Top Repairs to Make Before Listing Your House for Sale

When you planning to move, it is likely that your current home could use some upgrading; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be moving in the first place. If you are preparing to list your home on the market for sale, it is wise to make some important repairs and renovations so that you can get the most from your asset.

Continue reading to learn which major and minor repairs you should consider and address, as well as, how to get started.

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Minor House Repairs

Before you list your home for sale officially, there is a long list of minor repairs that you can do to make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Even a basic deep clean is something you want to seriously consider. Here are some common minor home repairs that property owners will implement before listing their homes for sale:

► Paint – New paint is an instant refresher for any room. If your interior has not been painted in a few years, a fresh coat will instantly give your home a new feel and cleaner ambience. Just be careful choosing paint colors. Avoid colors that are bold and bright, and lean toward more modest colors, like shades of tan, beige, taupe, gray, ivory, and even a soft olive green.

Flooring – Flooring is one of the top selling points for potential home buyers. New or newly renovated flooring can instantly upgrade the look of a room, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even garages.

Carpeting – Many home buyers choose to replace carpets with hardwood or laminate flooring since for a more modern feel. Also, carpeting begins to look old and worn out shortly after installation. This means that your carpet will most certainly require a deep cleaning and shampoo, or even replacement, before selling your house on the real estate market.

Lighting – Another detail that really impressed and influences potential home buyers is lighting and light fixtures. Outdated light fixtures are not appealing, so they will stick out like a sore thumb. Replacing or upgrading your lighting ambience and fixtures is an excellent way to enhance your home.

Major House Repairs

Along with minor repairs, there are usually a few major repairs you can do to make your home sell faster on the market, and at the price point you want. For instance, appliances are a huge selling point for potential buyers. Water heaters, water softeners, sump pump systems, boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, and more, should be in good condition if you want to get the most for your home.

Another key factor is roofing and siding. If your roof and siding systems are in bad shape, it would probably be lucrative for you to repair or replace them before listing your home. Otherwise, their condition will affect the offers you receive on the house. The same principle applies to other major repairs, like foundation or water damage issues, mold, pest infestations, and more.

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How to Improve Curb Appeal for Under $50

Are ready to sell your home? Or perhaps your home has been listed for quite some time and you haven’t had many leads? For situations like these, curb appeal can truly make a difference in the real estate market. And did you know there are many ways you can improve your curb appeal without spending your entire paycheck? It’s true, and you can find out how it’s possible right now! Continue reading for some easy, DIY tips for instant curb appeal upgrades that won’t break the bank.

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Property Value is the Goal

It is a simple fact that curb appeal plays a major role in the buying and selling of homes. Having attractive exterior landscaping and decor makes a home more inviting and bright, and appear more valuable. It shows buyers that the home has been a source of pride for the previous or current owners, and is most likely very well-kempt. These attributes can certainly motivate buyers.

There are various ideas that can instantly upgrade your property’s curb appeal. The possibilities are endless, and mostly depend on your budget and time frame. But when you want to improve curb appeal without paying a fortune, start with simple additions like these:

Fancy Steps

For homes with front yard steps or stairs, it is a great idea to dress them up since they are often a main focal point. You can purchase decorate rubber tread stair mats at any local garden or home store for a reasonable price. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, so finding a match for your home is easy to do. They also collect excess dirt from guests’ feet while providing a slip-resistant pathway.

Colorful Foliage

It is both economical and effective to enhance your property’s appeal by adding some front yard foliage for color and contrast. Consider using window ledge planters, hanging baskets, potted plants, and more to create a colorful, lively, and inviting décor to the front of your home. For example, horse trough planters are popular choices and highly-recommended for all home types.

Solar-Powered Address

A new and popular trend for home addresses is to use solar-powered light-up numbers and letters that can be seen in the dark. They can be directly mounted to a home’s siding, used on top of mailboxes, or even staked in the yard. And even better, these solar-powered address numbers and letters are under $50 for 4!

Driveway and Sidewalk Illumination

While on the subject of lights, another great cost-effective way to improve your property’s curb appeal is to add driveway and walkway stake lights. These stake directly into the ground, making them easy to install. They are very inexpensive, durable, and come in a wide variety of colors, designs, finishes, materials, and more. You can choose solar-powered lighting, or you can use battery-operated LED lights. You can purchase them at any local garden or home improvement store in sets or individually.

Porch Mats

Porch mats are usually not a point of interest for most home buyers; but why not spruce this area up to make your property more unique? Using a creative or interesting front porch mat can not only make your home look more refined and appealing, it can be a great conversation starter that leads to more leads and makes your property memorable among buyers.

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