Tips for Cleaning Concrete Counters

Everywhere traditional countertops are installed, concrete can be used in its place. Decorative concrete countertops are increasingly becoming a more popular alternative for kitchens, bars, bathrooms, garages, restaurants, salons, factories, and more. Whether you are just considering a concrete countertop addition, or have already had your concrete countertops installed, you need to know how to clean and care for them to protect your investment and prolong your enjoyment!

Continue reading to learn some important and helpful tips for cleaning decorative concrete countertops.

Indianapolis Concrete Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Concrete Contractors 317-454-3612

Benefits of Concrete Countertops

Decorative concrete countertops are highly admired for their plethora of unique qualities and benefits. Not only are the incredibly durable and long-lasting, they are resistant to heat, stains, scratches, fading, and discoloration. But the number one reason why so many people are opting for decorative concrete countertops over traditional materials is the cost-effectiveness and quality ratios they offer. Decorative concrete countertops can be customized to mimic any kind of texture, material, color, or pattern, including higher end materials. And compared to higher end materials, like marble and granite, concrete is much cheaper, easier to install, and easier to maintain.

Maintenance for Concrete Counters

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, there is really no difference. Concrete counters can be cleaned much in the same way as standard vinyl or laminate ones. Daily cleaning should simply involve warm water and mild dish washing liquid. Just be sure to use a soft washcloth or rag, and not a wire mesh pad or anything equally abrasive. You also want to avoid harsh soaps and cleaners. These can remove your sealant and leave behind scratches. You can also use store-bought cleansing cloths that are marked safe for concrete counters.

Some professionals recommend a routine waxing for period concrete countertop maintenance. Once a month, add a new layer of wax to ensure its level of resistance to heat, staining, scratches, and more. The proper method for waxing your concrete countertops will vary depending on several factors, so it is important to discuss these individual needs with your Indianapolis concrete contractor.

Indianapolis Concrete Contractors

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