How to Decide Between a Nail and a Screw

When it comes to home renovations and handyman projects involving wood, nails and screws are staple supplies to have on hand. But how do you know which one to use and when? Although the debate is ongoing, there are some facts and considerations that can help you decide which fastener is best for your particular home improvement application.

Continue reading to learn a few pointers for choosing between a nail and a screw, as well as, what to do if you are stuck making progress on your home repair or project.

Indianapolis Handyman 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Handyman 317-454-3612

Nails or Screws?

The truth is, both nails and screws are excellent fasteners for wood so they can usually be incorporated interchangeably. So long as you size your unit correctly and install it properly, you should have success with either one. Ultimately, the unit you choose to use on your particular application depends on personal preference and availability of tools and supplies.

First, consider how strong and lasting you need the connection to be. Screws are stronger by nature of installation, and therefore, are good choices for heavy or large items, such as drywall. Nails are slimmer, but come in very long size variations, making them good choices for aesthetic applications, thinner materials, and lightweight items like picture frames.

Next, think about the tools you have on hand. You want to match the type of screw or nail with the proper tool. If you only have a hammer, you may want to stick with nails, but if you have a power drill or screw driver, you can choose screws. Likewise, if you only have a Philips Head screw driver, you would need to use Philips screws. Phillips screws deliver a tighter fit compared to flat head screws, making them more popular among factories and handymen.

Third, take into consideration the size and shape of your wooden building materials. Screws tend to have more tensile strength, while nails have shear strength. Nails, although can bend under pressure, are quite strong and rarely snap. Screws are more brittle, but they connect wooden boards together, tighter and stronger. Screws also work better with wood’s natural structural propensity to expand and contract.

Common Nail Applications:

▻ Roof and Wall Framing
▻ Plywood Sheathing
▻ Hardwood Floors
▻ Siding/Roofing
▻ Interior Moldings
▻ Solid-Wood Edgings for Plywood Shelves
▻ Stiles and Rails for Cabinets
And anywhere else you don’t want to damage wood with a screw.

Common Screw Applications:

▻ Drywall Hanging
▻ Wood Deck Fastening
▻ Cabinet Installation
▻ Wooden Toys
▻ Bookcases
And any other wooden connection that you wish to take apart.

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Vital Forklift Safety Tips

Whether in a big box store or a construction zone, forklifts are common machines used to lift heavy items, palettes, materials, and more. But without proper training, knowledge, and discipline, operating a forklift can be very dangerous, to both the operator and surrounding peers.

Since there are various vocations and job positions that require forklift knowledge and operation, it is a standard certification sought out within the workforce. If you work with forklifts regularly, or have a staff under your supervision who does, it is vital to ensure that the proper, industry-standard forklift operation safety practices are upheld at all times to prevent serious accidents and injuries.

Continue reading to review the top safety tips you should know and practice when operating a forklift; then share this knowledge with your fellow teams.

Indianapolis Building Contractors 317-454-3612
Indianapolis Building Contractors 317-454-3612

✨ Forklift Safety Training

The most fundamental safety tip for operating a forklift is to have the proper training and certification. Anyone who has not undergone official forklift safety training should not be permitted to operate a forklift under any circumstances. Whether gas, electric, 3-wheeled, or rough-terrain, forklifts are serious machinery and they require acute knowledge on operation and safety. We recommend to visit for details on earning your forklift certification in Indiana.

✨ Forklift Inspections

Forklifts, like all pieces of powered machinery, require regular inspections and routine maintenance in order to ensure they are in good condition. Aside from regular inspections, forklift operators should make it a habit to always perform a brief assessment of the machine before each use. Check the brakes, steering, lights, signals, tires, and more, to determine if the forklift is ready or not.

✨ Forklift Operation

When operating a forklift, there are several safety rules to adhere to. Some of the most important are the ones that are often overlooked. For instance, always be sure to maintain a safe speed when driving a forklift. Although they seem slow, it is easy to lose control in a small space. Additionally, it is important to wear the proper gear and clothing when operating a forklift, including eye goggles, work boots, hard hats, reflective vests, and more.

