How to Repair Minor Concrete Damage

The concrete in and around your home plays an important role in your property’s curb appeal, and therefore, it’s resale value. If your driveway, sidewalks, stoops, and patios are paved with concrete, but starting to show signs of damage, it is wise to resolve concrete issues before they can take a turn for the worst. Overtime, minor concrete damage evolves into major damages, which can cost you a lot of time and money to repair. So, to abate concrete wear and tear, be sure to address minor concrete damage such as cracks as soon as they form.

Continue reading to learn which products and supplies you need, as well as how to repair concrete cracks, both working and non-working.

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What You Need to Repair Concrete Cracks

The most common and recommended products for repairing concrete cracks include vinyl concrete patchers, concrete patching compounds, polymer modified structural repair fillers, and advanced polymer concrete crack sealants. You can find all of these products online or at your local home improvement store. There are many brands to choose from, but a popular choice for all is Quikrete. Always be sure to clean concrete thoroughly and remove any debris prior to applying any of these products.

Working and Non-Working Cracks

Before you start applying products all over the place, you must first identify the type of cracks you are repairing. Concrete cracks are either working cracks or non-working cracks, which are also referred to as moving and non-moving.

Working Cracks in Concrete – Working cracks form deep and wide, or have one side that is taller than the other. These cracks continue to grow larger and threaten other nearby structures. To repair working cracks, apply an advanced polymer concrete crack sealant.

Non-Working Cracks in Concrete – Non-working cracks do not change, nor seem to pose a threat to any nearby structures. They appear in the form of thin, shallow crevices in pavement. If a non-working crack is more than a ½ inch in depth, use a polymer modified structural repair filler.

Other Types of Concrete Damage

Aside from working and non-working cracks, it is important to identify any other types of concrete damage before getting started with your repairs. Look for shallow divots or chips, as these will require a different type of concrete repair product than moving and non-moving cracks. In fact, to repair these kinds of trivial concrete damages, you will need to use a vinyl concrete patcher or patching compound. You will also need a trowel to apply these products smoothly.

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Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Pressure washing is a common method for keeping the exterior of your home clean. But pressure washing can do much more for the aesthetic appeal of your property. It is also highly-effective at cleaning exterior concrete, especially driveways. Pressure washing delivers several benefits that support investment protection and structural longevity. Continue reading to learn these benefits, and who to call for professional pressure washing services you can trust.

Indianapolis Concrete Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Concrete Contractors 317-454-3612

Driveway Maintenance

It is important to keep your concrete driveway clear of damaging elements and products, such as grease, oil, grime, salt, and chemicals. Routine driveway cleaning will protect your concrete from premature wear and tear, which is good for your wallet and your vehicles. Pressure washing is one of the best strategies for driveway cleaning because it is quick, uncomplicated, and effective. All of this adds both beauty and value to your home. In fact, regular pressure washing can increase your property value by thousands of dollars!

Power Washing Service

It is wise to hire a professional company to provide pressure washing service for your driveway. Not only do they have the training and experience to implement the job efficiently, they already retain the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time around. They also have the proper resources to meet the state’s pressure washing disposal requirements.

Power washing a driveway includes the use of eco-friendly chemical-free cleaners, brighteners, and low pressure washing strategies. Surfaces are generally pre-treated with a concrete brightener, saturated with concrete cleaner, thoroughly rinsed with a power washer, treated once again with an eco-friendly cleaner, and then given a final pressure rinse. This practice effectively removes dirt, grime, stains, discoloration, and more.

Indianapolis Concrete Restoration and Repair

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