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If you are looking for hardworking and proficient painting and drywall contractors in Indianapolis, look no further! Here at Restoration By L&B, LLC, we are a superior full-service home remodeling and renovation company that serves all of Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Whether you are flipping a property, remodeling your home, or simply redecorating, our licensed home remodeling contractors are the experts to trust for professional painting and drywall work at the best prices around. In fact, choose us to manage all your home renovation and handyman needs from now on!

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Indianapolis Drywall Painting Contractors
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Our Drywall and Painting Contracting Team Does it All

At Restoration By L&B LLC, we provide a wide-range of interior painting and exterior painting services, drywall work, new construction remodeling, and much more, all at the most competitive prices in town. Whether you require drywall work, interior painting, exterior painting, or a combination of them all, we have the skills and resources to deliver exceptional results in a reasonable time frame. Our licensed and insured general contractors have several years of home and building construction and handyman experience, and retain a full inventory of state of the art equipment and technologies to render expert-level project results for both commercial and residential clients. Best of all, WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY COMPETITOR’S PRICE in Indiana!

Never trust a drywall or painting job to a self-proclaimed, self-taught handyman in the family, nor a stranger you found on Craigslist. Drywall installation, patchwork, finishing, and painting are skills that can only be mastered with years of hands-on experience in the industry. It requires years of practice and the use of comprehensive methods to achieve a satin finish and unblemished results.

But Wait, We Do More!

We also offer several client conveniences, such as written estimates, information, DIY advice, in-home consultations, and much more. As a locally-owned and operated business in Indianapolis, we are firmly dedicated to exceptional customer support, quality service, and skilled workmanship. When you call our office, you can expect a prompt answer, a warm greeting, thorough information, and friendly service. Also, when we arrive at your home, you can anticipate punctuality, professional attire, and sophisticated conduct at all times.

How to Get Started With a Drywall and Painting Quote in Indianapolis

Call Restoration By L&B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional drywall and painting services in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We are 100% committed to honesty, integrity, and quality service, so you can trust you are receiving reliable and accurate industry information and advice at all times. We are happy to answer any questions you have about a particular repair or renovation project for your home, office, or complex. Request an estimate, today.

Indianapolis Indiana General Contractors
Indianapolis Indiana General Contractors 317-454-3612

Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

While many painting projects are achievable with a simple brush or roller, on a larger scale, paint sprayers are usually a better tool option. They are highly-effective tools that can cut your painting time in half, making them perfect for painting large rooms, large walls, ceilings, fences, and siding. They are also great for painting patio furniture and ornamental décor. Paint sprayers, however, are not ideal for small painting projects, such as trim, single walls, and rooms with poor ventilation. If you are preparing for a painting job that would be best accomplished with a quality paint sprayer, then be sure to brush up on some tips before getting started. Continue reading to learn some healthy pointers for using a paint sprayer.

Spray Painter Preparation

Before you pick up your sprayer and paint can, it is important to complete all the necessary prep work. First, check the temperature of the paint. Generally, the ideal temperature for spray painting is between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the paint is too cold, the device will clog. If it’s too hot, it will prevent the paint from bonding properly because it will dry too fast.

Next, you need to check your gear. Wearing the proper safety gear is vital to your skin, hair, nails, eyes, and respiratory system. Proper gear includes a face mask, safety goggles, heavy-duty gloves, and a painter’s suit. Be sure you are spray painting in a ventilated area as well.

Not only should you protect yourself, you must protect your surroundings. Be sure to cover everything, including furnishings, with drop cloths and plastic tarps. You can even use bed sheets, cardboard, and trash bags for covers. It is best to remove all furniture and commodities from a space before painting, but for items you cannot move,
be sure they are properly covered.

Safety and Operation

Aside from safety gear, there are some additional safety considerations when it comes to using a paint sprayer. For instance, airless sprayers work under high pressure. So if the tip comes into contact with skin, its high power can cause paint to get underneath the skin, in which case, you would need to seek immediate medical attention. Always refer to the owners’ manual for safety and operation instructions and disclaimers.

Professional Painting

If using a paint sprayer seems like to big-a-job for you to handle, just know that you are not alone! Most homeowners choose to outsource professional painting services for large-scale painting needs, such as exterior siding, new construction, remodels, and renovations. A professional team of painters have the skills, training, and resources to provide insured painting services in a convenient time-frame.

