cover back onto the ceiling.

▥ For larger-scale plumbing maintenance and handyman needs, contact a qualified general contractor who specializes in residential and commercial plumbing work. They can provide professional and affordable plumbing services for homes, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, and much more.

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Home Remodeling

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Tips for DIY Garage Door Repairs

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Garage doors are important components for properties. Not only do they play a role in the aesthetic appeal of a home, they also serve a valuable and useful purpose. Once we get accustomed to having a garage with an operational garage door, it is very frustrating to experience problems with them just as you need them most. When you have trouble with the function or operation of your automatic garage door, considering trying out a few DIY methods to garage door repair, or contact a local handyman
for professional advice and assistance.

Continue reading to learn a few tips and tricks for solving garage door problems on your own, and when to know it’s time to hire a professional garage door repair service.

Automatic Garage Doors

Overtime, natural wear and tear will deteriorate or corrode garage door systems. This is especially true for regions of the country that experience higher levels of precipitation and longer periods of winter climates. Garage doors should be replaced every ten or fifteen years, give or take, depending on the factors mentioned above. For garage doors that begin to show signs of complications, prompt intervention is necessary in order to prevent the need for costly garage door replacements. Here are a few common signs that a garage door is experiencing trouble:

• Failure to Open
• Squeaking
• Rattling, Vibrating, Shaking
• Rusted Hinges
• Rusted Metal
• Discoloration
• Broken Tracks
• Loud Noises
• Crunching or Cracking Sounds
• And More

When any of these signs, or others, are evident in your garage door, consider trying out a few do-it-yourself methods to fix the areas that show deterioration or trouble. Here’s some tips and tricks to try out for yourself:

Check the Garage Door Opener

One of the biggest overlooked quick-fixes to broken garage doors is dead batteries. If your door simply will not open, it may not be the door at all, but the opener instead. If this is your issue, try replacing the batteries in the garage door opener first, before moving on to anything else. Most of the time, this is the needed repair, and it’s an easy one!

Check the Metal Tracks and Mounting Brackets

Once you have eliminated the possibility of having a dead battery issue on your hands, start by checking the metal tracks and mounting brackets for your garage door. First shut the garage if you can, then see if the tracks and brackets are loose, and tighten them if they need it. Also, check for dents in these areas and flatten them out with a rubber mallet. Use a level to see if they are even and aligned. Alignment for tracks and brackets is vital to the proper operation of an automatic garage door. Use a rubber mallet to lower or realign them. You may also lubricate them for better functionality. If the tracks and mounting brackets seem beyond repair, it is strongly encouraged to contact a local garage door repair contractor or handyman for parts replacement services and assistance.

Sometimes, a garage door needs to be repaired by a professional handyman or general contractor. They retain the proper training, tools, resources, and experience to effectively implement the proper repairs and replacements necessary. Do not attempt any DIY garage door repair if you are not 100% comfortable and confident. Professional assistance is only a phone call away!

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