How to Polish and Clean Hardwood Floors

Longevity is possible in hardwood flooring. With simple care and routine cleaning, you can add significant value and appeal to your home or office building. Without regular attention, this type of flooring can begin to squeak, buckle, and scuff. This is why it is so important to learn how to clean hardwood floors properly. Continue reading to catch up on some quick tips and advice on cleaning, polishing, and caring for hardwood flooring in residential or commercial real estate.

Wood Floor Restoration 317-454-3612

Wood Floor Restoration 317-454-3612

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are an expensive amenity to own, which is why people long to sustain their beauty and flawless finishes. Regular cleaning can help achieve this aspiration. When cleaning hardwood, there are some areas of concern to keep in mind. For example, hardwood flooring can easily be damaged by too much water and harsh chemicals. It is important to never allow water to settle, accumulate, or saturate your floor. This can cause the boards to buckle and warp.

Instead of mopping with water, simply sweep your wood flooring once a day. In the kitchen and high traffic areas, you should sweep twice daily. Getting rid of dust, debris, and other micro particles can greatly reduce the amount of wear and tear your floors endure. Be sure to use a soft bristled broom. A hard bristles can scrape or scratch the wood finish. Spills should always be cleaned with a dry cloth as well. Once the spill is wiped up, it is acceptable to use any hardwood floor spray cleaner on the market to sanitize the area afterwards.

Polishing Hardwood Floors

Once you are familiar with the safe and proper cleaning methods recommended for hardwood, it is time to catch up on tips to polishing them after they are swept clean. Polishing wood floors adds shine and luster that you see in brand new flooring. One way to polish wood floors is to rent a buffer. These machines are fairly easy to use, but you can also hire a professional for assistance as well.

This is mostly recommended to someone that is uncomfortable using heavy machinery. Waxing and sealants are another option for polishing hardwood. It is advised to consult a professional for advice on which wax and sealant brands to use and what coat best suits your flooring needs. The sales associate at your local home goods store would be more than happy to answer those questions, anytime.

Wood Floor Installation and Repair

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional and affordable wood floor installation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions about wood flooring and installation. We offer wood floor replacement, installation, repair, and much more.

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Helpful Tips for DIY Cabinet Painting

If you want to add an instant upgrade to a tired outdated kitchen, consider repainting the cabinets! A simple paint job can make a huge difference for any kitchen space, large or small. And a DIY paint project saves property owners’ time and money!

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Before committing to undertake a cabinet repainting project, is important to first take full consideration of all the necessary tools, supplies, time, and money the job requires. Knowledge is power, even when it comes to DIY home renovations! By preparing yourself for what to expect, you can be ready to take on any obstacles or challenges that might ensue during the process. For this reason and more, it will help to review a few tips for DIY cabinet painting, and who to have on deck in case things get too complicated. Continue reading for tips on painting cabinets for an instantaneous and affordable kitchen renovation.

🖌 Do Your Research and Plan Ahead

Once you have decided on a color, researched and purchased quality paint, primer, and sealcoat, and studied how to properly apply coats of paint to the material of cabinet in your kitchen, you are ready to begin! But the first tip for a DIY painting project is to be sure you have ample time. Not only do you need time to complete the painting process, you need additional time to allow the coats to dry. Paint needs to thoroughly dry before placing any furniture or décor back in its place. This could jeopardize the finish, potentially adding nicks, marks, scratches, smears, splotches, and more. It is recommended to set aside at least four to five days for a small to medium-sized kitchen, and at least one week for larger-sized kitchens or kitchens with many cabinets.

🖌 Stay Organized

One of the most helpful tips anyone could give in regards to repainting kitchen cabinets is to label and grid each and every one for accurate reassembly. So often, people forget which door goes where, and which handles go to what. It is very confusing to try and figure it out without labels or grids. By recording the placement and fixture for every piece, you can ensure your cabinets are put back exactly the way they were before your project began. You can use masking tape and label each part, and a piece of paper to record the placement of hardware and other fixtures.

