How to Get Rid of Black Mold on Walls and More

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Indianapolis Drywall and Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Black mold is dangerous. Not to mention unsightly, disgusting, smelly, and destructive. Needless to say, black mold is a problem and should be treated and eliminated immediately upon discovery. If you have recently discovered a festering wall or other area of your home that has been consumed by black mold, it is time to take necessary action and get rid of it for good.

Although minor black mold remediation can be done on your own, large-scale projects require professional operations. Make that assessment with the help of a trained mold remediation contractor. They can determine whether or not the mold infestation is on a small scale or a large one. Sometimes the degree of mold damage is not always exposed, making it imperceptible at first or second glance.

Once you have a good idea of how extensive the black mold is in your property, you can determine whether or not you require professional services. If you can tackle the project on your own, continue reading and learn an effective method of black mold removal and remediation.

Black Mold Removal

When working with mold, it is vital to wear a respirator, or a face mask designed for mold spores, to protect yourself from potential health complications related to mold spore inhalation. All exposed skin should be covered as well. As mentioned, the first step to getting rid of black mold is to hire a professional to determine the extent of damage. If it is decided that the infestation is manageable on your own, you are ready to continue to the process.

The next place to begin is identifying the cause behind the mold growth. This might also require the help of a trained professional, perhaps a plumber or general contractor. This is because the source of mold growth could be from a water leak or appliance condensation in wall, pipes, roofs, or foundations of a property. These leaks or condensation issues need to be resolved before a mold problem can be eliminated.

When the first two steps are done, it is time to close off the affected area. Vents need to be covered, doors and windows should be tightly shut, and entries or openings need blocked off with plastic tarp and duct tape. The area must be entirely sealed to the best of your ability. Place floor fans, facing outward, in entry ways helps to push airborne spores outside.

Before starting any actual mold removal, spray the affected area and mold with water. This helps reduce the amount of airborne spores when moving them around. Using a brush or sponge, scrub the mold away with soap and warm water. Regular dish detergent is fine. Remember that not all mold spores are colored or visible, so scrub the entire area, as well as, any surrounding areas to make sure all mold is removed.

Once the area is scrubbed with warm soapy water, repeat this process, only this time, using bleach. Apply bleach to the entire area and then rinse with fresh water and a clean rag. If you do not have bleach or dislike using bleach, vinegar will do the trick as well. Or you can purchase a mold cleaning solution at the store. Discard all equipment and supplies used to clean the black mold in a large garbage bag and take it outside through an entrance other than the main entrance of the property. A garage, patio, or loading dock entrance is best.

Drywall Replacement and Painting

Once the mold is removed, you will likely need professional drywall installation and painting services to restore the areas that were affected by the mold. Be sure to choose a licensed general contractor who specializes in residential and commercial drywall and painting projects. They have the comprehensive resources to restore interior walls and foundations back to their original condition.

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