✨ Forklift Load

If a load is not fully-secured or stable, it can cause a wide range of serious accidents and injuries. Can you imagine if a palate of timber fell on top of someone? So it is vital to ensure that all cargo is secured and balanced on the forklift before operating it further. Check on the weight distribution and levelness to avoid topping, falls, spills, and more.

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Residential and Commercial Remodeling 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable building repairs in Central Indiana and its surrounding areas. Our Indianapolis general contractors provide a wide range of services for both commercial and residential properties, from general handyman services and home remodels, to full-on renovations, additions, conversions, and more. Request an estimate, today!

Current Tax Credits and Rebates to Know About if You Own a Home

Did you know you can receive government tax credits and manufacturer rebates for certain appliances, electronics, home improvements, remodels, and more? Continue reading to learn which company rebates and tax credits are currently available this year, and how you can qualify!

Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

There are several ways you can qualify for more tax deductions and rebates, and they all involve your home! As a homeowner, you can qualify for specific tax credits this year by making changes to the interior and exterior of your house or property. Roofing, appliances, electronics, remodels, space conversions, lighting, and renewable energy sources are just the start of the possibilities!

Tax Credits

Tax credits are regulated and set by the government, and intended to entice home owners to make improvements that conserve energy. Local, state, and federal tax credits exist for those who qualify, and are claimed during income tax season.

For instance, if you have your roof replaced with an Energy Star-certified material, such as asphalt shingles, you could receive a tax credit of 10% of the cost, up to $500. Or by adding an office space to your home, you could also qualify for certain tax deductions, as well as, certain manufacturer rebates on office furniture and equipment.

A Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is available for homeowners who remodel areas of their property with solar power, such as solar paneling for roofs, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps, solar water heaters, and more. To discover which tax credits are available to you, go to the U.S. Department of Energy website.


If you install an energy-efficient appliance that is administered through a local utility company or an appliance manufacturer that works alongside the U.S. Energy Star program, you could receive a rebate from either party. Some local power companies have been known to offer rebates as high as $500 or $600 for Energy Star-certified installations. Appliances must be Energy Star-Certified in order to be eligible for the rebate.

Examples of appliances that make Energy Star-certified models include HVAC systems, home electronics, lighting, water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. Home improvement rebates may also be available for projects like windows, doors, skylights, insulation. To learn if you qualify for any rebates, go to the Energy Star website.

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The Top Benefits of Adding a Mud Room

If you are considering a home remodel or upgrade this summer, now is the time to think about adding in a mud room. There are various benefits of having a mud room in your home, all of which are enhanced if you have children and pets!

Continue reading to learn some of the top-noted benefits of mud room additions, and who you should talk to about home remodels and conversions.

Mud Room Home Remodels 317-454-3612

Mud Room Home Remodels 317-454-3612

Mud rooms are meant to be a buffer between the outdoor elements and the inside living quarters of your home. Rain, snow, mud, and more, can all be better controlled with the addition of a mud room. For these reasons, the most important factor for a mud room is location; you want to have it where it will be most convenient and useful. Common areas for a mud room include off of the kitchen, garage, basement entrances, and utility rooms.

The dimensions for a standard mud room are 6-foot by 6-foot and 7-foot by 9-foot. Of course, this can (and might have to) be customized and altered according to your unique property set up and personal preference. For instance, if you want your mud room to have a washing machine and dryer in it, you might have to make it larger. Mud rooms are traditionally designed to have utility sinks, floor drains, and moisture-proof, easy-to-clean flooring for all of these reasons.

Notable Benefits of Mud Room Additions:

Easy Additions and Conversions

If you are wondering whether or not your property is well-suited for a mud room remodel, be sure to talk to a licensed Indianapolis home remodeling company that can give you a personalized on-site inspection and detailed, written quote. Fortunately, one of the greatest things about mud rooms is that they are an easy addition, and even easier conversion, for most home types!