Indianapolis Painting Contractors

Indianapolis Remodeling and Painting

Indianapolis Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for affordable interior and exterior painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding locations. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, guarantees to beat any competitor’s price. Our experienced painting contractors are happy to answer your questions about painting and drywall work, anytime. We offer a wide range of remodeling and renovation services for all commercial and residential properties. Call 317-454-3612 to request a written estimate for Indianapolis painting services, today.

A Simple Guide to Repairing Chipped Paint

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

When trim, walls, and woodwork have several layers of old paint on them, they are more prone to chipping and peeling. And with so many layers, old paint doesn’t just chip, it leaves behind craters and pock marks. To repair such blemishes, you need more than just a paint brush and a few minutes of time for touch ups. But that doesn’t mean that you need to strip down walls, sand them smooth, and start over entirely with fresh paint.

By using the right process, you will save time and ensure that your results are even, unblemished, and long-lasting. Continue reading for a simple guide to fixing chipped paint.

Preparation and Products

When shopping for supplies, be sure to buy the proper spackling compound. You can get spackle for drywall or for wood. Ask a store attendant to point you in the right direction. Also purchase the right grip sandpaper. Too fine won’t be effective or efficient, while too course can be damaging. Stick between 120 and 150 grit sandpaper. One or two patches is all you need unless you have a large-scale project. As for the rest of your supplies, you will need them to first level out the surface surrounding the chip, and fill it back in without any visible seams. Let’s get started!

What You Need:

• Putty Knife
• Spackling Compound
• 120 – 150 Grit Sandpaper
• Latex Primer
• Paint Color
• Paint Brush
• Drop Cloth

Step 1

Lay down your drop cloths to protect surrounding floors and furnishings from paint splatter. Then clean the chipped area and the areas surrounding it with clean warm water and a little dish soap. Allow it to dry completely before moving forward with the next step.

Step 2
Using your putty knife, scoop out a moderate amount of spackling compound and smooth it over the chipped area and its outer perimeters. Be sure to slightly overfill the area (you’ll be sanding it down later) and use multiple stroke directions to fill in all the nooks and crevices.

Step 3
Once the spackle is smoothed down adequately, allow it to dry completely. Depending on the size of the area and the amount of spackle used, drying times can range anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours. Generally, smaller projects will dry within 15 to 20 minutes, while larger patches will take at least an hour.

Step 4
Check to see if the spackle has dried completely. When wet, spackle resembles a gray-like color, but when dry it is bright white. If it is dry, you can begin the sanding process. Lightly sand down the spackled area until the surface is entirely level and smooth.

Step 5
Using a small or medium-sized paint brush, apply a coat of latex primer on the patch. This will help the paint color blend perfectly into the surface.

Step 6
Apply just one coat of paint color onto the patch, smoothing it out until well-blended and even with the rest of the surrounding surface color.

Indianapolis Painting Contractors

Home Remodeling and Painting

Home Remodeling Contractors 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner Lee Elliot, and his team of drywall and painting contractors, have decades of experience in the home remodeling and restoration industry. They offer a wide range of interior and exterior painting and drywall services for commercial and residential properties. Call 317-454-3612 to schedule an estimate for Indianapolis painting service, today.

Tips for Choosing an Interior Paint Color

If you’ve been there before, you know that choosing an interior paint color can take an obscene amount of time. But it really doesn’t have to anymore! By learning a few short-cut strategies for choosing the perfect paint color, you can cut your selection process time in half. And with these helpful tips, you can also say good-bye to paint color “trial and error” from now on!

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Short-Cuts to Picking a Paint Color

Whether for your home, office, bedroom, foyer, or kitchen, you want to come back from your local home improvement store with the perfect paint color; a color that will deliver the look and feel you’ve envisioned for your space. But in order to do this efficiently, you will need to learn some useful shortcuts for selecting a paint color. Below are some tips for achieving this.

