How to Remove Furr Down Over Kitchen Cabinets

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If you are currently knee-deep into a kitchen remodel, or even in the planning stages, then you have probably heard a thing or two about kitchen cabinet furr downs. “Furr down” is simply the enclosed area that sits between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets. It looks like it is part of the cabinet system or wall, but it is in fact a hollow, enclosed area that serves no purpose in modern interior design. This is why so many homeowners choose to remove furr downs; it gives kitchens a more open and brighter feel. If you are interesting in learning more, continue reading for a brief introduction to removing furr downs over kitchen cabinets.

The Run Down on Furr Downs

It is not always a good idea to remove furr downs. That is because you are never entirely sure what lies behind them. Sometimes you get a blank wall space, and other times you get exposed plumbing, duct work, and electrical wires. To avoid surprises, it is best to contact a licensed general contractor for professional advice and assistance. Otherwise, the only other way of finding out is to open it up.

Furr Down Removal Tips

⚒ Use a utility knife to cut the caulk lines along the areas of trim that bond the joints with the cabinets and ceiling. Softly pry off the trim to expose the seams. Furr downs made of plywood are much easier to pry off. Furr downs that are covered in drywall are more difficult to remove (and messier).

⚒ If there is no exposed plumbing or wiring, you can go ahead and remove the framing that supports the furr down.

⚒ Procure and install matching crown molding in the newly exposed space if the rest of your kitchen has crown molding. Use butt joints for precise cohesion between new and old crown molding.

⚒ Many homeowners with kitchen crown molding also choose to install trim along the top edge of the cabinets.

⚒ If there is no wiring or plumbing, but a vent exposed under the furr down, hire a general contractor to install an enclosed and painted plywood box around it. Then install crown molding above to blend it with the rest of the wall.

⚒ If you have a textured ceiling but there are left over flat spots from the installation process, use a small paint brush and ceiling paint to stifle the flat areas and blend them into the rest of the ceiling.

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