Bathroom Ceiling Heaters are Perfect for Winter

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The winter season is just about here, and it is the perfect time to consider some home renovations that can make it that much more enjoyable. One of the most common winter frustrations is the effects of colder temperatures on a home. One area in particular that seems to always be so cold in the morning and evening hours is the bathroom. Cold tile floors, chilly toilet seats, and frigid shower stalls are all but inviting when it comes times to start or end the day. One way around this annual hassle is bathroom ceiling heaters.

Continue reading to learn more about bathroom ceiling heating and how they can make bath time so much more comfortable in winter.

Bathroom Heating

There are more than one benefits of bathroom ceiling heaters. Not only will they warm up a bathroom to a perfect level of coziness and comfort, the sustained warmth will also thwart moisture accumulation which prevents mold and mildew growth. It is important to make sure a bathroom is properly ventilated before installing a ceiling heater. Most bathrooms are ventilated enough, but a few will require some additional ventilation in conjunction with a ceiling heater. Fortunately, for poorly-ventilated bathrooms, many bathroom ceiling heaters come with ventilation fans.

Another area to consider aside from ventilation is the size of your bathroom. The size of your bathroom will directly influence the size and power of the heater you need. Larger bathrooms require more heat, while smaller ones require very little to warm them up. The recommended formula for determining the size heater you need for your bathroom is an easy one. For every square foot of your bathroom, you will need at least 10 watts of power. But for bathrooms that have no additional heating, the wattage should increase by five or ten. So if your bathroom is 200 square feet, you can expect to purchase a ceiling heater that provides at least 2000 watts of power to sufficiently heat it.

Aside from size, wattage power, and ventilation, it is important to consider the times of day you intend to use the heater and bathroom the most. This will influence the type of heater you buy in terms of how fast it can heat up a space. High-powered ceiling heaters, and ones that come with ventilation fans in them work faster to heat up. For example, if you want your bathroom to be heated the entire day, you will need a certain make and model bathroom ceiling heater that is designed to do so; whereas, if you prefer a more energy-efficient means of heating, you will need a heater that can be turned on and off on-demand.

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