Fundamental Tips for Cleaning Painted and Papered Walls

Whether painted or papered, walls can need a good wipe down every so often. This is especially true for properties with children and pets, or both! As property owners, we have mastered the art of carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and even oven cleaning; but what about walls? The right technique and proper solutions can clean walls with ease, but it is important to know these tips before getting your hands wet. This is because some wallpapers and paints react adversely to certain solutions and cleaning agents. Learning the proper methods and products for wall cleaning is the first step to getting the job done!

Drywall and Painting 317-454-3612

Drywall and Painting 317-454-3612

How to Clean Painted Walls

Cleaning painted walls is a large job, so preparation is key to making it as easy as possible. This means moving furniture away from walls and laying down cloth sheets, not tarp, to avoid slippery walking surfaces. It also means covering wall nails with a bit of dry sponge or rubber to protect your hands while cleaning, as well as, to remember where hanging frames belong. Once prep is complete, here’s what you need to get started:

Lamb’s Wool Duster
White Rags or Cloths
Natural Sponge (No colors)
Two Buckets (One for water, one for solution)
Rubber Gloves (Turn up sleeves to stop drips)
Step Ladder
Liquid Dish Detergent

In the first bucket, combine 1 gallon of clean water with ¼ cup mild dish detergent liquid.

Fill the second bucket with clean clear water. This is for rinsing only. Change as needed throughout cleaning.

Using a duster, wipe down the entire surface area of each wall to remove loose dust, cobwebs, and other debris. Do not forget the baseboards and moldings.

Before applying moisture to the walls, keep in mind that dirty dripping water can dry and leave behind muddy stains. For this reason, always wash walls from BOTTOM to TOP, and then from SIDE to SIDE. Use your sponge to swipe up additional drips as you clean. Never take breaks in the middle of one wall, this can leave behind uneven cleaning marks. Finish an entire wall, then take a breather before beginning the next one.

Dip the sponge in the cleaning solution and gently apply it in a small area, then rinse the sponge in clean water and rinse the wall clean. Continue using this technique as you work your way through the entire wall.

Use the clean white cloths to pat the walls dry, removing any excess moisture left behind.

Wallpapered Walls

You can purchase store-bought wallpaper cleaners that are safe and effective for washable wallpaper. You can also just use some warm water and a little dishwashing liquid. If you have non-coated wallpaper, you do not want to apply moisture to it for cleaning. Instead, use a dry sponge, found at any local hardware store, to lift dirt and grime safely. And to remove fingerprints, use an art eraser to gently rub away the marks. The most important tip for cleaning wallpapered walls is to check the manufacturer guidelines first before you start.

Drywall Repair and Interior Painting Services Near You

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Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional drywall repair and interior painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer full-service interior and exterior painting solutions and drywall services for both residential and commercial properties. On top of already competitive prices, we guarantee to beat any competitor’s price! Call 317-454-3612 to learn how to get your estimate started, today.

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Install Rubber Roofing Before Winter Weather is Here

If you are planning to replace the roof on your property, you may want to consider rubber roofing. There are numerous advantages to rubber roofing, many of which are most helpful during seasons of inclement weather and increased precipitation. This means right now is the perfect time to install new roofing before the harsh winter weather is upon us and home remodeling projects are forced to be put on hold. Continue reading to more about rubber roofing and the many benefits it offers residential and commercial properties.

Rubber Roofing Contractors 317-454-3612

Rubber Roofing Contractors 317-454-3612

Rubber Roofs

Rubber roofing is 100% eco-friendly because it is made from recycled materials. These materials generally include recycled tires, saw dust, and slate dust. It is tremendously durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions and drastic temperature changes over a long period of time. In fact, rubber roofing is manufactured to last between 30 to 50 years with little needed maintenance; while standard roof shingles only last up to 20 years at the most, and require exhausting maintenance on a regular basis. Some rubber roofing manufacturers are so sure of their product’s dependability that they offer lifetime warranties!