Consider the “Mood” of the Room

Start by considering the type of mood you envision for your room. If you are looking for a restful, serene ambience for your living room, consider choosing softer tones like blues, grays, and taupes. But if you want a more vibrant feel for your kitchen or playroom, you might do well to consider bright tones like yellows and reds. By defining the mood first, you instantly narrow down the selection of paint colors for your room. But be sure to also consider lighting when making your selection.

Find Details in Décor

Use the details you find in the surrounding décor to help you match a proper paint color. Perhaps you have a favorite painting or eye-catching bookcase, or maybe an area rug or vase collection? Use these favored items or focal points to help you decide on a palette for the room.

Match Your Furniture

If your interior space is already furnished, use the color schemes and textures of your furniture to help you find the right paint color for the walls and trim. However, if your space is not yet furnished, the best tips for choosing a paint color is to hold off! Wait until you have chosen your furnishing so that you can use them to narrow down your pain selections.

Test Your Color

Always test your paint color once you have chosen it. Take a small test sample home first, and then test it on a small corner or area of your space. Allow it to dry completely to achieve its true color, and then see how it looks with the surroundings. Generally, home improvement stores sell samples for a few dollars, while others might offer it for free.

Trust a Pro

For professional results, choose a licensed painting contractor to paint your home or office. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to provide professional-level results in a convenient time-frame. This is the best route for busy homeowners who want reliable results!

Restoration By L & B, LLC

Home Remodeling and Painting

Home Remodeling and Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional interior painting service in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner, Lee Elliot, and his team of painting contractors, offer a wide range of professional-grade painting services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether interior or exterior, we will get the job done right the first time, every time. Call 317-454-3612 for more information, or to schedule an estimate, today.

How to Repair Nail Pops in Walls

Drywall Repair and Painting 317-454-3612

Drywall Repair and Painting 317-454-3612

Underneath all the walls in your home is a structural material called drywall. The drywall is installed using a variety of traditional construction tools, namely, screws and nails. Overtime, no matter how well your home’s drywall was constructed, it is normal for walls to experience a common problem known as nail pops. This occurs when the nails and screws in your drywall loosen, and subsequently push the heads of them toward the inside of the wall.

The result is a blister or bump-like protrusion on your flat, smooth wall. So of course, when homeowners see this kind of wall damage, they instantly look for fast and affordable solutions.

Nail Pop Repair

Fortunately, nail pops are not serious issues. They are relatively easy to repair, so long as you retain adequate knowledge surrounding drywall repair and finishing techniques. If you do not, it is recommended to hire a professional contractor or handyman that is experienced in drywall repair and painting service. They have the proper tools, training, and materials to provide professional results in a convenient time-frame. If you choose to do it yourself, here is what you’ll need to do:

Needed Supplies:

Drywall Knife
Drywall Screws
Power Drill
Hand Trowel
Drywall Mud

Locate the Framing

Use your fingers to tap the drywall and find where the framing is located. Hollow sounds indicate no framing, while dense sounds indicate framing. Once you think you found the framing, double-check by tapping each side to make sure they are hollow. If you have a concentrated area of nail pops on one wall, there is most likely a frame right behind it.

Screw in the Drywall

On the framing, insert one drywall screw a few inches above and below the nail pop, and secure the drywall back into place.

Press the Nail Pop

Depress the nail pop back into the wall by gently using a hammer. Use a drywall knife to collect the associated broken material.

Apply Drywall Mud

Twice-coat the affected area and the head of the screws with quality drywall mud. Using two coats with provide more secure coverage and smoother results.

Sand the Wall

Once the drywall mud is dried, lightly sand the area down until it is a smooth and even surface. Be sure to use the proper-grade sandpaper for optimal results.

Prime and Paint

When the area is sanded to a smooth finish, it is ready for primer and paint. Use a high-quality primer, and allow it to dry completely before applying paint. Use the same paint color as the rest of the wall, unless you wish to change the color of the entire wall.

Restoration By L & B, LLC

General Contractors Indianapolis IN

Indianapolis General Contractors 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional drywall and painting services in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding locations. Owner, Lee Elliot, is a licensed general contractor that provides quality and affordable handyman services for residential and commercial properties, including drywall repair and installation, interior and exterior painting, remodels, renovations, and much more. We guarantee to beat any competitor’s price! Call 317-454-3612 to schedule a detailed assessment, today.

