How to Remodel the Home for Elderly Parents

Whether your parents or your grandparents, as they age your elderly loved ones need a few home modifications to make the transition into their senior years safer and more comfortable. Continue reading to learn the top recommended home remodels and modifications for elderly and even disabled loved ones.

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Start With the Simple Stuff

There are little things around the house that can pose problems for or slow down your aging parents or grandparents. For instance, consider changing out your doorknobs to L-handles for easier gripping, grasping, and turning. Due to loss of dexterity and health conditions like arthritis, doorknobs and the twisting motion they require are sometimes too difficult to use for aging citizens. Another simple modification could be censored or automatic lighting so that your elderly loved ones do not have to fumble with light switches while also trying to use walkers, canes, wheelchairs, or grab bars.

Grab Bars and Handrails

As we age, we tend to lose our strength and mobility becomes more difficult. For this reason, it is highly recommended to install grab bars and handrails wherever necessary to assist your elderly loved ones as they get around the house. It is also recommended to put chairs or stools at the top and bottom of steps to allow them to take a rest after climbing or descending them.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for your elderly loved one if it is not equipped for their safety. In addition to installing the proper grab bars and handrails for showers and baths, you should also consider putting a corner seat in the shower as well. Other inclusions could be shower want attachments and a nonslip bathmat.

Doorway Width and Light Switch Plates

In the case that your elderly loved one will use a walker or wheelchair, it is recommended to increase the width of all doorways to at least 36 inches. For wheelchairs in particular, is recommended to increase the door with to 48 inches. In addition to increasing doorway with, you might want to also consider lowering your light switch plates for easier access.

Pull Down Shelving

There is a very useful and even stylish addition is known as pull-down and pull-out shelving. This type of shelving system allows those in wheelchairs or those with mobility issues to easily access the higher shelves of cabinets in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Pull-down shelves are used for the higher up shelves, while pull-out shelving systems are used for the lower cabinet areas.

Slip-Free Applications for the Kitchen

In the kitchen, a lot of cooking and cleaning and walking in from the garage and outdoor areas takes place. For this reason, the kitchen is often a slippery area. One home modification that is very important for the aging community is slip mitigation. Consider installing low pile carpeting in the kitchen or even slip roof tile for a safer kitchen experience.

When you are ready to make these important home remodeling modifications to your home or your parent’s home, contact Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable home renovation services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve commercial clients, too.

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Is Your Home Properly Insulated for Winter?

All structures need proper insulation to prevent outside air from penetrating within, and inside air from escaping. This is necessary for both cold and warm seasons. One of the first questions to ask yourself as a homeowner is whether or not your property has enough insulation. Continue reading to learn how insulation is used, the different types available, and who to call for help with improving yours.

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Indianapolis Insulation Installers 317-454-3612

Benefiting From Good Home Insulation

As far as checking to see if you have enough insulation, simply look across your attic and check if you can see the floor beams. If you can, then your home could probably use a little more insulation. There are several benefits for having a properly insulated home; like reduced energy costs and consumption, lower monthly utility bills, enhanced moisture control, even temperature distribution, and more. Insulation is like protective lining for a home. It blocks cold air or heat from entering the home, and prevents temperature-controlled air from escaping.

Attics can reach extremely high temperatures in the warmer seasons, up to 150 degrees or more! Without sufficient insulation, that heat will leave the attic area and seep into the living quarters of a home. And the opposite situation applies in winter months as well. Insulation will keep frigid air or hot air from leaving the top of the home. Keep in mind that a home’s insulation does more than just offer indoor air comfort; it also provides a sound barrier from outdoor noises and allows for the perfect moisture-level in the air so that it does not feel so dried out.

Inspecting Your Home’s Insulation

Many homeowners have mistaken the results of poor attic insulation for a broken HVAC system. The home doesn’t cool or warm properly, so they assume it’s the heating and cooling unit, when in fact, it’s the lack of insulation in their home. This is why it is imperative to have your home’s insulation inspected annually by a licensed general contractor. They retain the proper training, certifications, and knowledge to accurately diagnose your insulation problems. A trusted general contractor can save you time and money with a proper analysis. They will check the insulation as part of their inspection, and then make professional recommendations for necessary attic and wall renovations. Types of Insulation

Choosing a Type of Insulation

There are many types of insulation for a home. They are mostly made from flexible mineral fibers like fiberglass or rock wool, and come in rolls and batts, or blankets. One popular choice is cellulose insulation. It’s non-flammable so it can contribute to fire-prevention in a home. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, insects, termites, and reduces condensation. Insulation is mostly made from mineral fibers like fiberglass or rock wool.