Cleanliness and Control

A mud room serves as a safe common ground between the outside and the inside. This helps control the amount of dirt, dust, pollen, mold, and precipitation allowed in your home. If the kids want to play in the snow, you don’t have to worry about tracking in water and dirty snow through the house when you have a mud room. They can take off all their wet clothing in the mud room, and enter the living areas of the house, clean and dry. This also applies to dogs!

Storage and Space

A mud room addition also means more space since you can have them designed with closets, cabinetry, shelving, racks, hooks, pegs, baskets, bins, and any other features that will make your life easier. You can store winter coats, rain coats, pool toys, bathing suits, and more, in your mud room, giving you more storage space in other areas of your home; like the master bedroom closet!

Energy Efficiency

A mud room can actually save you money in the long run by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. It can affect heat transfer and insulation performance by adding a “transition zone” in your house. This is why mud rooms have two doors; one that leads to the outside and one that’s inside. Proper heating and ventilation also decreases humidity and prevents mildew.

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Residential and Commercial Remodeling

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Critical Safety Tips for Using Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is a less-pure form of Hydrochloric acid (HCl) that is commonly used in home remodeling and renovation projects as a multipurpose substance to remove mold from masonry, concrete, metal, and swimming pools. Although it is available at any local home improvement store for as low as $10 a gallon, it is not a material you should be using without considerable thought and research.

Continue reading to learn more about muriatic acid, including the vital safety tips you need to know.

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Renovation 317-454-3612

Muriatic acid, although readily available over the counter, should never be a first resort for your home maintenance or remodeling needs. In fact, it should never be a second, third, or fourth resort. Muriatic acid is incredible caustic, making it very dangerous to humans, pets, property, and the surrounding environment.

Not only is it capable of corroding plastics, metals, fabrics, and clothing, it poses several health risks. Muriatic acid usually comes in high concentrations. Upon exposure, it can cause several second and third degree burns to the skin, nose, and throat; it can also cause temporary or permanent blindness if it gets in the eyes.

Vital Safety Tips for Use

If you plan on using muriatic acid, be sure you are well-informed of the dangers and risks it poses to you and your surroundings, and retain all the proper supplies necessary to protect yourself during the job. Here are some of the most important safety tips you should always implement when using muriatic acid:

Always wear a full set of protective gear, including acid-resistant gloves, full face mask, eye goggles, full-coverage clothing, and work boots.

Never mix muriatic acid with other acids or chemical solutions.

Always be sure to properly dilute muriatic acid with water. The variations will depend on your project, but the general rule of thumb is 1 part muriatic acid to 10 parts water.

When diluting muriatic acid, you must always pour the acid into the water; never the other way around. If you pour water into the acid, it can cause an exothermic reaction, which will project the acid out of the container.

Always store muriatic acid in its own container until you are ready to pour it into water. It should never be poured into a container by itself. Be sure to use a glass or acid-resistant plastic container when you are mixing your solution.

When using muriatic acid, be sure to have some baking soda or garden lime near you in case you need to neutralize it suddenly. Also be sure to have access to clean water in the case of skin or eye exposure.

Contact a local recycling center to learn how to properly dispose of muriatic acid.

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HVAC Protection Tips for Home Remodels

Now that the winter is approaching, homeowners are starting to think about how they will fill the void of outdoor entertainment and activity. This is where home remodeling projects, restorations, home improvements, and more come into play. Although highly necessary and lucrative, home maintenance and remodeling can put your HVAC system at risk for damages if you’re not careful. Continue reading to learn a few simple methods to protecting your HVAC system during home remodels and projects.

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Remodels, gardening, and other home enhancements are a significant investment in themselves. Allowing your HVAC system to get damaged will incur large repair and replacement costs, on top of the initial costly investment of your home project. To avoid this, simply review some tips for HVAC protection, and reduce your chances of damaging your system during a home remodeling project. Here are some areas to keep an eye on, and methods to avoid damaging your system:

Keep the Unit Off

During all remodeling or gardening projects, you want to be sure your HVAC is turned off. The reason for this has to do with air circulation and air quality. Many projects involve sanding, cutting, drilling, digging, painting, or some other activity that causes airborne particles to release into the air. Everything from sand, chemicals, dirt, and other debris gets circulated through an HVAC system, and subsequently, through the interior of the home. This not only creates an unhealthy indoor air environment, the particles can cause a decline in a system’s performance and efficiency. This leads to increased utility bills and potential HVAC repairs. Not only should an HVAC system be turned off during home projects like these, vents should be closed as well for added protection.