Choosing an Exterior Paint for Your Home

Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

When it comes to upgrading the look and feel of your home, nothing works more instantaneously than a fresh coat of paint. Re-painting the exterior of your home can instantly give your property a new and improved look. But for the best results, it takes a little foreknowledge about exterior paint. The first step to repainting the outside of your home, whether it be the shutters or the siding, is to choose the right type of paint.

Exterior House Paint

In a perfect world, all exterior paints would resistant to everything that is damaging, including heat, cold, sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, wildlife, and more. But in the real world, it is tough to meet those expectations with the technologies available to us today. Fortunately, there are still plenty of exterior paints formulated to withstand peeling, chipping, and fading for years to come. But it requires some extra room in the budget, as quality paints tend to cost more.

Quality exterior paint contains high-value pigments, additives, and resins. When looking, simply choose a 100% Acrylic Latex paint, and you are sure to choose wisely. All-acrylic paints stick to anything, including wood, vinyl, masonry, and metal. Steer clear of acrylic blends and vinyl resins. The all-acrylic formulations are most popular and high quality. But keep in mind that no matter how high-quality your paint is, the results are equally dependent on the quality of surface you are working with. It is important to remove the old paint, properly sand the surface area, and then prime it, all before applying any new paint. The surface area must be entirely smoothed and primed before paint can be applied, otherwise the end result is inconsistent.

Fortunately, all this hard work pays off in the end, since it will be years before you’ll have to repaint again. With a quality all-acrylic exterior home paint, you can enjoy a fresh-looking paint job for years and years. Here are some recommended brands of exterior paint:

Valspar Professional® – $22 per Gallon

Do It Best, Best Look® – $35 per Gallon

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, Infinity® – $49 per Gallon

Olympic Assure® – $22 per Gallon

Exterior Painting Services in Indianapolis

General Contractors Indianapolis IN

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 when you need professional exterior painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner, Lee Elliot, is a licensed general contractor that provides residential and commercial painting services at the most competitive prices in town. In fact, we guarantee to BEAT any competitor’s price! Whether interior, exterior, decks, patios, and more, we have the training and resources to make your vision come to life in a convenient time-frame. Call 317-454-3612 for information about painting home siding in Indianapolis, IN.

Five Methods for Varnish and Paint Removal

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Home Remodeling and Repair 317-454-3612

Whether you wish to repaint a piece of furniture, fence post, or any other object, you must first remove any existing coats of varnish or paint to achieve a spotless finish. This is the number one rule for repainting! If you are not using effective methods of paint removal, not only will your project take a considerable amount of time, it may not work at all. Learn about the five most effective methods for paint and varnish removal, and make the experience easier, faster, and flawless!

Chemical Paint Removers

One of the most common methods for removing old paint is chemical strippers and solvent removers. These come in several forms and should be selected according to personal preference. This means choosing whichever application process or product you are most comfortable with using. Aerosol sprays spray-on as a foam and are by-far the easiest and least expensive option. And regular paint remover sprays are similar, and best for smaller objects and projects.

If you are undertaking a larger project, you might be better off using a thicker chemical paint remover. For example, you can choose a gel or paste-like, brush-on chemical paint remover. This is also best for ceilings and walls to prevent dripping. For removing only a few layer of paint or when working around irregular areas, use a liquid remover because they dry quickly. Although a bit pricier, there are non-toxic, chemical-free solvents available on the market for those who prefer an eco-friendly approach.

Electric Paint Removers

Electric paint removers are sold on the market and come in a variety of styles and models. They contain a heating plate, or heating element, that heats paint until it bubbles and peels, allowing for easier removal. But don’t think this is the only step to using an electric paint removal tool! Manual scraping comes after! The heat tool simply breaks down the old paint so that it can be easily removed with a scraping tool. Electric paint remover tools can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 or more, depending on the retailer, brand, and its features.


On the subject of using electric paint remover tools, scraping is just one other common method for such a job. Although it is manual labor, it is one of the most basic and oldest methods of removing paint and varnish. This is the recommended method for fragile pieces like antique furniture and other delicate objects. To scrape away old paint coats, use a paint scraper tool or a putty knife. If there is an abundance of chipped paint that needs scraped, it is suggested to use a high-pressure water hose to remove the majority of loose paint, and then proceed with manual scraping. To make scraping easier, incorporate a chemical solvent as well.