There is also rigid-foam insulation, perfect for exterior wall sheathing, as well as, foam-in-place insulation made from polyurethane. Another form of insulation is a loose-fit version, such as the cellulose insulation, that fits well in awkward places like duct work, pipes, or attics with lots of wires. Consult your Indianapolis home renovation contractor for information and advice on which materials you should choose.

Indianapolis Residential General Contractors You Can Trust

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 when you are looking for qualified general contracting services for residential properties in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about home remodel planning, prices, and process. And don’t forget; we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition!

Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612
Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

How to Tell if Your House Has Good Resale Value

Are you taking good care of your home? Has the local community changed at all? These factors and more can influence your property’s resale value overtime. There are several ways to determine the scope of your home’s resale value, and several more ways to improve it if necessary. Making certain home improvements can certainly increase your home’s resale value, which becomes a vital aspect once it hits the market.

Continue reading to learn how to tell if your house has good resale value, and your options for improving it before you list.

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There are several methods to assess the current resale value of your home. Although it requires some market research and statistical data knowledge to put an actual dollar amount on your house, you can simply look for some common signs that can suggest it’s current sale potential. Among the infinite signs and conditions, the most portending and foretelling ones can be narrowed down to just 13.

The Signs of Good Resale Value

Your home might have good resale value if you can check “TRUE” to at least half of the following:

Curb Appeal – Your house has good curb appeal, and is well-maintained lot.

School District – Your home is located within a school district with a high rating.

Local Amenities – Your home is near amenities like shopping and restaurants.

Safe Community – Your home is in a secure community with a low crime rate.

Quiet Area – Your home is in a quiet neighborhood with minimal nuisance noise.

Beds and Baths – Your home has at least 3 bedrooms and more than 1 full bathroom.

Space – Your home is on a large lot and has a high amount of interior square footage.

Structural Integrity – Your home is in good condition and has been well-maintained.

Upgrades – Your home has been upgraded, structurally, technologically, or both.

Storage – Your home has plenty of storage space, like cabinetry, closets, and sheds.

Right Price – Your home is not the most expensive in your division or on your block.

Small Market – There are few homes for sale locally, which means less competition.

Private – Your home is located in a gated community or restricted neighborhood.

How to Improve Your Resale Value

One of the most impactful and proven ways to increase your home’s resale value is through home improvement projects and upgrades. This includes bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodels, as well as, appliance upgrades, new roofing, copper plumbing, space conversions, exterior hardscape, pergolas, underground swimming pools, and much more. Talk to a local and trusted Indianapolis general contractor for advice on how to improve your property’s value with affordable home remodeling services.

Your Trusted Indianapolis General Contractors

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable home remodeling services in Central Indiana and its surrounding areas. Our Indianapolis general contractors provide a wide range of services for both commercial and residential properties, from general handyman services and home remodels, to full-on renovations, additions, conversions, and more. Request an estimate, today!

Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612
Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Measuring Tips for an Interior Sliding Barn Door

If you are interested in adding some rustic influences to your home’s architecture, but wish to stay within a conservative budget, you might want to consider the new, emerging trend of incorporating sliding barn doors into your interior design. Crafty homeowners are perfectly capable of installing sliding barn doors all on their own, so long as they equip themselves with the proper tools and knowledge ahead of time.

If this describes you, continue reading to learn the first step to sliding barn door installation, which is proper measurement!

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Door Installation Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

Tips for Measuring a Barn Door

Whether for a closet, pantry, or laundry room, the most important focus when it comes to measuring a sliding barn door, aside from gathering precision measurements, is the amount of space above and below it, as well as, both left and right sides. Furthermore, you will a standard tape measure and a ladder or step stool to obtain your measurements.

Here are some tips that will help you correctly measure for a sliding barn door:

Be sure the space above the barn door is strong enough to support the door’s weight. We recommend a 6 inch clearance above the barn door, with a structural beam or support studs in place for sufficient support.

Be sure there is plenty of space on the side of the wall where the door will cover when opened. You do not want anything to disrupt the flow of the door, such as outlets, light switches, and thermostats.  