🖌 Mind the Hardware

Also, avoid painting over hardware, screws, or nails. Paint affects the way your cabinets will open and close. Use a cordless drill to remove all of these components, grid where they belong, and replace once the paint is completely dry. And don’t forget to use putty knives and a spackling compound to fill in nicks, dents, and holes. Always paint over a smooth surface for the best possible outcome.

🖌 Perhaps Hire a Pro

Call a licensed Indianapolis painting contractor for fast, professional, and affordable kitchen cabinet renovations and upgrades. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to provide professional finishes at a price anyone can afford, and in a time-frame that’s convenient for you.

Indianapolis Painting Contractors

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable interior and exterior painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, guarantees to beat any competitor’s price. Our experienced painting contractors are happy to answer your questions about painting and drywall work, anytime. We offer a wide range of remodeling and renovation services for all commercial and residential properties. Call 317-454-3612 to request a written estimate, today.

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The Importance of Proper Home Insulation

All homes need proper insulation to prevent outside air from penetrating within, and inside air from escaping. This is necessary for both cold and warm seasons. One of the first questions to ask yourself as a homeowner is whether or not your property has enough insulation.

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Is Your Home Sufficiently Insulated?

As far as checking to see if you have enough insulation, simply look across your attic and check if you can see the floor beams. If you can, then your home could probably use a little more insulation. There are several benefits for having a properly insulated home; like reduced energy costs and consumption, lower monthly utility bills, enhanced moisture control, even temperature distribution, and more. Insulation is like protective lining for a home. It blocks cold air or heat from entering the home, and prevents temperature-controlled air from escaping. Attics can reach extremely high temperatures in the warmer seasons, up to 150 degrees or more! Without sufficient insulation, that heat will leave the attic area and seep into the living quarters of a home.

The opposite situation applies in winter months as well. Insulation will keep frigid air or hot air from leaving the top of the home. Keep in mind that a home’s insulation does more than just offer indoor air comfort; it also provides a sound barrier from outdoor noises and allows for the perfect moisture-level in the air so that it does not feel so dried out.

Determining the Condition of Your Home’s Insulation

Many homeowners have mistaken the results of poor attic insulation for a broken HVAC system. The home doesn’t cool or warm properly, so they assume it’s the heating and cooling unit, when in fact, it’s the lack of insulation in their home. This is why it is imperative to have your home’s insulation inspected annually by a licensed general contractor. They retain the proper training, certifications, and knowledge to accurately diagnose your insulation problems. A trusted general contractor can save you time and money with a proper analysis. They will check the insulation as part of their inspection, and then make professional recommendations for necessary attic and wall renovations.

Types of Insulation

There are many types of insulation for a home. They are mostly made from flexible mineral fibers like fiberglass or rock wool, and come in rolls and batts, or blankets. One popular choice is cellulose insulation. It’s non-flammable so it can contribute to fire-prevention in a home. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, insects, termites, and reduces condensation. Insulation is mostly made from mineral fibers like fiberglass or rock wool. There is also rigid-foam insulation, perfect for exterior wall sheathing, as well as, foam-in-place insulation made from polyurethane.

Another form of insulation is a loose-fit version, such as the cellulose insulation, that fits well in awkward places like duct work, pipes, or attics with lots of wires. Consult your Indianapolis home renovation contractor for information and advice on which materials you should choose.

Indianapolis Home Renovation Contractors

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Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for trusted commercial and home renovation services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding locations. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions about your remodeling work needs, any time.

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The Importance of Floor Waxing for Commercial Properties

Commercial Floor Repair 317-454-3612

Commercial Floor Repair 317-454-3612

All commercial business and properties want to uphold a certain level of sophistication and professionalism. One way to achieve this kind of commercial aesthetic appeal is to have your floors waxed routinely. Although freshly waxed commercial flooring is brilliantly shiny and impressive, they have more to offer than just simple visual appeal. Floor waxing accomplishes much more than just making a company loo attractive, there are protective qualities if offers as well.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of commercial floor waxing and care.

Commercial Floor Waxing

Whether a commercial property serves guests, customers, visitors, or employees, it will require regular floor care to combat its foot traffic. High heel shoes, dress loafers, desk chairs, file carts, and much more will contribute to wear and tear. Without routine floor care, which includes waxing of course, floors will quickly deteriorate and property owners will lose on their investment.