Another manual approach to paint removal is sanding. Using abrasives to remove paint is effective because the grit material of the sandpaper slowly and evenly works away at the old coat. You can use sandpaper sheets or a sanding machine, depending on the object or surface area. If using a sanding machine, choose an electrical orbital disc sander.


For smaller objects or individual pieces, dipping is an effective method for paint removal. Dipping is just that: submersing an object into a liquid caustic solution until the paint begins to slip off. This is generally a method used by professionals since they retain access to the proper tools, supplies, and products.

For the best paint removal outcomes, hire a professional painting service for all your repainting and paint removal needs.

Restoration By L & B, LLC

General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

General Contractors 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and licensed general contractor, Lee Elliot, provides residential and commercial painting service at the most competitive prices in town. We will beat any competitor’s price, guaranteed! Call 317-454-3612 for free estimates and information about interior and exterior painting services in Indianapolis, and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Recommended Brands of Paint for Interior and Exterior Projects

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Indianapolis Painting Contractors 317-454-3612

Interior and exterior painting projects require three components to render a fabulous result: Proper preparation, skilled workmanship, and quality paint. The first two components are a bit more complicated, and quite possibly require the services of a professional painting contractor, but the ladder component is something any homeowner can achieve on their own.

Finding the right paint color is not the most effective trick to a great paint job, but rather the quality of the paint. Higher quality paint provides longer luster, easy maintenance, streak-free finishes, and requires less coats. They also come in “all-in-one” options, including primers and seal coats, for faster and easier projects. Low quality paints will require many coats and may not look smooth or professional in the end. Continue reading to learn more about quality paint and which brands are most recommended in the industry.

Exterior Painting

Be sure to match the right sheen or gloss level for exterior paint jobs. It is suggested to use eggshell, flat, or satin finishes for things like siding, while trim and doors should be painted with a gloss or semi-gloss finish to add appropriate contrast. Here are a few of the most recommended exterior paint lines and brands on the market:

1. Sherwin-Williams Duration
$45 to $70 per Gallon
One Coat Coverage
Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
Durable and Long-Lasting

2. Behr Premium Plus
$25 to $35 per Gallon
Quick Dry
Stain/Mold/Mildew Resistant

3. Benjamin Moore
$45 to $80 per Gallon
Mold/Mildew Resistant

Interior Painting

When it comes to interior paint jobs, it is important to match the appropriate gloss level to achieve your desired finish. This is because the gloss level can alter the perception of color. Flat paint finishes absorb light, while glossier paints reflect it. This means flats will appear darker, and paints with higher gloss levels will appear brighter. Try using semi-gloss finishes for bathrooms and kitchens, flats for low-traffic areas like hallways, and eggshell or satin for bedrooms and living rooms. Getting this ratio right means all the difference in your end results, however the quality of interior paint matters as well. Here are some recommended interior paints to use:

1. Benjamin Moore Aura
$50 to $70 per Gallon
Mold/Mildew Resistant

2. Sherwin-Williams Duration
$45 to $70 per Gallon
One Coat Coverage
Lifetime Warranty

3. Behr Premium Plus Ultra
$25 to $35 per Gallon
Stain/Mold/Mildew Resistant
Easy to Clean

Professional Painting Services in Indianapolis

Home Repair Service 317-454-3612

Home Repair Service

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for professional interior and exterior painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and professional general contractor, Lee Elliot, and his team of highly trained and qualified painters, are fully-equipped and experienced to render flawless and professional painting services for residential and commercial properties. Call 317-454-3612 for quality exterior and interior painting services in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.

Indoor and Outdoor Home Maintenance Advice for Fall

Rubber Roofing 317-454-3612

Rubber Roofing 317-454-3612

Fall is officially here! The colorful leaves spread across our lawns, the bountiful pumpkin harvests, and the stealthy on-set of cooler temperatures are just a few signs that reveal the official start of the season. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and a productive one as well. The change of scenery and colder weather is a reminder of what’s to come, and seems to jump start our motivation to prepare for the winter climates and precipitation. There are several ways to prepare your property, indoor and outdoor, for winter weather. Continue reading to learn a few tips for interior and exterior home maintenance, and who to call for professional assistance and services.