Be sure to measure the width of the opening and match this value with the door tracks.

Be sure to consider the bottom clearance so you can avoid a door that is too short or touches the ground after installation.

How to Measure a Sliding Barn Door

Begin the process by measuring the full width of the door opening, starting at the left edge and measuring directly across to the right edge. Measure on the outside of any moldings.

After obtaining the width of the door entrance, add 4 to 6 inches, and this will be your total door sliding distance. Take this value, and double it, to get your track measurement.

To determine the door length, measure from top to bottom. There should be a 6 inch clearance on top, from ceiling to door, and at least 1 inch clearance on bottom. Be sure to factor in the added length of the track.

✨ For those who are not so handy nor experienced in construction, it is recommended to hire a local Indianapolis general contractor to install your new home renovation, safely and securely.

Need Professional Door Installation in Indianapolis?

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 for Indianapolis home remodeling and handyman services for door repair and replacement at competitive prices. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about barn door installation services. And don’t forget; we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition!

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Learn What Restoration By L&B Can Do For You!

Restoration By L&B, LLC is a full-service remodeling and restoration company here in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a team of qualified and insured remodeling contractors, we can deliver a wide-range of construction services for residential and commercial properties, including residential and commercial remodeling, repairs, renovations, restorations, replacements, conversions, and much more! You name it, we can do it! In fact, continue below to learn everything we can do for you!

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Indianapolis General Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis General Contractor Service

We can provide all the home repair and commercial restoration services you can imagine. We can truly do it all! From bathroom remodels and plumbing repairs, to doors, windows, kitchens, finished rooms over garages (FROG’s), handicap conversions, and more, our highly trained and accomplished general contractors are fully capable of providing unlimited property remodeling and restoration services in the highest fashion.

With years of experience under our belts, there is no job, big or small, we can’t handle. Our company is strongly committed to providing exceptional quality, service, and stability for all our clients. This means you can trust that our highly qualified and experienced general contractors have your best interests in mind when it comes to your home or business restoration needs. For more information about our restoration and repair services, call 317-454-3612 and speak with a qualified Indianapolis general contractor, today.

Our Basic General Contractor Services:

  • Home Remodels
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Reconstructions
  • Handyman Repairs
  • Minor Repairs
  • Major Repairs
  • Restorations
  • Re-Piping
  • Appliance Haul-Away and Replacements
  • Carpentry Work
  • Custom Remodels
  • Drywall Repairs and Installation
  • Siding Work -Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Etc.
  • Painting- Exterior and Interior
  • Rubber Roofing Services
  • Construction Upgrades
  • Patios, Decks, Porches, Balconies, Etc.
  • Flood Cleanup and Repair
  • Water Leaks and Water Damage Repair
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Garage Conversions and “FROG’s”
  • Enlargements and Refinishing
  • Refurbishments
  • Mold Damage Removal
  • In-Home Additions
  • Space Conversions
  • Floor Repair and Installation
  • Concrete Services
  • Concrete Stamping
  • Windows and Doors – Repairs and More
  • Plumbing Services and Repairs
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Sheds, Car Ports, Tree Houses, Etc.
  • Driveways, Fences, Pool Decks, Sunrooms, Etc.
  • Handicap Conversions
  • Crown Molding, Arches, Beams, Etc.
  • In-Home Theaters, Game Rooms, Fitness Centers, Etc.
  • General Contractor Services
  • Masonite Repairs
  • Gutters
  • Written Estimates
  • Attic Remodels
  • Termite Repairs
  • Wood Rot
  • In-Home Consultations
  • And More!

Professionals You Can Trust

Here at Restoration By L&B, LLC, we also deliver several client conveniences, such as written estimates, information, DIY advice, in-home consultations, and much more. We are firmly dedicated to exceptional customer support, quality service, and skilled workmanship. When you call our office, you can expect a prompt answer, a warm greeting, professional answers, and friendly service. And when we arrive at your home, you can anticipate punctuality, professional attire, and sophisticated conduct at all times.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Estimate!

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Residential and Commercial Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

We are committed to honesty, integrity, and quality service, so you can trust you are receiving reliable and accurate industry information and advice at all times. We are happy to answer any questions you have about a particular repair or renovation project for your home, office, or complex. Call us today at 317-454-3612 to learn more about our residential and commercial remodeling and restoration services we offer in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties.

