3 Options for Open Concept Floor Plans

Do you love the idea of an open-concept floor plan and wish you could have one too? Well, you don’t always have to move into a new home to get the open living space you desire. You may have the option of remodeling your current floor plan instead! In fact, there are three common options for homeowners who wish to achieve an open-concept floor plan in their existing homes. However, it is important to discuss your remodeling ideas with a licensed contractor who can assist you in finding the proper renovation for your particular space. They can let you know if your home is a good candidate for open floor space renovations, and if so, which transformation is right for your property. Continue reading to learn about each one, and who to call for trusted home remodeling services near you.

Indianapolis Home Renovation 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Home Renovation 317-454-3612

3 Ways to an Open Floor Plan:

Take Down a Wall or Two

A contractor can point out which walls are load-bearing and which are not. The walls that are not load-bearing can be torn down in a strategic and artistic way to add more space to any room. Conjoining rooms by tearing down walls is an invasive remodeling project, but with professional assistance, it is generally easy and organized work. It is important to use a professional contractor to tear down walls so they can locate gas pipes, electrical wires, load-bearing walls, and more.

Adding an Archway

If you are looking for a more open feel for your living space, but you loathe the idea of a full-on remodel, making small but stately adjustments can make a big difference, and fit the budget nicely too. For instance, adding an archway above interior doors provides instant gratification because it gives off an illusion of more space. And construction for archways is pretty minimal, and requires less drywall work and less labor time.

Accent Walls and Space Division

If construction, drywall work, and remodeling are nowhere near your budget, there are more cost-effective methods for creating the illusion of a more open floor plan. For example, you can add an accent wall in certain rooms, particularly small ones. This creates a feel of difference and division. And speaking of division, dividing room space is another cost-effective interior design method that creates the feeling of more space. Try adding crown molding on the walls of your dining room to separate it from the foyer or kitchen. This is inexpensive and does not take much time to install. All of these options can even be done on your own, which is even more cost-effective.

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How to Remodel a Home Without Remodeling at All

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

If you wish to upgrade or enhance the look of your home, but can’t afford the money and time an actual remodel requires, there are some easy and affordable alternatives you may want to consider instead! Although home remodeling is a lucrative investment that increases property value, and subsequently, re-sale value, not every homeowner is ready for such an overhaul.

For those who want a change but are not quite ready for a renovation, there are smaller but equally impactful changes you can make without wasting a bunch of personal time or putting a huge dent in the bank account. These ideas are inexpensive and can be done all on your own, even in just one day or over a weekend. Continue reading to learn some quick, simple, and effective ways to give your home the facelift you’ve been dreaming about.

Start with Fixtures and Accessories

Small household fixtures and accessories can quickly go out of date if you aren’t paying attention. Although they seem to get the job done and not cause any problems, changing them out can drastically change the look and feel of any room in your home. These small exchanges are not only inexpensive and easily done on your own, they provide an instantaneous upgrade! Simply visit your local hardware store or home goods store for great deals on household fixtures and decor. Here are some examples of fixtures you want to consider swapping out for newer, more modern look:

Light Switch and Outlet Covers – Get fancier with some chrome or wood-grain light switch and outlet covers. They come in endless styles, designs, and colors, so you are bound to find something you like! They cost around $3 to $4 per plate, so be sure you buy enough for the entire room or home. Definitely consider this upgrade if you still have pale-yellow or white outlet and light switch covers!

Faucets – A simple faucet upgrade can go a long way. And faucets, so long as you are not replacing the entire sink basin, are inexpensive and come in great new designs. Expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $120 for a new kitchen or bathroom faucet. The enhancement they provide is worth the extra little expense, and much cheaper than a full remodel.

Handles and Rack Bars – For bathrooms that have towel racks, hangers, bars, and other wall accessories, a quick swap for newer, modern-looking accessories will do wonders for your home. Choose a new theme, color, or design and instantly change the look of your bathroom. These fixtures, depending on quality and designer, can range in price from $10 to $50.

Rugs and Mats – There are so many fresh new designs and colors of home rugs, mats, and runners. A simple change of carpeting can change the entire feel of a room. Replace old, outdated, or dirty kitchen, dining room, and bathroom rugs to freshen up the feel and change around the design theme of a room! These items are inexpensive, but keep in mind that better-quality rugs and mats last longer and withstand wear and tear better. So don’t skimp in this area, but remember that it is still cheaper and easier than a full remodel!

Décor – Certain décor can not only enhance the look and theme of your home’s design, it can play a more technical role. For example, strategically placing a large mirror in certain areas of a room can give the illusion of a more open space. If you have a room or hallway that you wish you could open up a bit more, try buying an extra-large mirror and hanging it adjacent to the closed wall. This will give the room a more open look and feel instantly!