Here’s the three main reasons why routine floor waxing is so vital for commercial properties and complexes:


Since the first thing that comes to mind when you gaze upon freshly waxes or properly cared-for flooring is its visual attractiveness, it is only obvious that one of the most important reasons has to do with how a company looks to its viewers. Floor waxing services can speak to the professionalism of a company. It shows that a company cares and takes proper strides to maintain their premises. In turn, they must put the same degree of customer service or respect into their industry as well; right?

Safety and Security

Floor care is critical in order to maintain a safe walking platform for everyone. Deteriorated floors can warp, bump, or peel, creating treacherous terrain for customers, clients, and employees. Caring for your commercial floors on a routine basis can prevent such wear and tear, which can ultimately prevent any liabilities from taking place.

Investment Protection

Because floor waxing prevents wear and tear, commercial property owners can prevent premature floor damage and costly repairs or replacements. This saves money and extends the lifespan of your commercial flooring. Floor replacement and repair is much more expensive compared to routine cleaning!

Call Our Indianapolis Flooring Contractors!

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B, LLC at 317-454-3612 if you are looking for commercial flooring contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner, Lee Elliot, provides a wide range of residential and commercial remodeling and renovation services at the most competitive prices in town. In fact, we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price! Call 317-454-3612 to schedule a time to receive an in-person estimate for Indianapolis floor repair and replacement, today.

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Tips for Commercial Building Maintenance and Repair

Commercial buildings, such as stores, banks, offices, and even apartment complexes, need regular cleaning and care to enhance durability, increase longevity, prolong aesthetic appeal, and protect the overall investment value. Just like a vehicle, a building also needs regular maintenance and care. Not only does routine maintenance and repair protect a proprietor’s investment, it also protects any guests, residents, customers, or visitors within the building each day. So what type of maintenance does a building require, and how often? Continue reading to learn about building maintenance and care, and who to call for professional handyman and remodeling service you can trust.

Commercial Handyman 317-454-3612

Commercial Handyman 317-454-3612

Building Maintenance

A building or commercial complex has several maintenance needs, and will eventually need common and predictable repairs along the way. It is important for building managers to inspect and assess a property’s condition on a regular basis, for safety reasons and to avoid larger and more costly disasters down the road. Regular building maintenance can stop a small problem from becoming a large and expensive problem, or worse, a liability. This can include aesthetic damages like peeling paint or wallpaper, broken floorboards, crumbling concrete, holes in drywall, and more. But it can also include plumbing and electrical repairs, structural repairs, siding repairs, and more. Below you will find some more common commercial building maintenance needs.

☑ Broken Stuff

When a door jams, a lock breaks apart, a window cracks, or a toilet clogs, a handyman or general contractor can provide assistance and find a solution right away. They can fix broken desk drawers, busted hinges, ripped carpet, and much more. More maintenance repair needs includes everything from office equipment and lighting, to major components like escalators, elevators, and security equipment. There is no end to the type of maintenance and repair needed on a daily basis, especially for larger properties. Large properties like shopping malls, movie theaters, hospitals, apartment complexes, and office buildings are guaranteed to need a repair almost every day. It is vital for all repairs to be fixed in order to avoid workers’ compensation claims, lawsuits, and more. It is suggested to keep a record of all the needed repairs over a month’s time, and then at the end of every month, call a trusted handyman to resolve them all at once.

☑ Door Locks and Keys

A handyman retains the tools and resources to replace door locks, door knobs, lost keys, security codes, and more. Most maintenance workers retain copies of office keys and can make a new one for someone that misplaced theirs; however, if your building does not have in-house maintenance staff, you are left to deal with these responsibilities on your own. If an automatic security lock is being stubborn, a handyman can usually find the override codes and fix the problem. This ensures protection over the building at all times.