Trendy Interior Doors to Consider for Your Home Remodel

Planning a home renovation or remodel? Set yourself apart from other properties by adding in some fresh, unique, and space-saving door designs inside the home! Continue reading to learn some popular interior doors styles that are topping the residential market trends this year, as well as, who to call for expert home remodeling and general contracting services near you.

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i.e. French Accordion Doors

Although you can opt for the traditional, 4 to 6 panel door design in your home, there are several other options that may be better choices, not to mention more stylish! These new interior door options can eliminate the standard monotony found in last season property styles.

Here are 5 top-recommended door designs to consider for your upcoming home renovation:

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are doors that hide inside the wall of the door frame, and then slide open and closed. They stem from the vintage design, which was often seen in older homes due to their much smaller quarters back then. That is because pocket doors happen to be excellent space-savers, especially for small areas and rooms. And with newer, more innovative designs, they are now stylish too! From tiny bathrooms and tight hallways, to regular room-to-room entry ways, pocket doors are the perfect solution for style and space.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are fun, stylish, and best of all, useful. They appear as a standard full-sized door, but really, they are cut in half and designed to open at the top. You can choose to open just the top portion of the door, or you can open the door as a whole. These are highly recommended for interior-exterior entry ways, mud rooms, laundry rooms, and children’s rooms.

Barn Doors

Barn doors, also known as “farm” doors, are seen more and more these days, and for good reasons. Not only are they very chic and trendy, they are quite functional. They save space, much like pocket doors, but because they rest on the outside of the wall, they can also jazz up the interior of any room, even becoming a focal point! Furthermore, barn doors are easy to install, and most door way systems can fit them.

Sliding Doors

When you combine a pocket door with a barn door, you get a sliding door system. Think of your patio sliding doors; sliding doors can now be stylishly incorporated inside the home. A popular place to consider adding sliding doors is the master bathroom. You can add a trendy focal point with mahogany or glass sliding doors that separate the master bedroom from the on-suite bathroom. Sliding doors are also great for finished basements, home gyms, and sun rooms.

Bifold/Accordion Doors

Glass bifold doors and French accordion doors are similar door systems, and both very trendy options for home remodels. Glass bifold doors are designed as two vertical panels that fold into one another when you close them shut. In today’s market, these old-fashioned door systems have been updated to look stylish and serve as space savers for small areas and rooms. French accordion doors are very similar to bifold systems, but they have more panels and attach to both sides of a door frame. They are great options for master bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as, great room dividers.

Indianapolis Home Remodeling You Can Trust

Residential and Commercial Remodeling 317-454-3612
Residential and Commercial Remodeling 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional home remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are licensed general contractors who offer a wide range of residential and commercial remodeling services, including interior and exterior painting, drywall replacement, space conversions, additions, handy repairs, and more. And we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price!

The Best Low Maintenance Options for High End Kitchen Countertops

If you are on the market for some new kitchen countertops, one of the most leading decision-making aspects is budget. But another key factor you should focus on is level of maintenance. Certain materials, like marble and wood, can be high maintenance, and often require ongoing care and repair. For those who run a busy household, or use their kitchens often, high maintenance countertops are not ideal. Instead, you would be better off choosing a countertop material that is durable, long-lasting, and affordable, all in one. But which options does that leave you with? The answer is plenty!

Continue reading to learn about some highly recommended kitchen countertop options that will fit the budget and look great!

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Kitchen Counter Installation 317-454-3612

As a primary focal point of a kitchen are the countertops. And in modern, open-floor plan living, the kitchen is often the focal point of the whole main floor! For this reason, it can be tough deciding on a countertop material since you want it to look stunning, but also be easy to care for and afford. This push and pull thinking process can be frustrating unless you know where to look.

Here are some affordable and low maintenance kitchen countertop options that are brilliantly designed:

Engineered Stone

If you want a higher-end look that is easier to care for than standard marble or granite, opt for engineered stone. Also known as Quartz, engineered stone is a terrific countertop option because it is highly durable, easy to clean and maintain, and comes in a vast selection of styles and colors. Quartz is mostly manufactured from stone chips and resin, making it waterproof, stain resistant, and heat tolerant. Also, it does not require periodic sealing to maintain all of its qualities.