Other décor changes to consider include curtains, pillow, and blankets. You can buy new throw pillows and blankets for couches and chairs. And even better, you can match them to the new rugs and mats you purchase too! You can change the look of any room with some simple blanket and pillow swapping. Consider this for the bedroom too! The same idea goes for curtains. Curtains go out of style quickly, so changing them can greatly update your home’s design for a great price.

You can also consider changing out lamps, picture frames, and miscellaneous décor (i.e. ornaments, vases, faux flowers, decorative signs, etc.) for some simple and quick changes. All of these ideas can be done all on your own, maybe with some help from the rest of the family, and all within a reasonable budget!

Take it a Step Further

One of the most impactful changes you can make to a room or interior part of a home is paint. Nothing says fresh and new like a new coat of paint or a change in paint color. And with the new advancements in the paint industry, you can achieve professional results from just one paint and primer in one! So long as you do a little pre-planning and research some DIY painting tips, you can change one wall or several walls to a new color, giving your home a new look instantly.

Even if you are looking to remodel on a budget, it may still be worth your while to talk to a licensed general contractor about potential remodels that could be quick and easy to do with professional help. There may be some changes you can make to your home that are not as tedious and expensive as you think. A general contractor can discuss home remodeling options for your property that fit within your personal budget.

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Laminate Countertop Replacement Tips

Laminate countertops are a popular choice for homes since they are so durable and long-lasting. But even though they seem virtually indestructible, laminate counters will eventually need replaced. This is especially true for homeowners who wish to update the overall look of their kitchen or bathrooms. For whatever reason you are looking to replace your laminate counter-tops, it is important to have a little foresight on the subject. Continue reading to learn some tips for replacing laminate counter tops and more.

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

Laminate Countertop Repair

For countertops that have large areas of wear and tear, the best method of repair is to apply a new layer of laminate altogether. This work it complex and better carried out by a trained professional since it involves some tasks that some homeowner might not be familiar with. This includes disconnecting the plumbing, taking out the sinks, later replacing the sinks, and cutting, measuring, and applying the new laminate.

Since all of these tasks are a lot of work, and some even sensitive systems, it is wise to trust these services to a professional. They retain the proper tools, training, equipment, and resources to accurately replace laminate counter tops or apply new laminate to countertops, with the highest quality workmanship and professional accountability. With a professional service, you can trust that all of your plumbing and system operations are functional and in sync as they should be, as well as, up to code and standard.

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Include Potential Tax Increases in a Home Addition Remodeling Project

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

When it comes to calculating the total cost of adding a new addition to a home or property, many people neglect considering additional potential costs related to the project. Most are aware of the exemplary cost of adding a new addition or converting a space, such as construction costs, zoning and permit fees, debris and waste removal, supplies, and labor.

These standard costs are usually all there is for a small or moderate space addition, but for larger home addition remodeling undertakings, there is more than meets the eye. Continue reading to learn about the hidden costs after completing a home or property addition.

Property Taxes

Once a building inspection department signs off on a home addition after it is complete, the property tax assessor may re-evaluate the home’s worth to determine if more taxes should be paid annually for it. Large home addition projects most often increase a property’s value, subsequently moving homeowner’s into a different tax bracket. Increased home value means increased property taxes, plain and simple. The degree to which these property taxes increase is based on the increase of the home’s value. Along with increased property taxes, homeowners’ insurance costs increase as well. These are unforeseen but potential costs that should be added into a homeowner’s remodeling budget in terms of large-scale additions and space conversion. Examples of large-scale additions include adding a spacious deck or patio to a home or property, adding another level or story, building a guest house, and more.

Homeowners Insurance

It is encouraged to contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier once a large-scale home remodeling project is finished in order to discuss adding additional insurance coverage to your existing policy for fire damage and other structural damages for this area. By neglecting this duty, your new home addition may not be covered under your policy. They will determine how much coverage the space needs based on the overall cost of the project.

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Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for information about space conversions and home additions in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Owner and licensed general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all of your questions concerning home remodeling, renovation, restoration, and repair. We offer all of these general contractor services and more! And we will beat any competitor’s price, guaranteed! Call 317-454-3612 for professional home remodeling services in Indianapolis, IN today.

Is Kitchen Remodeling a Good Investment?

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

If you’ve recently been back and forth, deciding whether or not to remodel your kitchen, it is most likely because you are unsure if it’s a sensible financial decision. Cabinetry and countertops are not the stressing factors in regards to renovating your kitchen; no, it is always the question of cost-effectiveness and profitability. A kitchen remodel, small or large, can be quite the financial investment, so it is understandable why homeowners put so much time and worry into making a final decision.