Change Filters More Often

Although the system should be turned off, and the air is not being circulated by this means, there are still other ways for airborne pollutants to circulate into your system. For this reason, it is best to change the air filters multiple times during an interior remodeling project. Walking, movement, and ceiling fans can cause dirt and debris to enter the filters. When the system is turned back on, it can experience clogging or reduced performance. Always change the filters once more at the completion of a home remodeling project.

Take Caution with Tools and Supplies

It is important to keep a watchful eye on tools and supplies, as well as, using precaution with equipment. Things like nails, screws, drill bits, and more can fall into exterior units, causing system malfunctions and other damages. Also, one of the most common items found in home duct work are construction tools. Leaving hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and even soda cans behind can cause problems with air circulation and energy efficiency. When using equipment like lawn mowers and weed trimmers, it is important to be careful around the perimeter of your exterior HVAC unit. Knicks and cuts can cause a unit to be exposed, leading to weather-related deterioration, corrosion, and eventual system decline. Using covers is another great method to preventing accidents like these.

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Building Repairs and Remodeling

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3 Options for Open Concept Floor Plans

Do you love the idea of an open-concept floor plan and wish you could have one too? Well, you don’t always have to move into a new home to get the open living space you desire. You may have the option of remodeling your current floor plan instead! In fact, there are three common options for homeowners who wish to achieve an open-concept floor plan in their existing homes. However, it is important to discuss your remodeling ideas with a licensed contractor who can assist you in finding the proper renovation for your particular space. They can let you know if your home is a good candidate for open floor space renovations, and if so, which transformation is right for your property. Continue reading to learn about each one, and who to call for trusted home remodeling services near you.

Indianapolis Home Renovation 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Home Renovation 317-454-3612

3 Ways to an Open Floor Plan:

Take Down a Wall or Two

A contractor can point out which walls are load-bearing and which are not. The walls that are not load-bearing can be torn down in a strategic and artistic way to add more space to any room. Conjoining rooms by tearing down walls is an invasive remodeling project, but with professional assistance, it is generally easy and organized work. It is important to use a professional contractor to tear down walls so they can locate gas pipes, electrical wires, load-bearing walls, and more.

Adding an Archway

If you are looking for a more open feel for your living space, but you loathe the idea of a full-on remodel, making small but stately adjustments can make a big difference, and fit the budget nicely too. For instance, adding an archway above interior doors provides instant gratification because it gives off an illusion of more space. And construction for archways is pretty minimal, and requires less drywall work and less labor time.

Accent Walls and Space Division

If construction, drywall work, and remodeling are nowhere near your budget, there are more cost-effective methods for creating the illusion of a more open floor plan. For example, you can add an accent wall in certain rooms, particularly small ones. This creates a feel of difference and division. And speaking of division, dividing room space is another cost-effective interior design method that creates the feeling of more space. Try adding crown molding on the walls of your dining room to separate it from the foyer or kitchen. This is inexpensive and does not take much time to install. All of these options can even be done on your own, which is even more cost-effective.

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Home Inspection To-Do List for Spring

Home Siding Installation  317-454-3612

Home Siding Installation 317-454-3612

Every year, particularly in the spring, it is important to set aside some time in your schedule to inspect certain areas and aspects of your home to eliminate future structural damages. Neglecting to perform these inspections can result in small problems becoming really big ones overtime; and eventually leading to tedious and expensive home repairs and renovations. With a simple springtime inspection, you can address any problems at the start, catching them while they are still small and manageable.