Rubber roofing is fire resistant, as well as, highly resistant to water leaks, cracks, ruptures, sun fading, sun damage, drafts, air leaks, and more. It is a high quality roofing material that offers so many options and advantages for all property types. Rubber roofing comes in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and styles. It comes in seamless rolls for flat roofs, and shingles for all other roofs. Rubber roofs can also be customized in terms of style, color, and design. There are endless options that allow property owners to express their individual style. And installation is much easier and quicker than standard roof replacement! It is more expensive to purchase in comparison to standard shingles, but it pays for itself in the long run, making it worth the initial investment.

It is important to hire a professional general contractor or roofing company for accurate and reliable rubber roofing information, sales, and installation. Although installation is quick and easy, it must be performed by professionals that retain the proper tools, equipment, and training. By choosing a professional roofing contractor for rubber roofing installation, you can rest assure that our property is in good hands. Be sure the service you choose is licensed, experienced, and insured in case of liability issues or incidents. This not only protects you, it protects your assets as well.

Indianapolis Rubber Roofing Installation

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for rubber roofing installation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our company uses a comprehensive inspection and measurement process that ensures we are well-prepared for the project at hand. From start to finish, we stay in constant communication with our clients to confirm they are well-informed of our time-lines and agendas. Licensed general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to take your call and answer your questions about roof repair, rubber roofing, and more. Call 317-454-3612 for information
about rubber roofing installation, today.

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4 Instant and Easy Upgrades for Residential Bathrooms

Sometimes we all just need a change, and a quick bathroom remodeling project is the perfect way to scratch that itch! But sometimes, the perceived invasiveness of a bathroom remodel can scare a homeowner away, and stop them from moving forward altogether. But not anymore! There are four instant upgrades you can do that will not only eliminate the hassle of messy, time-consuming remodels, but completely change the look and feel of your bathroom! Continue reading for fun and effective ideas for instant bathroom remodeling projects, and who to call to get started!

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Bathroom Remodels in a Flash!

There’s no need for time-consuming, messy, and loud construction to achieve a brand new-looking beautiful bathroom. You must think about the primary points of interest in your bathroom, and focus on changing those areas. With a few simple replacements, your bathroom can look like a whole new room in as little as a two days!

Here’s some great ideas that do just that:

☭ Bathroom Vanity

The vanity is one of the primary components of your bathroom. For this reason, it is one area to “splurge in” in terms of budget. By simply replacing your old vanity, with a new and modern vanity, you give your bathroom an instant face-lift. It can change the entire look and feel, and inspire you to make other changes from there. So it is one of the recommended places to start. Right now, furniture-style vanities are very popular because they provide simple organization and abundant storage, while making a bold and elegant statement. They come in an infinite variety of colors, styles, textures, and more, so you can choose one that will fit your needs just right.

☭ Bathroom Accessories

Once you have a new vanity picked out, you can choose some matching fixtures to match. By replacing bathroom fixtures and adding new accessories, you can instantly change the style and functionality of your bathroom. Consider replacing towel hangers, curtains rods, outlet covers, toilet paper dispensers, and light fixtures to give your bathroom a new and modern upgrade. These small changes make a big difference in bathrooms, and they are very affordable!

☭ Sink and Faucet

It is wise to focus on the principle areas of your bathroom to accomplish the most efficient remodel, such as the vanity, but also the sink and faucet. By replacing the bathroom sink, or even just the faucet fixture, you can give your bathroom a brand new look. There are thousands of styles to choose from when shopping for faucet fixtures, so it is fun and easy to find your match! Prices for sinks and faucets vary depending on the retailer, brand, and model you choose, but most often, this is an easy and affordable chore.

Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional bathroom remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about home remodel planning, prices, and process. And don’t forget; we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition! Request a written estimate, today!

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Is Your Home Properly Air-Sealed?

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

It is very common for homes and buildings to have hidden areas that leak air in and out. If a property isn’t effectively sealed, it has the potential to let an abundance of air escape as if a window were left wide open all day long. This escaping air and leakage can have various negative impacts on residents, guests, monthly energy costs, and indoor comfort. In most cases, energy bills increase and indoor comfort decreases.