☑ Emergency Repairs

Disasters happen and commercial buildings are no stranger to the feeling. Water leaks, flooding, no heat, no electricity, and more are all areas in which a handyman or remodeling contractor can save the day. They retain the training, knowledge, and equipment to quickly combat these kinds of disasters and get the building back in order, as soon as possible. Even a busted office window can count as an emergency when its 30 below outside! In this case, they can replace the glass or provide a temporary solution while waiting for the window warranty company to arrive.

Indianapolis Commercial Building Repairs

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Building Repairs and Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable commercial building repairs in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding areas. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions regarding commercial restoration and repair. We provide a wide range of services for commercial buildings, and retain the experience, skills, and resources to keep your building in tip-top shape! Request an estimate, today!

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How to Properly Maintain a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The bathroom exhaust vent fan requires annual maintenance to increase its performance value and lifespan. It is used for removing excess moisture in the air after a hot shower or bath. If never removed, this moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth, which is simultaneously dangerous to our health and destructive for our homes. Continue reading to learn how to properly clean and maintain bathroom exhaust vent fans.

Indianapolis Handyman Service 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Handyman Service 317-454-3612

How They Operate

Bathroom exhaust fans are powerful enough to exhaust nearly two million cubic feet of air per year if turned on for one hour each day! They draw air from the bathroom and vent it outside. As the vent draws air in, other airborne particles come with it, like dust, dander, and debris. These particles accumulate on the outer grid cover and fan motor, reducing performance value and efficiency. Both of these areas must be cleaned in order to maintain an operational bathroom exhaust vent. Dust and debris should be wiped clear every six months to a year, depending on the size of a bathroom and the number of occupants in a home.

How to Clean the Bathroom Exhaust Vent:

▥ To get started, you will need a vacuum with a brush attachment, a step stool, and a towel. The first step begins at the circuit breaker box. Be sure to flip the fuse to the bathroom fan so it has no power. This will eliminate electrocution accidents and injuries.

▥ Next, use your step stool to get in arms reach of the vent. Most are located on the ceiling, but some may be on the side of a wall, right beneath the ceiling.

▥ Slowly pull the grid cover to the vent down until it is a few inches from the ceiling. At this point, you will be able to see metal spring clips on each side of the grid cover. Press them together simultaneously and release them from their slots in the fan housing, then remove the cover from the ceiling entirely.

▥ Place the vent cover on the towel and vacuum it clean with your brush attachment. You may also use paper towel and mild cleaning solution to wipe it clean after vacuuming. Do this for both sides.

▥ Next, using your brush attachment, gently vacuum the fan housing and blower motor. You can choose to use the crevice tool vacuum attachment to reach deeper, harder-to-reach spots.

▥ Now you are ready to attach the cover back to the ceiling and exposed fan housing. To do this, hold the vent cover while pressing together both metal spring clips. Slip the clips back into their slots inside the fan housing. Gently push the cover back onto the ceiling.

▥ For larger-scale plumbing maintenance and handyman needs, contact a qualified general contractor who specializes in residential and commercial plumbing work. They can provide professional and affordable plumbing services for homes, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, and much more.

Handyman Services in Indianapolis

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable handyman repairs in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding areas. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer your questions regarding home restoration and repair. Call 317-454-3612 to schedule an assessment, today!

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How to Install an Interior Sliding Barn Door

Door Installation 317-454-3612

Door Installation 317-454-3612

Sliding barn doors are one of the most currents trends for indoor home décor. They come pre-manufactured in several different styles, colors, and finishes, but you can also re-purpose an old door with a little sanding, priming, and painting! If you are considering a sliding barn door for an area in your home, you are on the right track toward that modern farmhouse country look you have in mind!

Continue reading to learn just how easy it is to install a sliding barn door system all on your own.

What You’ll Need:

🛠 Sliding Barn Door System w/Hardware
🛠 Socket Wrench
🛠 Drill
🛠 Drill Bit
🛠 Router w/Half Bit
🛠 Metal Cutter
🛠 Level
🛠 Awl
🛠 Utility Gloves
🛠 Safety Goggles
🛠 Tape Measure
🛠 Drywall Anchors
🛠 Mounting Board
🛠 Cutting Oil

The sliding barn door system that you choose should come with the proper hardware needed to install it, including 2″ flat steel track, track joint brackets, spacers, screws, lag bolts, carriage bolts, hanger rollers, a bottom roller guide, and bottom rollers. The rest of the tools and supplies you’ll need can be purchased at your local home improvement store of choice. They range in price depending on brand, retailer, quality, and more.