As a homeowner, it’s important to know what’s going on in and around your home’s structure. Get to know your property’s vulnerable areas, and keep an eye out for issues that can develop into major problems down the line. Continue reading to review a basic spring inspection checklist to help you get started on managing your home’s quality and condition!


Inspect your kitchen and bathroom caulking. Look around sinks, tubs, and showers to see if the caulk has worn down, or if it is still in decent condition. This also includes the windows in these areas and the rest of your home. Caulking is important in a plumbing sense, to prevent water from entering all the crevices and gaps beneath these areas. This causes mold and mildew growth, which overtime, can become a stinky, messy, and costly repair. As for windows, caulking is important for proper air sealing and energy efficiency. Poor window caulking can lead to air loss, higher utility bills, and reduces energy efficiency. Caulking is inexpensive and easy to do, only requiring a few simple tools and products.


On the topic of water leaks, another important aspect to inspect in your home is water leaks. This includes checking the plumbing pipes beneath sinks, plumbing fixtures, outdoor faucets, water heaters, and more. Look for any evidence of a leak in these areas, from a little bit of moisture, all the way to puddles and drips. Call a professional for plumbing repairs if you find any leaks. Stopping a leak before it can do major damage is priceless.

Exterior Siding and Paint

After the winter subsides, your home might reveal some winter weather wear and tear on its siding or paint. Look for peeling or faded paint, faded or warped siding, and any other surface damages. Correcting these damages may seem only aesthetic to you, but they are in-fact highly lucrative preventative maintenance tasks that pay for themselves in the long-run.

Patio and Deck

Again, winter weather can cause wear and tear to several outdoor areas to a home, and the patio and porch are no different. In the spring, inspect your patio and deck for fading, discoloration, warped or rotted boards, and other damage. This is the best time to give your patio or deck a refresher by re-staining and re-sealing it. Neglecting to maintain a patio or deck will end up costing homeowners hefty replacement and restoration bills.


Always inspect your gutters after the winter season, and before the spring season. Clear out any obstructions like leaves, twigs, and dirt; and then check for any structural damage, gaping, cracks, and more. Preventing back-flow in your homes gutters can save you time, money, and stress by reducing the chances of future issues.

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General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

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Is Kitchen Remodeling a Good Investment?

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling 317-454-3612

If you’ve recently been back and forth, deciding whether or not to remodel your kitchen, it is most likely because you are unsure if it’s a sensible financial decision. Cabinetry and countertops are not the stressing factors in regards to renovating your kitchen; no, it is always the question of cost-effectiveness and profitability. A kitchen remodel, small or large, can be quite the financial investment, so it is understandable why homeowners put so much time and worry into making a final decision.

Anyone who remodels a space in their home wants their investment to be worthwhile. Fortunately, a kitchen remodel is one of the most worthwhile investments a family can make! Continue reading to learn why, and some tips for cost-effective kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodeling makes perfect sense because the kitchen is the gathering place of the home. Aside from the bathrooms, the kitchen is the most used room in many households. Kitchens are where all the cooking, eating, socializing, and homework is done! For this reason, and more, a kitchen remodel is a good idea. Why not enhance the room of the house that the whole family uses and enjoys? For a first remodel for your home, the kitchen is the perfect place to start. There are, however, a few things to consider when planning for a kitchen remodel. These considerations will help you better identify whether or not kitchen remodeling is a responsible financial decision for your home and family.

One of the first things to think about when considering a kitchen remodel is why you want to remodel in the first place. Some homeowners wish to update their kitchens to increase value because they are selling their home. Others intend to use and take full advantage of their remodeled kitchens. For those who want to remodel a kitchen for themselves and their family, there are fantastic energy efficient options to implement that can save on monthly utility bills. Heated floors, programmable thermostats, advanced seal windows, and more are just a few examples of an energy-efficient kitchen remodel. For those who are remodeling a kitchen to increase their return on investment, a fresh and modern update to the aesthetic appearance is the first thing potential home-buyers are looking for. New countertops, updated cabinets or cabinet faces, new appliances, and new flooring will surely do the trick.