Anyone who remodels a space in their home wants their investment to be worthwhile. Fortunately, a kitchen remodel is one of the most worthwhile investments a family can make! Continue reading to learn why, and some tips for cost-effective kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodeling makes perfect sense because the kitchen is the gathering place of the home. Aside from the bathrooms, the kitchen is the most used room in many households. Kitchens are where all the cooking, eating, socializing, and homework is done! For this reason, and more, a kitchen remodel is a good idea. Why not enhance the room of the house that the whole family uses and enjoys? For a first remodel for your home, the kitchen is the perfect place to start. There are, however, a few things to consider when planning for a kitchen remodel. These considerations will help you better identify whether or not kitchen remodeling is a responsible financial decision for your home and family.

One of the first things to think about when considering a kitchen remodel is why you want to remodel in the first place. Some homeowners wish to update their kitchens to increase value because they are selling their home. Others intend to use and take full advantage of their remodeled kitchens. For those who want to remodel a kitchen for themselves and their family, there are fantastic energy efficient options to implement that can save on monthly utility bills. Heated floors, programmable thermostats, advanced seal windows, and more are just a few examples of an energy-efficient kitchen remodel. For those who are remodeling a kitchen to increase their return on investment, a fresh and modern update to the aesthetic appearance is the first thing potential home-buyers are looking for. New countertops, updated cabinets or cabinet faces, new appliances, and new flooring will surely do the trick.

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General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

Call Lee Elliot, owner and operator of Restoration By L & B, LLC, at 317-454-3612 for professional advice about kitchen remodeling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. He and his team of trained and qualified general contractors can answer your questions about kitchen remodels and more. We offer free advice, free estimates, and more. Call 317-454-3612 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable kitchen remodeling contractor in Indianapolis, IN today.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Fireplaces

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

It’s that time of year again! With the cold weather upon us, it’s only natural for us to feel the urge to cozy up to a nice warm fireplace! Fireplaces are wonderful amenities for any property, and can truly add a magical feeling and a warm glow to a night at home with the family. Although fireplaces are fun and appealing, they can also be dangerous if not cared for properly. If your home has a fireplace that you wish to use this season, be sure you know how to safely operate and maintain one first.

Continue reading to learn some important safety and maintenance tips for fireplaces.

Fireplace Safety

Negligence and poor maintenance are the two most common catalysts for fireplace accidents and damage. Not only can extensive fireplace damage be costly to repair or renovate, it can pose a serious hazard to people and pets. Keeping a fireplace in a safe and working condition is not difficult. As long as you are familiar with the principle rules, safety guidelines, and maintenance necessities for your fireplace, you are ready to fill that cup of cocoa and snuggle under a warm blanket, next to your ember-glowing fireplace!
Here are important fireplace safety and maintenance tips to always remember:

1. Never Leave a Fire Unattended

This is especially important for households with small children. And of course, do not let children play too close to an active fire.

2. Clean Firebox Once Per Week

During times of frequent fireplace use, be sure to clean and empty the firebox one time each week. When cleaning the firebox, leave one inch or leftover ash for faster warm-up times. This keeps the insulation and allows the charcoal and coals to heat up quicker. Once fireplace usage comes to an end for the season, always keep the firebox entirely clean.

3. Use a Non-Flammable Rug or Fireplace Mat

You can protect your carpets by placing a non-flammable mat or rug at the hearth of a fireplace. Any sparks or flying embers that may shoot out of the fire will not damage carpeting that lies beneath a non-flammable rug. These can be bought at any hardware store or home store.

4. Open All Air Controls and Chimney Flues

Before starting a fire, always remember to open the chimney flues and allow smoke to escape. When smoke cannot escape outside from the chimney, your home will fill up instead. Over-inhalation of fireplace smoke can cause serious respiratory damages and fatalities.

5. Keep Space Between the Firewood

As you add more firewood, be sure to leave space between them to prevent smoldering. Properly stacked and positioned firewood with give you a beautiful and long-lasting fire. Start a fire with some dry kindling and a little wood; and then grow the fire from there by adding more wood.

6. Service Your Fireplace Once a Year

Have a certified professional inspect your fireplace once a year. They will check for damages, creosote buildup, cracks, water damage, hazards, and signs of future problems. They can accurately assess the overall condition of your fireplace, and then make professional recommendations for repairs. They can also clean your chimney and fireplace to prevent potential chimney fires.

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General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for home remodeling and repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana you can trust. Owner, Lee Elliot, and his team of highly trained and qualified general contractors, offer a wide selection of renovation, remodeling, repair, and restoration services for residential and commercial properties. If you have questions about home remodeling and renovation, we are happy to help! Just call 317-454-3612 to learn more about fireplace services and fireplace repair in Indianapolis, IN today.