Are You are Ready to Get Started?

In the first step, you will need to attach the mounting board. This will provide the necessary support for the actual barn door. Start by custom cutting the mounting board to fit the tracks. Cut the mounting board to match the length of the track, but make the width just a little wider than the track. To secure the mounting board, you will need your drywall anchors, lag bolts, and spacers.

The next step involves putting together the track. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the steel track using your joint brackets. You will need to cut the track to the length you need. It should be twice the width of the door. This will allow the door to open all the way to reveal the entire entry space.

Next, you will need to measure where the holes will go to attach the track to the mounting board and wall. Then use your metal cutting drill bit to drill the holes you marked. To prevent the drill bit from slipping on the metal, use your awl to make a seat for it while you work. Use your cutting oil in the drill holes to regulate heat.

Now you are ready to install the track and spacers. Measure the track system and use your lag bolts to attach it to the mounting board and wall. Be sure it is level!

Last, you will need to install the hanger rollers and the actual barn door. It is wise to have a partner for this step since the door is usually pretty heavy. Use the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the hanger rollers to the door. You will need the provided carriage bolts, nuts, and washers for this step. Use your socket wrench to tighten it all up, and then attach the bottom rollers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now just hang the door on the track!

Indianapolis Door Installation and Handyman Service

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling

For professional door installation and similar handyman services, call Restoration By L&B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for quality service you can trust. Owner, Lee Elliot, is an experienced general contractor who offers a wide range of professional home remodeling, repair, and restoration services at the most competitive prices around. In fact, we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price! Call 317-454-3612 to request an estimate, today.

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The Proper Climate for Deck Staining

Can it be too cold or too hot outside to stain your deck? Continue reading to learn which outdoor temperatures are best suited for deck staining and sealing.

Deck Restoration 317-454-3612

Deck Restoration 317-454-3612

Summer is here, and we are spending more time outdoors. We finally get to utilize our grills, Adirondack chairs, cocktail tables, porch swings, and more! One of the most habituated outdoor areas of a home is the patio or deck, which is why routine maintenance is so vital to the value of your home. Deck staining and sealing is an important part of exterior home maintenance, and also one of the most cost-effective and easy upgrades you can do; however, if you choose to stain your deck yourself, it is important to have the proper knowledge of the process in order to achieve good results.

Ideal Temperatures to Stain a Deck

Is it ever too hot or too cold to stain a deck? The answer is yes. One of the most significant elements to deck staining is weather. It is vital that you choose a mild day to stain your deck so that you can avoid a botched job.

If it is too hot outside, the stain will dry too fast. This leads to uneven permeation and visible lap marks. Avoid deck staining projects in temperatures near or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you must stain your deck during a time when temperatures are consistently high, try completing the project very early in the morning before the temperatures get too high. Once the stain is applied and begins to dry, rising temperatures shouldn’t affect the finished result.

If the weather is too cold, staining a deck is a challenge. In contrast to hot temperatures, cold weather will extend the drying time. This has many disadvantages, primarily in terms of time and schedule. For this reason, stick to days with temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, you must also check the forecast for overnight temperatures. If they drop below freezing, it could be detrimental to the quality of the stain adhesion and the curing process. If you have no choice but to stain a deck in colder temperatures, you can try to use space heaters to speed up the drying time.

Sun Exposure

Not only do you need to be cautious of the temperatures, it is equally important to avoid staining a deck in direct sunlight. This will cause flash drying, which inhibits stain penetration and leads to blotchy appearances. Instead, choose a day that is mildly sunny or partly cloudy to ensure good results.

Professional Deck and Patio Restoration

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B, LLC at 317-454-3612 to inquire about written estimates or to schedule an in-home consultation for deck restoration and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner, Lee Elliot, and his team of licensed general contractors are happy to answer your questions about restoring your patio or deck back to its former glory. And we guarantee to BEAT any competitors’ prices! Call 317-454-3612 to get started, today!