Solid Surfacing

Solid surfacing countertops are another material that work well for kitchens. Made from 100% polyester, this material will surprise you with its easy-to-repair qualities. Surface blemishes like scratches, nicks, and chips can all be sanded down and refinished in a matter of minutes. Although it does not retain the same level of heat and scratch resistant qualities as engineered stone, it is still a great option for busy kitchens.

In Conclusion…

Unless damaged or chipped at the edges, these two options are basically maintenance-free, other than daily cleaning and an occasional polishing. If either material is chipped at the edge, you will need a professional to repair it for you. Be sure to choose a qualified and licensed general contractor for Indianapolis kitchen remodeling services you can trust.

Call Restoration By L&B, LLC TODAY!

Residential and Commercial Remodeling 317-454-3612

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional and affordable countertop repair and installation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, provides affordable home remodeling and restoration, including a wide range of kitchen remodeling services for both residential and commercial properties. We repair, replace, and install anything and everything, all within your budget! Request an estimate, today.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold on Walls and More

Indianapolis Drywall and Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Drywall and Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Black mold is dangerous. Not to mention unsightly, disgusting, smelly, and destructive. Needless to say, black mold is a problem and should be treated and eliminated immediately upon discovery. If you have recently discovered a festering wall or other area of your home that has been consumed by black mold, it is time to take necessary action and get rid of it for good.

Although minor black mold remediation can be done on your own, large-scale projects require professional operations. Make that assessment with the help of a trained mold remediation contractor. They can determine whether or not the mold infestation is on a small scale or a large one. Sometimes the degree of mold damage is not always exposed, making it imperceptible at first or second glance.

Once you have a good idea of how extensive the black mold is in your property, you can determine whether or not you require professional services. If you can tackle the project on your own, continue reading and learn an effective method of black mold removal and remediation.

Black Mold Removal

When working with mold, it is vital to wear a respirator, or a face mask designed for mold spores, to protect yourself from potential health complications related to mold spore inhalation. All exposed skin should be covered as well. As mentioned, the first step to getting rid of black mold is to hire a professional to determine the extent of damage. If it is decided that the infestation is manageable on your own, you are ready to continue to the process.

The next place to begin is identifying the cause behind the mold growth. This might also require the help of a trained professional, perhaps a plumber or general contractor. This is because the source of mold growth could be from a water leak or appliance condensation in wall, pipes, roofs, or foundations of a property. These leaks or condensation issues need to be resolved before a mold problem can be eliminated.

When the first two steps are done, it is time to close off the affected area. Vents need to be covered, doors and windows should be tightly shut, and entries or openings need blocked off with plastic tarp and duct tape. The area must be entirely sealed to the best of your ability. Place floor fans, facing outward, in entry ways helps to push airborne spores outside.

Before starting any actual mold removal, spray the affected area and mold with water. This helps reduce the amount of airborne spores when moving them around. Using a brush or sponge, scrub the mold away with soap and warm water. Regular dish detergent is fine. Remember that not all mold spores are colored or visible, so scrub the entire area, as well as, any surrounding areas to make sure all mold is removed.

Once the area is scrubbed with warm soapy water, repeat this process, only this time, using bleach. Apply bleach to the entire area and then rinse with fresh water and a clean rag. If you do not have bleach or dislike using bleach, vinegar will do the trick as well. Or you can purchase a mold cleaning solution at the store. Discard all equipment and supplies used to clean the black mold in a large garbage bag and take it outside through an entrance other than the main entrance of the property. A garage, patio, or loading dock entrance is best.

Drywall Replacement and Painting

Once the mold is removed, you will likely need professional drywall installation and painting services to restore the areas that were affected by the mold. Be sure to choose a licensed general contractor who specializes in residential and commercial drywall and painting projects. They have the comprehensive resources to restore interior walls and foundations back to their original condition.

Choose Restoration By L&B LLC!

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable remodeling, drywall, and painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are licensed general contractors who offer a wide range of residential and commercial remodeling services, including interior and exterior painting, drywall repair, and more. Contact us today to request a professional on-site estimate. We guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price!

Is Your Home Properly Air-Sealed?