If homeowners and proprietors are interested in saving more money annually, indoor energy efficiency is a fantastic place to start. Not only can proper home sealing prevent air leakage, it can decrease utility bills and provide a more comforting indoor atmosphere. Continue reading and learn how to determine if your home or building is properly sealed, and who to call for home remodeling and handyman service you can trust.

Residential Air Sealing

During the winter, if a person feels a cold draft indoors, it is most likely due to cracks and holes in the home’s exterior. Fortunately, there are a few easy and affordable strategies to fix air leak issues. For examples, weather stripping and caulking are fast, simple, and cost-effective methodologies to reinforce air seals and repair air leaks in residential properties. Weather stripping can be applied to windows, doors, and other access areas that open to the outside. For holes, openings, crevices, and cracks around windows and doors, caulking is the quickest and most effective solution.

Many times, homeowners are under the impression that their HVAC units are broken because the comfort level is declining inside their homes. Before making this same assumption, consider the level of insulation in your home and whether or not your windows and doors are air-tight and sealed appropriately. In order to prevent paying for a replacement or service you do not require, call a professional technician for an inspection to determine what the cause is behind your increased utility bills and decreased indoor comfort.

Indianapolis Drywall and Painting Service

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Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional home remodeling and renovation in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding locations. Owner, Lee Elliot, is a licensed general contractor that provides quality and affordable home remodeling services for residential and commercial properties, including drywall repair and installation, interior and exterior painting, home remodels, renovations, repairs, and much more. And we guarantee to beat any competitor’s price!

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How Can Power Washing Services Benefit Commercial Properties?

Power washing is an excellent method of effective property maintenance that prominently supports aesthetic value and appeal of commercial properties.

Commercial Power Washing 317-454-3612

Commercial Power Washing 317-454-3612

The visual appearance of any commercial property should be important to real estate owners. First impressions are often times the most valuable of ones. It can either repel or compel clients, investors, and other societal assemblies. Client or not, these impressions affect the way daily assumptions are made regarding the estimated value of a company or business. Continue reading to learn more ways power washing services can benefit commercial industries and real estate.

Advantages of Pressure Washing

Regular pressure washing for commercial properties has several advantages. Just like all other routine cleaning needed to maintain a professional property, outdoor preservation is needed as well. Power washing provides preventative maintenance, reduces safety and health hazards, and increase aesthetic value and appearance. Routine power washing eliminates dirt, debris, stains, loose gravel, and sometimes even graffiti. This automatically updates the appeal and look of any commercial property.

On ground surfaces, cigarette butts, food residues, foot prints, mud stains, and more are all washed away with high-powered water hoses and other similar professional power washing and cleaning equipment. For siding and buildings, pressure washing removes dirt accumulation and can eliminate contaminates that lead to bacteria growth and rot. Vinyl, brick, concrete, and various other exteriors can be sustained overtime with regular power washing services. It instantly brings a new luster and shine to building exteriors.

Additional advantages of commercial power washing:

• Increases Curb Appeal
• Preventative Care and Maintenance
• Reduces Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Growth
• Eliminates Dirt and Oil
• Sustains Paint and Exterior Finishes
• Reduces Need for Renovation
• Reduces Painting Costs
• And More!

There are several other benefits when it comes to pressure and power washing. Shopping carts, vehicle fleets, golf carts, sidewalks, and more are all useful places for power washing services. As a business owner, it is highly recommended to sustain the visual appearance of your property for customers, clients, and employees. It reduces safety concerns and hazards, as well as, eliminates the need for excessive aesthetic maintenance and upkeep.

Commercial Siding Repair and Restoration

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Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for siding repair and maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer residential and commercial siding repair, siding replacement, and siding installation for fiber cement board siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, and more. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions, anytime! Call 317-454-3612 today to get started!

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HVAC Protection Tips for Home Remodels

Now that the winter is approaching, homeowners are starting to think about how they will fill the void of outdoor entertainment and activity. This is where home remodeling projects, restorations, home improvements, and more come into play. Although highly necessary and lucrative, home maintenance and remodeling can put your HVAC system at risk for damages if you’re not careful. Continue reading to learn a few simple methods to protecting your HVAC system during home remodels and projects.