Seasonal Upkeep for Residential Properties

Fall is the perfect time of year to start making interior and exterior inspections to your home, and implementing effective preventative maintenance to prepare your property for winter. It is strongly recommended to consult or hire a professional Indianapolis handyman or general contractor to provide the more intrusive and tedious projects, or ones that require the use of specialized or dangerous equipment; such as roofing repair, ladders, power tools, and more. Whether you choose to do most of your seasonal home maintenance on your own, or wish to outsource professional services, consider the following areas to start with:

Exterior Home Maintenance

Start outside by removing all furniture and cushions from your exterior patio and deck areas. Be sure to clean them and store them in a cool, dry place for the season. If you do not have room to store outdoor furniture, simply purchase furniture covers to protect them from winter elements. Next, locate all the garden and lawn hoses on your property and be sure to drain them completely. Roll them up and fix any kinks, and then store them inside as well. At this time, you may want to inspect the condition of your spigots, and make any necessary replacements. If your property has automatic sprinklers, be sure they are in good condition and prepped for snow and ice.

Since winter-time brings about large snow storms and harsh climates, it is important to take care of any trees touching or close-by your home. Trim them back, or secure them so they cannot break windows, damage siding, or cause interference with cables and utility lines. If there are large trees next to the area you park your cars, it is wise to have those trees trimmed or secured to protect your vehicles in the case of a fallen tree or branch. Also, inspect and clean out gutters, and check for loose roof shingles and siding. These diminish the quality of your home’s insulation and can lead to increased utility bills and energy costs. Attemept to rake the majority of fallen leaves and tree branches from your yard as well. Also, check the caulk around windows and doors. Have them repaired or replaced for better insulation and energy efficiency. Be sure to have your chimney cleaned and inspected as well. You may want to also consider having your concrete pavement sidewalks, or curbs sealed to prevent cracks from freezing water.

The next area to pay attention to is a big one. We’re talking about water leaks and foundation problems beneath the home. It may require professional plumbing service or diagnostics to accurately locate, asses, and diagnose a slab leak or underground water leak. An underground leak can be caused by cracked or corroded pipes, which can leak water beneath a home, and within its foundation. When this water freezes, it can break more plumbing pipes and lead to costly plumbing and structural damage repairs. Have a professional provide an inspection for water leaks, plumbing leaks, or underground slab leaks if you are concerned you may have one present in your home. Fixing any water leaks before freezing temperatures are upon us is highly recommended and vital for all homes and properties.

Interior Home Maintenance

Once you have completed the outdoor portion of seasonal home maintenance, it is time to get started indoors. Begin by inspecting all the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Change their batteries and test them to be sure they are operational. While you have the batteries out, go ahead and replace all flashlight batteries in the case of storm and weather emergencies. Don’t throw away batteries that still have partial use; instead, use them in items that are not as vital for safety and protection; like toys and remote controls. Also be sure to check your fire extinguisher and see that its re-charged and ready to go.

Next, replace all the light bulbs in your lamps and interior lighting. This is actually something that should be done for both indoor and outdoor preventative maintenance. Always recycle old light bulbs that contain mercury! Mercury is toxic to soil and other natural elements in our surrounding Eco-system.

Fall is also a good time for plumbing appliance maintenance. Be sure to service and flush your hot water heater and have it inspected for any needed parts-replacement or cleaning. Also, have your water softener serviced as well. The other appliance that needs to be serviced, cleaned, and inspected for winter preparation is your HVAC system. Remember, prevention is less expensive than repair.

Restoration By L & B, LLC

General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

General Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-454-3612

Call Restoration By L & B, LLC at 317-454-3612 for information about home remodeling, handyman service, and home repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and general contractor, Lee Elliot, and his team of highly trained and qualified general contractors, provide a wide range of handyman services for residential and commercial properties. Our services ranges from general handyman services to major restoration and repair services, and everything in between. Our remodeling contractors are happy to answer your questions about plumbing repair or re-piping services, exterior painting services, general home repairs, and more. Call 317-454-3612 today and learn more about seasonal home maintenance and repair in Indianapolis, IN.