The 2 Primary Types of Concrete Stain

Decorative concrete is achieved through concentrated techniques that transform plain, grey concrete into something unique and beautiful. One of the most common and well-known processes for decorative concrete is staining. The process of concrete staining uses dyes and colors to add versatility and design to plain concrete. There are various types of materials used for concrete staining, including acrylic stains, integrated colors, dyes, and more. But the two primary types of stains used for decorative concrete are acid stains and water-based stains.

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Stained Concrete Contractors 317-454-3612
Stained Concrete Contractors 317-454-3612

Acid Stains

Probably the most common of the two would be acid stains. These are known to provide a rich, deep color that is lustrous and long-lasting. When acid stain is applied to cured concrete, the chemicals within react in a way that transforms the pigment of the concrete permanently. This transformation is best described as a marbleized or grainy leather look; but of course, no transformation is the same as another.

They are all unique since you can’t entirely control the way the chemicals react inside the concrete. But this is simply one of the many alluring traits of concrete staining. It is important to note however, that concrete stains do not cover blemishes and imperfections and concrete very well. The transformation is more translucent and sheer in comparison to integrated colors and dyes.

Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains are applied similarly to acid stains, however they produce a much different outcome since there is no chemical reaction involved. The transformation rendered by water-based stains are best described as semi translucent, since the stain seeps into the concrete pores much like a dye. In fact, water-based concrete stains are commonly called concrete dyes because the coloring processes are similar.

Water-based stains produce a more uniform look, offer a much broader range of colors, and they last much longer since they are penetrated within the pores of the concrete. There’s no risk of the color “flaking off” or chipping at any point in time. But keep in mind, they are similar to acid stains in that they do not completely cover surface blemishes and imperfections because they provide semi translucent finishes.

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