How to Remodel a Home Without Remodeling at All

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If you wish to upgrade or enhance the look of your home, but can’t afford the money and time an actual remodel requires, there are some easy and affordable alternatives you may want to consider instead! Although home remodeling is a lucrative investment that increases property value, and subsequently, re-sale value, not every homeowner is ready for such an overhaul.

For those who want a change but are not quite ready for a renovation, there are smaller but equally impactful changes you can make without wasting a bunch of personal time or putting a huge dent in the bank account. These ideas are inexpensive and can be done all on your own, even in just one day or over a weekend. Continue reading to learn some quick, simple, and effective ways to give your home the facelift you’ve been dreaming about.

Start with Fixtures and Accessories

Small household fixtures and accessories can quickly go out of date if you aren’t paying attention. Although they seem to get the job done and not cause any problems, changing them out can drastically change the look and feel of any room in your home. These small exchanges are not only inexpensive and easily done on your own, they provide an instantaneous upgrade! Simply visit your local hardware store or home goods store for great deals on household fixtures and decor. Here are some examples of fixtures you want to consider swapping out for newer, more modern look:

Light Switch and Outlet Covers – Get fancier with some chrome or wood-grain light switch and outlet covers. They come in endless styles, designs, and colors, so you are bound to find something you like! They cost around $3 to $4 per plate, so be sure you buy enough for the entire room or home. Definitely consider this upgrade if you still have pale-yellow or white outlet and light switch covers!

Faucets – A simple faucet upgrade can go a long way. And faucets, so long as you are not replacing the entire sink basin, are inexpensive and come in great new designs. Expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $120 for a new kitchen or bathroom faucet. The enhancement they provide is worth the extra little expense, and much cheaper than a full remodel.

Handles and Rack Bars – For bathrooms that have towel racks, hangers, bars, and other wall accessories, a quick swap for newer, modern-looking accessories will do wonders for your home. Choose a new theme, color, or design and instantly change the look of your bathroom. These fixtures, depending on quality and designer, can range in price from $10 to $50.

Rugs and Mats – There are so many fresh new designs and colors of home rugs, mats, and runners. A simple change of carpeting can change the entire feel of a room. Replace old, outdated, or dirty kitchen, dining room, and bathroom rugs to freshen up the feel and change around the design theme of a room! These items are inexpensive, but keep in mind that better-quality rugs and mats last longer and withstand wear and tear better. So don’t skimp in this area, but remember that it is still cheaper and easier than a full remodel!

Décor – Certain décor can not only enhance the look and theme of your home’s design, it can play a more technical role. For example, strategically placing a large mirror in certain areas of a room can give the illusion of a more open space. If you have a room or hallway that you wish you could open up a bit more, try buying an extra-large mirror and hanging it adjacent to the closed wall. This will give the room a more open look and feel instantly!

Other décor changes to consider include curtains, pillow, and blankets. You can buy new throw pillows and blankets for couches and chairs. And even better, you can match them to the new rugs and mats you purchase too! You can change the look of any room with some simple blanket and pillow swapping. Consider this for the bedroom too! The same idea goes for curtains. Curtains go out of style quickly, so changing them can greatly update your home’s design for a great price.

You can also consider changing out lamps, picture frames, and miscellaneous décor (i.e. ornaments, vases, faux flowers, decorative signs, etc.) for some simple and quick changes. All of these ideas can be done all on your own, maybe with some help from the rest of the family, and all within a reasonable budget!

Take it a Step Further

One of the most impactful changes you can make to a room or interior part of a home is paint. Nothing says fresh and new like a new coat of paint or a change in paint color. And with the new advancements in the paint industry, you can achieve professional results from just one paint and primer in one! So long as you do a little pre-planning and research some DIY painting tips, you can change one wall or several walls to a new color, giving your home a new look instantly.

Even if you are looking to remodel on a budget, it may still be worth your while to talk to a licensed general contractor about potential remodels that could be quick and easy to do with professional help. There may be some changes you can make to your home that are not as tedious and expensive as you think. A general contractor can discuss home remodeling options for your property that fit within your personal budget.

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