A Routine Cleaning Guide for Composite Decking

You work hard to ensure your outdoor spaces are well-maintained and appealing through every season because your investment is important to you. So, after having your composite decking installed, your first priority should be to create routine care plan. Composite decking is vulnerable to normal wear and tear, and over time, can develop scuffs, abrasions, discolorations, and even cracking.

If you are a new owner of composite decking, or planning to be, continue reading to learn the basics regarding routine care.

Indianapolis Deck and Patio Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Deck and Patio Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

The Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking is a modern and affordable alternative to natural wood. Made primarily of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic, it is specially designed to last longer and better-withstand nature’s external conditions, such as water, ice, cold, and heat. Not only does composite decking materials last longer than conventional wood decks, they are lower in maintenance. A brief, routine cleaning is all you need to do to ensure they stay in good condition for years to come.

Here is What You Need to Clean Composite Decking:

➠ Wide Broom
➠ Soft-Bristled Brush
➠ Large Bucket
➠ Liquid Dish Soap
➠ Garden Hose
➠ Oxalic Acid Deck Brightening Product

Optional Supplies:

➥ Pressure Washer
➥ Leaf Blower

General Steps for Cleaning a Composite Deck

Not all composite decks are the same in terms of their capacity to tolerate certain cleaning practices and products. So, before getting started, be sure to read through the manufacturer’s instructions on your cleaning product and abide by them. If your deck is not too dirty, you can skip the oxalic acid deck brightening product and just use mild soap and clean water.

Start with some basic sweeping using your broom. You can use a wide broom or a regular broom. You can use your leaf blower for large debris.

Rinse your decking with a garden hose, or if really dirty, a pressure washer on the lowest setting. Keep the nozzle at least 8 inches from the surface of the deck.

Apply a soapy water solution to the deck’s surface, and use your soft-bristled brush to scrub the boards along their length. Do not scrub horizontally across the boards.

Now you just have to rinse! Your garden hose will do the trick!

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