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Remodels, gardening, and other home enhancements are a significant investment in themselves. Allowing your HVAC system to get damaged will incur large repair and replacement costs, on top of the initial costly investment of your home project. To avoid this, simply review some tips for HVAC protection, and reduce your chances of damaging your system during a home remodeling project. Here are some areas to keep an eye on, and methods to avoid damaging your system:

Keep the Unit Off

During all remodeling or gardening projects, you want to be sure your HVAC is turned off. The reason for this has to do with air circulation and air quality. Many projects involve sanding, cutting, drilling, digging, painting, or some other activity that causes airborne particles to release into the air. Everything from sand, chemicals, dirt, and other debris gets circulated through an HVAC system, and subsequently, through the interior of the home. This not only creates an unhealthy indoor air environment, the particles can cause a decline in a system’s performance and efficiency. This leads to increased utility bills and potential HVAC repairs. Not only should an HVAC system be turned off during home projects like these, vents should be closed as well for added protection.

Change Filters More Often

Although the system should be turned off, and the air is not being circulated by this means, there are still other ways for airborne pollutants to circulate into your system. For this reason, it is best to change the air filters multiple times during an interior remodeling project. Walking, movement, and ceiling fans can cause dirt and debris to enter the filters. When the system is turned back on, it can experience clogging or reduced performance. Always change the filters once more at the completion of a home remodeling project.

Take Caution with Tools and Supplies

It is important to keep a watchful eye on tools and supplies, as well as, using precaution with equipment. Things like nails, screws, drill bits, and more can fall into exterior units, causing system malfunctions and other damages. Also, one of the most common items found in home duct work are construction tools. Leaving hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and even soda cans behind can cause problems with air circulation and energy efficiency. When using equipment like lawn mowers and weed trimmers, it is important to be careful around the perimeter of your exterior HVAC unit. Knicks and cuts can cause a unit to be exposed, leading to weather-related deterioration, corrosion, and eventual system decline. Using covers is another great method to preventing accidents like these.

Indianapolis Home Remodeling Services

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 for Indianapolis home remodeling services at competitive prices. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about home remodel planning, prices, and process. And don’t forget; we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition!

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Think about Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your Home

Indianapolis Handyman Service  317-454-3612

Indianapolis Handyman Service 317-454-3612

Are you aware that carbon monoxide detectors save lives? Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, invisible, and extremely dangerous in large amounts. It can literally kill humans and animals within minutes in large-enough doses. This is why it is vital for all homes and buildings to have properly installed carbon monoxide detectors for superior protection and safeguarding. Don’t risk the safety of your children, loved ones, guests, pets, and more. Take preventative action by purchasing and installing high-quality CO detectors in your home or office. Save your life and the life of another with one simple precaution.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These detectors alert home and property owners in the case of an emergency. Without even realizing it, people create atmospheres for carbon monoxide on a regular basis. This is because anywhere gas, oil, charcoal, kerosene, or wood is burned, carbon monoxide will be present. Homes with fireplaces, barbecues, or appliances that use these examples of fuel can be prone to carbon monoxide manifestation.

Appliances that use kerosene, oil, or charcoal require regular care and maintenance to ensure they are properly functioning and safe to use. Without professional inspection and routine care, a home with such appliances can be vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning. It can discreetly be released into the surrounding environment and unknowingly consumed by humans and pets. One way to protect your family from accidents involving poisonous gases is to install a carbon monoxide detector for emergencies.

A person can experience dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, headaches, and confusion if over-exposed to carbon monoxide gas. The degree of each symptom will vary from mild to severe depending on the amount of contact. Although some symptoms may be minor, CO poisoning can have lasting effects on the body. Its symptoms are so closely similar to the common cold or flu that the illnesses is often misdiagnosed and overlooked. This makes carbon monoxide poisoning even more dangerous because it is not caught in time due to an incorrect diagnosis.

