Recommended Renovations for a New Puppy

When you decide to get a new puppy, you are bringing home more than just a pet; you’re bringing home a new member of the family that will be there with you for years to come. For this reason, why not upgrade or convert particular areas of your home to meet the needs of your new dog, as well as, make life more convenient for the rest of the family? Many homeowners have chosen this route, which has proven to reap certain benefits, including puppy cleanup, penning, and even property value!

Continue reading to learn some of the top recommended renovations to have done when adding a pup to the family.

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Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

? Doggy Door

Although it may be obvious, one of the greatest and simplest additions you can make for your new puppy is a doggy doors. You have two primary options to choose from when it comes to doggy doors; you can buy a kit and install it in an existing door, or you can purchase an entire door manufactured with a doggy door in it. Both types will range in price, quality, size, dimensions, retailers, and more. Installing such doors can be very tricky, and if not done properly, can be unsafe. So it is strongly recommended to pass on the duty to a trained handyman.

? Floor Replacement

With a potty trained pup, you might not need to worry so much about your carpets. However, most pups do not come pre-potty trained, which means you and the rest of the family will have to ride the learning curve along with your new friend. In order to maintain a hygienic and comfortable interior environment, and sanity for that matter, you should consider ripping out your carpets and installing wood, laminate, or tile floors. Hard-surfaced floors like these are much easier to clean, and retain their quality and appeal for a lot longer than carpet. Rather than replacing all of the carpet in your home, you can simply appoint a common room, and change it to another flooring material.

? Backyard Fencing

If you have a dog, it will likely want some room to run around and exert energy; otherwise, you can find yourself with an anxious, poorly behaved dog. One way to provide this privilege without jeopardizing safety is to install a property fence. There are infinite materials, styles, and designs to choose from when it comes to installing a backyard fence. You can even have your fence customized to match your home. Rather than adding a full-property fence, you can simply fence in a small area of the yard.

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