Restoration By L & B, LLC

General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

Call Lee Elliot, owner and operator of Restoration By L & B, LLC, at 317-454-3612 for professional advice about kitchen remodeling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. He and his team of trained and qualified general contractors can answer your questions about kitchen remodels and more. We offer free advice, free estimates, and more. Call 317-454-3612 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable kitchen remodeling contractor in Indianapolis, IN today.

Fantastic Up-Grades to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeling

Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeling 317-454-3612

Although bathrooms primarily serve a specific set of purposes, shouldn’t they also be a space reserved for relaxation and pampering? This is certainly something to think about when preparing for an upcoming bathroom remodel. Now is your chance to turn your master bath into the space you’ve always dreamed of! Continue reading for bathroom remodel ideas that can make you feel like you’ve stepped into a spa, without breaking the budget!

Bathroom Remodeling

There are so many options when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, which means there is a lot to think about. It is helpful to consult a professional general contractor for accurate remodeling and renovation information and advice. They can put you on the right track toward customizing the bathroom of your dreams! When you decide to remodel a master bath, the obvious approach to take is to upgrade. When it comes to bathroom upgrades, homeowners are taking luxury to the next level. Here are some of the most remarkable and very-doable, bathroom remodel upgrades and features:

Radiant-Heat Flooring

What’s better than stepping out of your shower onto a surface that feels cozier than a pair of cashmere socks? Radiant-heat flooring can deliver this level of comfort and more. Many contractors are suggesting this bathroom remodel upgrade for several reasons. The re-sale value on a home can drastically increase with the proper upgrades and modernizations. Heated bathrooms floors are an attainable luxury that every homeowner can enjoy. It enhances our home comfort, serenity, and contentment. Radiant heat is more energy efficient as well. This means less money spent on monthly utility bills and conserving valuable energy. There are two main types of radiant-heat floor systems, electric and hydronic. Electric radiant-heat systems are cheaper to install, but cost more to operate and maintain; while hydronic heat systems are slightly costly to install, and cheaper to run. Electric heat systems are encouraged for smaller spaces like master bathrooms for the reasons mentioned above, using tile flooring as a perfect medium.

Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

Although larger mirrors can do more than make a space appear roomier, transforming a master bathroom to look larger is one of the best advantages to installing wall to wall mirrors. You can have these mirrors centered above the sink and counter-top, or have closet doors and walls covered in all mirror. This gives a master bathroom a boutique-like style and look. It is a small upgrade that makes a big difference!

Jacuzzi Bathtub

Many home-buyers these days are looking for master baths with large Jacuzzi tubs or garden tubs. Installing a bigger tub will instantly upgrade the look and quality of your bathroom and increase the re-sale value of your home. By taking your bathroom remodel a step further, and opting for Jacuzzi jets rather than a simply garden tub, you can make a huge difference in the way you live and the return of investment you get when ready to sell.

Double Sinks

Most homeowners flock to the idea of having his and hers sinks. Double sinks are a highly desired feature of a master bathroom. If you are planning a remodel, installing double sinks should be a no-brainer! You might have to stretch your budget a bit further to afford it, but having separate bathroom sinks comes with personal and lucrative advantages in the long run.


One of the most luxurious features you could add to your upcoming bathroom remodeling project is installing sky-lighting. Nothing better compliments your upgraded bathroom better than natural lighting! Not only are you exposed to a healthy source of Vitamin D, you are preventing the chances of mold growth by eliminating dark, moist areas in a bathroom. Skylights promote better energy efficiency in a home and fit into an Eco-friendly lifestyle. No need to flip a switch when the sun’s already offering ample lighting!

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, consider some of these upgrades to enhance your home comfort and make the most out of your investment. Contact a professional general contractor for accurate information regarding bathroom remodeling services in Indianapolis.

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General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

Call 317-454-3612 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable general contractor about bathroom remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and operator, Lee Elliot, and his team of qualified home remodeling contractors are eager to get your project started! We offer free estimates, free information, advice, consultations, handyman services, and all other general contractor services for residential and commercial properties. Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling in Indianapolis, IN today.