If a person is demonstrating any signs or indications of CO poisoning, be sure to get the person outside in fresh air; and then call emergency medical services or bring them to the emergency room immediately. Go back into the home or building and open all windows and doors. Turn on as many fans as you can find and circulate fresh uncontaminated air in, and contaminated air out. Also, be sure all combustion appliances are powered off. Once these measures are taken, leave the house and call professionals to investigate the scene and approve it safe again.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Call a licensed professional to provide comprehensive carbon monoxide inspections and appliance maintenance and care to ensure your home’s safety. Receive free estimates and information regarding carbon monoxide prevention strategies and more. A professional can answer your questions about safe indoor air quality and protection. They can point you in the right direction when it comes to buying a carbon monoxide detector for your home or office.

Indianapolis Handyman Services

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 for Indianapolis home handyman services at competitive prices. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about home remodel planning, prices, and process. And don’t forget; we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition!

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How to Polish and Clean Hardwood Floors

Longevity is possible in hardwood flooring. With simple care and routine cleaning, you can add significant value and appeal to your home or office building. Without regular attention, this type of flooring can begin to squeak, buckle, and scuff. This is why it is so important to learn how to clean hardwood floors properly. Continue reading to catch up on some quick tips and advice on cleaning, polishing, and caring for hardwood flooring in residential or commercial real estate.

Wood Floor Restoration 317-454-3612

Wood Floor Restoration 317-454-3612

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are an expensive amenity to own, which is why people long to sustain their beauty and flawless finishes. Regular cleaning can help achieve this aspiration. When cleaning hardwood, there are some areas of concern to keep in mind. For example, hardwood flooring can easily be damaged by too much water and harsh chemicals. It is important to never allow water to settle, accumulate, or saturate your floor. This can cause the boards to buckle and warp.

Instead of mopping with water, simply sweep your wood flooring once a day. In the kitchen and high traffic areas, you should sweep twice daily. Getting rid of dust, debris, and other micro particles can greatly reduce the amount of wear and tear your floors endure. Be sure to use a soft bristled broom. A hard bristles can scrape or scratch the wood finish. Spills should always be cleaned with a dry cloth as well. Once the spill is wiped up, it is acceptable to use any hardwood floor spray cleaner on the market to sanitize the area afterwards.

Polishing Hardwood Floors

Once you are familiar with the safe and proper cleaning methods recommended for hardwood, it is time to catch up on tips to polishing them after they are swept clean. Polishing wood floors adds shine and luster that you see in brand new flooring. One way to polish wood floors is to rent a buffer. These machines are fairly easy to use, but you can also hire a professional for assistance as well.

This is mostly recommended to someone that is uncomfortable using heavy machinery. Waxing and sealants are another option for polishing hardwood. It is advised to consult a professional for advice on which wax and sealant brands to use and what coat best suits your flooring needs. The sales associate at your local home goods store would be more than happy to answer those questions, anytime.

Wood Floor Installation and Repair

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional and affordable wood floor installation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions about wood flooring and installation. We offer wood floor replacement, installation, repair, and much more.

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Helpful Tips for DIY Cabinet Painting

If you want to add an instant upgrade to a tired outdated kitchen, consider repainting the cabinets! A simple paint job can make a huge difference for any kitchen space, large or small. And a DIY paint project saves property owners’ time and money!

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Before committing to undertake a cabinet repainting project, is important to first take full consideration of all the necessary tools, supplies, time, and money the job requires. Knowledge is power, even when it comes to DIY home renovations! By preparing yourself for what to expect, you can be ready to take on any obstacles or challenges that might ensue during the process. For this reason and more, it will help to review a few tips for DIY cabinet painting, and who to have on deck in case things get too complicated. Continue reading for tips on painting cabinets for an instantaneous and affordable kitchen renovation.

🖌 Do Your Research and Plan Ahead

Once you have decided on a color, researched and purchased quality paint, primer, and sealcoat, and studied how to properly apply coats of paint to the material of cabinet in your kitchen, you are ready to begin! But the first tip for a DIY painting project is to be sure you have ample time. Not only do you need time to complete the painting process, you need additional time to allow the coats to dry. Paint needs to thoroughly dry before placing any furniture or décor back in its place. This could jeopardize the finish, potentially adding nicks, marks, scratches, smears, splotches, and more. It is recommended to set aside at least four to five days for a small to medium-sized kitchen, and at least one week for larger-sized kitchens or kitchens with many cabinets.

