Bathroom Modification Remodel Ideas for Disabled Loved Ones

When you share your home with a disabled relative or loved one, you want nothing more than to support their ongoing effort to live as independently as possible. One way you can ensure their comfort and safety is to enhance the accessibility of the bathroom. Continue reading to learn some recommended bathroom remodels that can help do just that.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Bathroom Remodels for Physical Disabilities

There are all sorts of modifications you can make to your home that can help assist your disabled loved one. From the kitchen and corridor, to the upper levels and outdoor living areas, home accessibility remodels are quite popular, and best of all, easily attainable. One of the most important rooms to remodel for disabled and handicapped individuals is the bathroom. After all, it is the one room we all use without exception.

When it comes to physical disability assistance remodels, it is important to entrust the project to a professional Indianapolis general contractor who can develop the perfect design plan for your disabled loved one’s needs. They can recommend a wide range of personalized accessibility improvements for your bathroom, from minor adjustments and additions, to structural strategies, retrofitting, and more.

Recommended Bathroom Modifications:


Wheelchair access is a definite need if your disabled loved one is uses a wheelchair. Widening the doorway is essential for bathroom wheelchair access. It is important that the doorway and the room have enough space for the entire wheelchair to enter, exit, and turn around. Furthermore, you can have the sink and countertop lowered to wheelchair eye level for ease of access.


There are a few fixtures that can help and protect your disabled loved one. First, you can install handrails next to the bathtub and the toilet to prevent slip and fall accidents, while also promoting more control and stability. In addition to handrails, you can also consider having no-slip mats and flooring installed for added traction, or even special faucets that check and regulate temperature levels.


For those who have poor vision, it is recommended to install brighter lights, or painting the walls a brighter color, to improve their sight in the bathroom. You can also install textured tape against the walls and counters, and around the tub or shower, for added navigation. Hanging braille panels near doors can also help reveal their surroundings. It is suggested to label items they use often too. This can prevent unpleasant mix ups, like using soap as body lotion.

Showers and Tubs

You can have a handicapped disabled access bathtub installed to help improve ease and access for your loved one. These tubs can either be retrofitted over your existing shower and bathtub, or you can have an entirely brand new one installed in place of your old one. There are also custom shower designs that include benches, handrails, temperature regulators, timers, and more, to enhance safety and accessibility for disabled individuals while they bathe.

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