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Suggested Home Remodeling Ideas for New Puppies

Indianapolis Handyman Service  317-454-3612

Indianapolis Handyman Service 317-454-3612

Whether it is something you’ve wanted for a long time but you never had the right space, or you’ve finally given in to your kids’ incessant requests for a pet, adding a puppy to your household calls for some serious preparation. Not only do you need to set up and delegate a care plan among your family, you need to think about puppy-proofing the home. This is necessary for both the puppy and the structural integrity of your home. Continue reading to learn some remodeling ideas to consider when bringing home a new puppy.

Install a Doggy Door

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to install a doggy door in your home. You can teach a dog to tap at doors when they need out, but this tapping often leads to scratching, which leaves behind scrapes, marks, and other structural damages to the wall or door. Not only does a doggy door deter this action, it allows a puppy to freely let themselves out when they need to go, all without disrupting you or waking you up in the middle of the night for a potty break. It is simple to train a dog to use a doggy door, especially when they are still young. It requires professional installation, so be sure to use a trusted handyman for the job.

Replace Carpets with Laminate Flooring

Carpets retain stains, odors, dander, and more. With a new puppy around, it is wiser to replace carpets with something that is easier to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to higher-end materials like hardwood, and it is low maintenance. It comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, textures, and styles, so finding a match for your home would be simple. To avoid pet messes, unraveled carpet fibers, lingering stains, and more, replace carpets with laminate before you bring home your new pup.

Indianapolis Handyman Services

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 for Indianapolis home remodeling services at competitive prices. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about home remodel planning, prices, and process. And don’t forget; we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition!

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The 3 Biggest Differences Between Residential and Commercial Windows

Window Repair and Replacement 317-454-3612

Window Repair and Replacement 317-454-3612

Often times, commercial property owners who need to replace their business’s windows are at a loss for words after they learn how much the project will cost. This confusion generally stems from making the mistake of comparing the price of commercial windows with the cost of residential windows. Why such a difference in price? There are many reasons, all of which vary from project to project depending on several factors, including quantity, square-footage, material grades, labor, and more.

However, there are 3 major differences between commercial and residential windows that you should know in order to better understand your final estimate. Continue reading to learn what these three differences are and how they impact the total cost of procurement.

❶ Commercial Properties are Internal Load Dominated Buildings

Internal load dominated building is a term used in the commercial construction industry to describe the solar heat gain potential of large, heavily-populated properties. Large buildings that have a large amount of people and equipment generate a lot of heat. For this reason, commercial properties are built using windows with specialized solar glazing that limits solar heat gain. Without these windows, commercial properties can expect extreme energy spending. Residential homes are envelope load dominated buildings, meaning they are not crowded nor do they generate excessive levels of internal heat. In fact, homes rely on sunlight as an assisted energy-efficient heating source.

❷ The North American Fenestration Standard Rating System

The North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) is a national window rating system. It is an important system based on several factors, including the ability to bear load, resist wind, and more. They are especially important for middle to high-rise buildings because they experience higher wind pressures and heavier loads. The NAFS includes four ratings: Residential (R), Light Commercial (LC), Commercial Windows (CW), and Architectural Windows (AW). Windows must meet these standards in order to be approved for commercial use.

❸ Manufacturing and Installation Require More

Because commercial grade windows are heavier and thicker, they require more materials for construction and custom manufacturing. This makes them more expensive compared to residential windows, which are smaller, less heavy-duty, and do not require specialized glazing or solar-resistant coating. Not only does the construction of these windows require more material (which costs more), they take more labor and specialized construction equipment (i.e. cranes, lifts, scaffolding, etc.) to install. This also increases the cost.

Indianapolis Window Installation Contractors

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Property Remodeling

Call Restoration By L&B LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable window installation services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner, Lee Elliot, is happy to answer all your questions about commercial remodel planning, prices, and process. And best of all, we guarantee to BEAT any prices quoted by our competition! Call 317-454-3612 and speak with an friendly contractor about your Indianapolis window repair and replacement needs, today.

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