🖌 Stay Organized

One of the most helpful tips anyone could give in regards to repainting kitchen cabinets is to label and grid each and every one for accurate reassembly. So often, people forget which door goes where, and which handles go to what. It is very confusing to try and figure it out without labels or grids. By recording the placement and fixture for every piece, you can ensure your cabinets are put back exactly the way they were before your project began. You can use masking tape and label each part, and a piece of paper to record the placement of hardware and other fixtures.

🖌 Mind the Hardware

Also, avoid painting over hardware, screws, or nails. Paint affects the way your cabinets will open and close. Use a cordless drill to remove all of these components, grid where they belong, and replace once the paint is completely dry. And don’t forget to use putty knives and a spackling compound to fill in nicks, dents, and holes. Always paint over a smooth surface for the best possible outcome.

🖌 Perhaps Hire a Pro

Call a licensed Indianapolis painting contractor for fast, professional, and affordable kitchen cabinet renovations and upgrades. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to provide professional finishes at a price anyone can afford, and in a time-frame that’s convenient for you.

Indianapolis Painting Contractors

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable interior and exterior painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, guarantees to beat any competitor’s price. Our experienced painting contractors are happy to answer your questions about painting and drywall work, anytime. We offer a wide range of remodeling and renovation services for all commercial and residential properties. Call 317-454-3612 to request a written estimate, today.

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The Importance of Proper Home Insulation

All homes need proper insulation to prevent outside air from penetrating within, and inside air from escaping. This is necessary for both cold and warm seasons. One of the first questions to ask yourself as a homeowner is whether or not your property has enough insulation.

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Is Your Home Sufficiently Insulated?

As far as checking to see if you have enough insulation, simply look across your attic and check if you can see the floor beams. If you can, then your home could probably use a little more insulation. There are several benefits for having a properly insulated home; like reduced energy costs and consumption, lower monthly utility bills, enhanced moisture control, even temperature distribution, and more. Insulation is like protective lining for a home. It blocks cold air or heat from entering the home, and prevents temperature-controlled air from escaping. Attics can reach extremely high temperatures in the warmer seasons, up to 150 degrees or more! Without sufficient insulation, that heat will leave the attic area and seep into the living quarters of a home.

The opposite situation applies in winter months as well. Insulation will keep frigid air or hot air from leaving the top of the home. Keep in mind that a home’s insulation does more than just offer indoor air comfort; it also provides a sound barrier from outdoor noises and allows for the perfect moisture-level in the air so that it does not feel so dried out.

Determining the Condition of Your Home’s Insulation

Many homeowners have mistaken the results of poor attic insulation for a broken HVAC system. The home doesn’t cool or warm properly, so they assume it’s the heating and cooling unit, when in fact, it’s the lack of insulation in their home. This is why it is imperative to have your home’s insulation inspected annually by a licensed general contractor. They retain the proper training, certifications, and knowledge to accurately diagnose your insulation problems. A trusted general contractor can save you time and money with a proper analysis. They will check the insulation as part of their inspection, and then make professional recommendations for necessary attic and wall renovations.

Types of Insulation

There are many types of insulation for a home. They are mostly made from flexible mineral fibers like fiberglass or rock wool, and come in rolls and batts, or blankets. One popular choice is cellulose insulation. It’s non-flammable so it can contribute to fire-prevention in a home. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, insects, termites, and reduces condensation. Insulation is mostly made from mineral fibers like fiberglass or rock wool. There is also rigid-foam insulation, perfect for exterior wall sheathing, as well as, foam-in-place insulation made from polyurethane.

Another form of insulation is a loose-fit version, such as the cellulose insulation, that fits well in awkward places like duct work, pipes, or attics with lots of wires. Consult your Indianapolis home renovation contractor for information and advice on which materials you should choose.

Indianapolis Home Renovation Contractors

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for trusted commercial and home renovation services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding locations. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions about your remodeling work needs, any time.

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