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

It is very common for homes and buildings to have hidden areas that leak air in and out. If a property isn’t effectively sealed, it has the potential to let an abundance of air escape as if a window were left wide open all day long. This escaping air and leakage can have various negative impacts on residents, guests, monthly energy costs, and indoor comfort. In most cases, energy bills increase and indoor comfort decreases.

If homeowners and proprietors are interested in saving more money annually, indoor energy efficiency is a fantastic place to start. Not only can proper home sealing prevent air leakage, it can decrease utility bills and provide a more comforting indoor atmosphere. Continue reading and learn how to determine if your home or building is properly sealed, and who to call for home remodeling and handyman service you can trust.

Residential Air Sealing

During the winter, if a person feels a cold draft indoors, it is most likely due to cracks and holes in the home’s exterior. Fortunately, there are a few easy and affordable strategies to fix air leak issues. For examples, weather stripping and caulking are fast, simple, and cost-effective methodologies to reinforce air seals and repair air leaks in residential properties. Weather stripping can be applied to windows, doors, and other access areas that open to the outside. For holes, openings, crevices, and cracks around windows and doors, caulking is the quickest and most effective solution.

Many times, homeowners are under the impression that their HVAC units are broken because the comfort level is declining inside their homes. Before making this same assumption, consider the level of insulation in your home and whether or not your windows and doors are air-tight and sealed appropriately. In order to prevent paying for a replacement or service you do not require, call a professional technician for an inspection to determine what the cause is behind your increased utility bills and decreased indoor comfort.

Indianapolis Drywall and Painting Service

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional home remodeling and renovation in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding locations. Owner, Lee Elliot, is a licensed general contractor that provides quality and affordable home remodeling services for residential and commercial properties, including drywall repair and installation, interior and exterior painting, home remodels, renovations, repairs, and much more. And we guarantee to beat any competitor’s price!

3 Tips for Soundproofing Floors

Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Flooring Contractors 317-454-3612

It doesn’t take much thought to understand why homeowners, and even commercial business owners, to want soundproof floors. For full family homes, the cumulative sounds of creaking floorboards, pattering feet, washing machines, T.V. sets, and barking pups can be heard from all levels; so soundproof flooring would certainly provide a new “level” of peace and quiet. As for apartment complexes, corporate offices, recording studios, and schools, having commercial soundproof flooring is also an asset.

If a floor restoration or remodeling project is on your mind, you might want to consider installing soundproof flooring for a valuable and lucrative property upgrade. There are several options and methods for soundproofing floors, so it is best to discuss your property’s needs with a licensed flooring contractor. They can provide recommendations and estimates specific to your property’s layout. In the meantime, continue reading to learn 3 important tips that can help you decide on the right flooring approach.

Replace Your Floors

If your floors are hardwood, laminate, tile, or some other type of hard surface material, sound is embellished. Carpeting is much quitter, and a sensible technique for soundproofing floors. Carpet is convenient because it is easy to install, usually taking anywhere between 3 and 8 hours depending on square-footage and existing flooring conditions. Carpet is also cheaper, so it’s a cost-effective alternative to other soundproofing methods. If you wish to replace your flooring with hard-surface material, talk to your contractor about the sound ratings among different species of wood and types of manufactured wood materials.

Cancel Out Noise

In addition to replacing your floors, you can heighten the level of noise cancellation by installing supplementary components in between the flooring and the sub-flooring to absorb sound. This includes using materials like cork or acoustic tiles. Cork is very dense, so just a thin layer is needed to absorb extra noise. Acoustic tiles are used in recording studios and large-space commercial properties because they are highly-effective noise-cancellation mechanisms. They are designed to dull echoes and reverberations, and work well for floors too.

If You Can’t Remodel Your Floors

Sometimes replacing or remodeling your floors is not an option. If you rent, for example, you cannot make these kinds of structural changes. But there are still soundproofing options you can try. Purchase area rugs and carpets for high-traffic areas in the main and upper levels of your home to soften noises from above. You can also try invoking a “no shoes” policy to quieten the sounds of foot traffic throughout the home.

Indianapolis Flooring Contractors

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Home Repair Service

Call Restoration By L&B, LLC at 317-454-3612 if you are looking for licensed Indianapolis flooring contractors you can trust. Owner, Lee Elliot, provides a wide range of home remodeling and renovation services at the most competitive prices in town. In fact, we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price! Call 317-454-3612 to schedule a time to receive an in-person estimate for floor restoration and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana.